Nine Sun God King Chapter 3100

“Even if your ethnic group is facing a crisis, it should not be caused by an outside intruder.” Qin Yun said: “Heavens is going to have a catastrophe, but it is not.”

This old man, among the peacocks, is a highly respected old man.

He sighed: “I have already expected that Nine Sun will not give us life without any reason, and will not protect us after we have given us life. It will always come.”

The old man seems to have foreseen, so they are not in dispute with the world, and they are developing within the treasure lands, most likely also in response to the catastrophe between heaven and earth.

“Just open a small entrance and let Yuetiansuo go in, and then hand it over to us!” Qin Yun said.

“God Monarch… How did the powerful warriors come before? Was it created by Nine Sun?” Old man asked, he thought that the God Monarch army was given to Qin Yun by Nine Sun.

“No, it was cultivated by my own! Nine Sun Faring has not helped us,” Qin Yun said.

“The only way is that you can become a true God Monarch, otherwise you are just Nine Sun’s men.” The old man ordered nod and smiled bitterly: “God Monarch can be independent and powerful. Our peacocks have such a good treasure lands, but they are so shackled and almost killed.”

“You don’t have to look down on own, as long as you don’t give in to the power of heaven and earth, you can still survive the catastrophe!” Qin Yun patted the shoulder of the old man and comforted.

The strong family of Heavens is still counting on the help of Nine Sun, so that it can become stronger.

Only a few strong people have already noticed what they are doing and are starting to prepare.


In the peacock treasure lands, there are 20,000 people in the Golden Claws and 10,000 in the Cat Ears.

Of course, at the beginning of their attack, the total number reached 50,000.

The number of the entire peacock family was originally more than 50,000. Now only 30,000 is left, and it is a coolie.

The peacock treasure lands are not particularly strong treasure lands, but there are many metal and stone gods, if it is all mined, it is a very massive number.

Not long after, the Tissot came to the outside of the peacock treasure lands.

There are more than a dozen patrols of gold claws patrolling inside and outside the barrier. Of course, they are very arrogant and think that there will be no problems, so they are very patrolling and doing it.

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Look like they are dealing with their heads.

After Tsinguo Shuttle was invisible, it landed outside the barrier, and the patrol had just passed through it.

Qin Yun, Ba Taiyin and the old man of the Peacock, left Yuesuo.

Old man Take out a few beautiful peacock feathers and let the barrier open a lot.

The barrier of this strong family lands, Qin Yun wants to open is still difficult, it needs to consume a lot of Shenyu metal and stone.

After the barrier was opened, Qin Yun immediately returned to the trespass and then into the peacock treasure lands.

Peacock treasure lands, was originally a beautiful treasure lands, birds and flowers, beautiful scenery.

But now, the beautiful green hills are devastated, and the rivers are black and lacquered.

At this moment, a large number of peacocks are being forced to mine their treasure lands and dig up mountains.

There are a lot of golden claws and cat ears, watching the peacock.

Qin Yun puts the God Monarch warrior on the Equipment and is invisible.

The large forces of the Golden Claw and the Cat Ears are mainly concentrated in the center of the peacock’s treasure lands, where the quality of the metal and stone is the best.

At night, three hundred God Monarch warriors left the trespass, like a ghost, hidden in the darkness, began to assassinate the peacock’s golden claws and cat ears.

Only half an hour later, three hundred God Monarch warriors, assassinated thousands of cat ears and gold claws, successfully rescued all peacocks.

Then, Qin Zhong, Qin Yi, Qin Cheng, each led a hundred God Monarch warriors, from three directions into the middle of the peacock treasure lands.

In the middle of the night, the trespass is suspended in the air, Qin Yun and Ba Taiyin stand on the trespass, and look at the middle of the peacock treasure lands.

Where the dragon roar is like a huge wave of rage, all kinds of tyrannical powers, bursting with a burst of glare.

The God Monarch warrior is invincible, like a mowing, sweeping the gold-claw and the cat-ear.

Especially the dozens of elite troops, they were killed and doubted about life.

Because in their eyes, this sudden emergence of the warrior, the strength is comparable to the Empire dragon warrior, even more terrifying than the dragon warrior, where is this from?

Before they died, they didn’t know that this was Qin Yun’s God Monarch Army!

The God Monarch warrior is very fast, and after being stared, he can’t escape.

Cat ears and Dragon’s claw people, whether it is Equipment or Shenyu

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The upper limit of the force is far less than the God Monarch warriors, even if they are besieging a God Monarch warrior, they are finally killed by the God Monarch warrior!

Qin Yun saw that a God Monarch warrior, slashing a number of knives, bursting out of the divine powers, the mighty sound of the past, dozens of gold claws were entrained by berserk shocking waves, the body was instantly shocked Have to crack and die.

It was dawn, and the light of eight Ten Thousand Worlds was shining on Great Earth.

In the middle of the peacock treasure lands, there are a lot of broken bodies, gold claws and cat ears, and no one’s body is complete.

God Monarch soldiers are collecting corpses and picking up the gods and bones. There are more than 60,000 kilograms of Shenyu Tiangu in total, which is also a great harvest.

The peacocks are free, but they don’t know who saved them. They can only thank the group of God Monarch fighters.

The old man of the peacock family wanted to say it, but Qin Yun told him not to say it.

“Peacock patriarch, we have to rest here for a while, you arrange a quiet place for us, we don’t want to be disturbed!” Qin Yun said.

The previous peacock patriarch has died, and now the new patriarch is the old man.

“Good!” The peacock patriarch has sent people out to pick up the more than a thousand peacocks who escaped.

The thousand peacocks, the former patriarch led many of the strong in the family, paid a great price to let them escape, otherwise they would only be enslaved or killed by ill-treatment.

Qin Yun They were arranged in a very quiet cave.

“Boss, what’s next?” asked Ba Taiyin.

“First let the God Monarch warriors take a break, the cat ears and the gold claws, and soon the peacock treasure lands will fall.” Qin Yun said: “Look at how many people will come next.”

Ba Tai Yin understood that Qin Yun was here to wait for the cat ears and the golden claws.

Qin Yun also enriched the peacock patriarch, letting him throw the broken bones of the cat ear and the golden claws outside the peacock treasure lands.

In this way, the spears of the Golden Claw and the Cat Ears will know that a large number of them have been killed.

The broken bones piled up several piles, as small hills, very conspicuous.

It will not take long for the Golden Claws and the Cat Ears to receive news that the peacock treasure lands have been taken back. They have died tens of thousands of gold claws and cat ears, and certainly will not give up.