Nine Sun God King Chapter 3103

Ba Tai Yin is worried because he can’t think of any way to defeat the cat army.

Don’t say defeat, as long as you can repel the odd cat army, or block the odd cat army outside the peacock treasure lands, then even if victory.

He saw that Qin Yun was very calm, suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly said: “Boss, could it be that you want to use bloodline poisonous insects?”

The bloodline is very terrifying, and Qin Yun still has a lot of larvae in his hand.

If you use a bloodline poison to deal with a large number of cat ears, it is possible to repel the cat army.

However, once the bloodline is out of control, it is dangerous and will definitely cause great harm to Heavens.

The bloodline venom is created by Qin Yun using the poisonous insects of the Big Blue Empire, adding a powerful bloodline of the bloodline, so it becomes abnormally terrifying.

Even Qin Yun, the understanding of bloodline poisonous insects is very limited.

“The use of bloodline poisons is very risky!” Qin Yun shook his head. “Although Heavens is in the near future, there will be disasters, but I can’t let Heavens face the risk of bloodline poisonous insects in advance.”

“What should we do?” Ba Tai Yin knows that Qin Yun is so calm, there must be a solution.

“When we first attacked the cat king city, we used the bloodline poisonous insects. At that time, we produced a large number of poisonous insects. Finally, the bodies of those poisonous insects were collected by me!” Qin Yun mysteriously smiled: “I put the poisonous insects The body, made into a poisonous gas, has a miraculous effect on the cat ear.”

“Really?” Ba Taiyin was relieved, but thought that Clone, who is the cat king, led the army and said: “There is a strange cat king Ah!”

“They are going to the peacock treasure lands, at least two or three days?” Qin Yun said: “This time, enough for us to arrange in advance.”

Ba Tai Yin knows that Qin Yun has the kind of Chaos shells in his hand. The power is still very strong, but I don’t know how many Qin Yun there are.

Qin Yun will not easily use Chaos shells. This kind of thing uses a little one, and the nameless old man creates a small Chaos. It is very slow, and I don’t know when he can make a Chaos gun.

“We don’t have to wait for them to come outside the peacock’s treasure lands.” Qin Yun said: “We ambushed them halfway!”


Ba Tai Yin’s mouth twitched, and there were only three hundred Mon Monarch fighters on their side, ambush five hundred thousand

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“Boss, you could it be that you want to use that Chaos gun?” asked Ba Taiyin.

If you use the Chaos gun, and there are still a lot of them, you have to blast the five hundred thousand thousand cats, it is still no problem.

“If you don’t use it for a while, use the poison that I refine.” Qin Yun said: “You tell me to let them catch a few cats from the 9th Layer of the gods. I will use them to experiment.”

“Yes!” Ba Taiyin immediately arranged for someone to do it.

Outside the peacock treasure lands, there are many cat-like spies.

The peacock treasure lands are large, they want to monitor the entire peacock treasure lands, to understand all the movements of the peacock treasure lands, so that their army can get more information when they arrive.

If the peacock treasure lands someone came out to set up a trap, these spies can also be found.

Ba Tai Yin, after they went out, they quickly caught a few spies.

Although these spies are X宇Xth Layer, they are not outstanding in combat, but they are excellent in perceptual exploration.

Ba Tai Yin’s spirit is stronger, so it is easy to find these spies. Of course, they also know that there are definitely a lot of spies in the cat kingdom outside.

The five hundred thousand troops from the Chihua Kingdom cannot be refined by the Equipment, nor can they all be the 9th Layer.

Therefore, Qin Yun now tests the poison with the cat’s ear of 9th Layer, which is completely enough.

The poison gas he created was specially designed to deal with cats and ears.

The previous bloodline poisonous insects can only harm the blood of the cat’s ear, and the poison gas produced by the poisonous corpse is also aimed at the cat ear.

Qin Yun has a large amount of this poison gas. He collects the poison gas and then uses Profound Yang’s replication ability to copy a large amount of it. After re-injection into the Dantian furnace, the smelting and refining can produce toxicity. Stronger poisonous shells.

It was originally toxic, but after it was polymerized, it could be condensed into a liquid. After the explosion, not only a large amount of toxic gas but also many toxic liquids were produced.

Qin Yun can easily make a lot of it. This is not very deadly for the cat ear, but it can make them lose most of their combat power.

As long as the cat ears lose their strength, the God Monarch warrior rushes in, and a knife is a big fall.

Qin Yun uses a little poison

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Gas, controlling to float around the five cat-eyed spies.

This gas is very special and can be inhaled while breathing.

If you don’t breathe, you will be inhaled when you absorb the energy of Ten Thousand Worlds.

The cats and the army also need to absorb a lot of energy to maintain their state.

Five hundred thousand troops rushed to the peacock treasure lands, definitely not directly rushed.

Before attacking the peacock treasure lands, you will definitely camp to rest, adjust the state to the best, and then rush to score the treasure lands.

The few cats and ears were unknowingly absorbed into the gas.

The poison gas is colorless and tasteless, and they simply don’t know that the poison gas has entered the body.

The poison gas produced by Qin Yun will not be attacked immediately, which is especially controlled by him.

If it is a strong poison, it will be easy to be perceived and it will be prevented.

Colorless and odorless gas, although it can not let the cat ears immediately poison, but it can make the cat ears absorb more.

This poisonous gas is very strong, especially with the accumulation of time.

After two hours, the few cats and ears spies, the spirit became very poor, and the gods in the body weakened.

The poisonous gas has entered the gods in their bodies, eroding the gods in the gods, and then rushing through the body to the whole body, which will make their whole body bones weak.

There are no obvious signs of poisoning. It seems to be very tired. I always feel that I have a good night’s sleep. They have been on the road for a few days and will definitely think so.

Half Empress of Heaven, Qin Yun asked: “Baby, how strong are these guys now?”

“My son can easily smash them with one hand!” Ba Taiyin said with a smile, he finally rest assured, I did not expect Qin Yun to create this poison gas so quickly.

“Time is still there, I will try to get a little more poisonous gas in these two days!” Qin Yun said: “You pay attention to the movements of the odd cat army, what changes, please report to me at any time.”

“Yes!” Ba Tai Yin nod said.

Qin Yun started to make poison gas in the Nine Sun Sky Tower. The manufacturing process was very simple for him. It only needed to consume the gods, and it was easy to add it with the God Monarch Heavenly Seal.

This time the Cat Kingdom attacked the peacock treasure lands, it is a huge momentum, all parties have received this news!

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