Nine Sun God King Chapter 3059

Qin Yun ?

This group of cat ears has not heard Qin Yun’s name, so this is very strange to them.

In their view, this Qin Yun should be a rebel from Empire.

“I am God Monarch of Heavens. If you can, you tell me the king of the cat kingdom, or tell the big Lom Empire, and Qin Yun will definitely make them pay a painful price.” Qin Yun said.

Gods God’s God Monarch?

These cats have an impression. The former Yang Dawang, who had previously relied on them, claimed to be the Great God Monarch of Heavens. They were heard, and there was a Lesser God Monarch in Heavens.

Lesser God Monarch is still the person that Big Lompire wants to catch!

They didn’t think so at the time, thinking that Great God Monarch was relying on their odd cat kingdom and Da Luo Empire, and the Lesser God Monarch must be a slag.

However, they finally saw this Lesser God Monarch, so terrifying, killing Empire’s expert.

“Right, the Yang Dawang, who used to be loyal to you like a dog, has already been killed by me. Unfortunately, you have come a step late, or you can see how I stepped on his head.” Qin Yun’s words, let this Group cat ears people’s complexion big change.

They are all left with heads now, and they will be smashed by one foot and then die completely.

“Heavens gods are not yours, you are act wilfully here, then I will punish you as God Monarch. You cat kingdom, in order to build the king of the cat king, enslaving my Heavens gods, no matter your cat Where is the kingdom hiding, my Qin Yun sooner or later, will find you the cat kingdom, killing you to destroy the country!”

“Remember, I want to tell my words to the top of the Chihua Kingdom, I Qin Yun and they are irreconcilable until death.”

After Qin Yun finished, he left with Ba Tai Yin. Before leaving, he let Ba Tai Yin completely destroy the Qi Wang Wangcheng.

Later, Qin Yun and Ba Tai Yin went to the Heavens Secret gate.

He needs to use the investigative power of Heavens Secret to learn about other kingdoms, whether there is a slave to the gods.

Qin Yun keeps the heads of the cat ears and tells them the kingdom of the cats, just to shock the other seven kingdoms and the big Lom Empire.

If they don’t listen, they are still enslaved to bully the gods, and Qin Yun will fight against these kingdoms in the next time.

Qin Yun is going to a quiet place to renovate the Divine Artifact in his hand.

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And he wants to refine some of the terrifying things, to match the bloodline sky box to refine.

It is time for him to dig into the strength of the bloodline sky box.

There is a small universe sealed inside the bloodline sky box. These small universes have the consciousness of own, and they hate the big Lom Empire.

Qin Yun can use the strength of the bloodline skybox to fight against the big Empire.


After a few days, the news of the destruction of the singular cat king city was spread all over Heavens.

Within a few of Ten Thousand Worlds, on the Heavens Divine Moon, the older generation of Heaven Splitting Ancient Clan learned the news.

Chihua Wangcheng thousands of cat ears, more than a dozen elite troops, and several Empire experts, actually was killed by Qin Yun and a man!

This matter can be said to sensationalize the entire Heavens gods and the great strong people.

Among those who are strong, they are recently heart-wrenching, because they all received news that the Seven Kingdoms and Dalou Empire are coming to Heavens.

There are several kingdoms that have begun to fight in the Heavens, and to enslave the gods of Heavens.

Heaven Splitting Ancient Clan’s strength can’t fight against those in the middle and upper classes, then Heavens and the gods can only fend for themselves.

Nowadays, it is exciting news to learn that Qin Yun, the gods of Heavens, is standing out at a critical moment against the cat kingdom and killing many middle- and upper-level people.

Some strong people, at this moment, are inquiring about where Qin Yun is. These strong patriarchs want to find Qin Yun and then rely on Qin Yun to fight against foreign enemies.

Heavens Divine Moon, a city.

An old cat, sitting with the patriarch of Tian Yue Ancient Clan.

“This bastard Qin Yun, killing us so many people, but also dare to kill the adventure of the big Lomp Empire, you Heaven Splitting Ancient Clan, we must assist us, grab Qin Yun.” The old cat ears are very angry .

“Empire, allow you to enslave God?” Tian Yue patriarch coldly snorted.

“Qin Yun is God Monarch of Heavens, and it is his responsibility to guard the Heavens!” Taiyue said: “Don’t blame me for not reminding you, Qin Yun this person said it, you should not underestimate him.” ”

The old cat ears said with a sneer : “Nine Sun Fa Ling did not help him, your Heaven Splitting Ancient Clan also broke off with him, lost the help of others, the lower layers of this area, what terrifying?”

“Empire over there? What is the move?

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? Asked Tian Yue patriarch.

“Empire attaches great importance. They urge us to unite with you to quickly build the Imperial Palace, and then Luo Shu Princess will have Clone coming.” Old Cat Ear Human Dao: “We are all tools of Empire, we have to maintain Empire to Heavens. The rule of God is desolate, and you must do your best to cooperate with us to capture Qin Yun!”

Tian Yue patriarch said: “We will do our best!”

Old cat ears are smiled and said: “Even if you do your best, you may not be able to catch Qin Yun, I have already thought of one trick.

Qin Yun is so concerned about the gods and ridiculous people. Then, we will catch more gods and saviors, and enslave them to help us build the city. Hahaha… I will be able to lead him out. ”

“Good luck to you!” Tian Yue patriarch said.


Qin Yun is in the Heavens Secret door, let the little ants come out, she can still enter the dark void, but the Heavens god is now really a very strong void, even after the small ants, they need to consume massive, in order to bring Qin Yun Make a void shuttle.

Qin Yun got a lot of Shenyutian bones. The first thing he wants to enhance is Yuetiansuo.

As long as there is a super-defensive void shuttle Divine Artifact, he can quickly swim in the Heavens, can be used against the kingdom and Empire.

Next is the God Monarch gun, which is a long-range attack, the destructive Divine Artifact, especially after it has become bigger, like a cannon, with good shells and bullets, the power is very impressive.

The Dantian furnace is very important. This furnace can be used to refine powerful shells and must be enhanced.

Heavenly Lion Town Long Ding, Lock Sky Chain, Nine Yang God Hammer, can be enhanced later.

Qin Yun has sent Ba Taiyin to the far away Ancient Garden, and asked him to go to Gao Linqing.

Gao Linqing is the ambassador of the Big Blue Empire. In the eyes of Qin Yun, Gao Linqing is an understanding person. If there is enough interest for him, then he can cooperate.

Qin Yun needs to cooperate with Gao Linqing, he wants to take advantage of the resources of Big Blue Empire.

“Little Yun, the cat ear person will definitely not give up.” Ling Yun came out and helped Qin Yun to organize those gods.

“Yes, they know that I care about God’s wilderness, and will once again enslave God’s wilderness and lead me out.” Qin Yun said: “So this time, they will ambush more cat ears, as long as I can Killing them again will form a deterrent. If other kingdoms want to enslave God’s savior, they must consider the consequences.”