Nine Sun God King Chapter 3104

Clone, the cat king, went out and saw how much he valued the action.

Before, Qin Yun attacked the cat king city twice, and he was very successful in winning the cat king city.

This time, the cat king attacked the peacock treasure lands, not only to capture Qin Yun to the Crown Prince, but also to breathe a sigh of relief.

Now, other kingdoms are laughing at their odd cat kingdom, saying that their middle-class people have actually lost so badly in the hands of a lower-level person.

Gao Lanqing, the ambassador of Big Blue, and Jiang Ming, the ambassador of Fire Ling, are all in the air in the distance of the peacock treasure lands.

There was a small building suspended there, they were sitting in the small building, and from time to time they used the telescope to look at the peacock treasure lands.

“Brother Gao, you said Qin Yun can escape this time?” Jiang Ming said: “Qin Yun still underestimated the kingdom’s strength.”

“Qin Yun, this guy, is still more proud. He not only looks down on the kingdom, but also looks down on us Empire. This time he has to suffer a big loss!” Gao Linqing said with a smile.

“How? Qin Yun has an accident, are you very happy?” Jiang Ming also said with a smile.

“This bastard, although selling the manufacturing technology of the smoky cigarettes, but the tobacco that does not sell is not sold, and the manufacturing equipment that he sells to us, as well as the instruments printed by Strange Mark are consumables.” Gao Linqing whispered : “After a while, I have to find him to buy those consumables.”

When the smoke is made, the cigarette paper is printed with a special Strange Mark. The Strange Mark is engraved into the crystal by Qin Yun. The crystal is a consumable and it is difficult to decipher the internal dark lines.

Once the crystal is consumed, they have to buy Qin Yun, and they will be slaughtered.

“Yeah, those tobaccos are expensive and expensive. The smelly young woman of the Divine Moon family has a lot of it.” Jiang Ming is also very upset.

“Qin Yun, he didn’t know that he had offended the consequences of the big Lom Empire. He complained that we didn’t sell the Empire warrior to him, so he secretly swindled and let the Divine Moon family sell tobacco to us when the price rose.” Gao Linqing coldly said: “Wait, the tobacco technology of the Divine Moon family, we must be in our hands.”

“Brother Gao, do you have any clues? Divine Moon family, but there is Heaven Splitting Ancient Clan. Heaven Splitting Ancient Clan is under construction, they are also kingdom. And it is not clear with Nine Sun. Chu’s relationship.” Jiang Ming said.

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Yes, but you can rest assured that Heavens is desperate for this piece of meat, and our Big Blue Empire will definitely bite a big mouth! “Gao Linqing said with a smile: “You must have a lot of plans for the Fire Empire. ”

Jiang Ming just smiled and didn’t speak.

“You said that Qin Yun will be caught this time?” Jiang Ming asked: “Qin Yun, this guy, it is not so easy to win.”

“Five hundred thousand thousand cats even if they can attack the peacock treasure lands, they may not be able to win Qin Yun.” Gao Linqing said: “After all, they are just kingdoms, but … another strength is hard to say.”

“Oh? You mean, Da Luo Empire will also send people over?” Jiang Ming asked.

“Not Dal Empire, but the Crown Prince of Qin! Qin Yun snatched the dragon bloodline sky box, let the Crown Prince Prince mad, according to what I heard, just grab Qin Yun, Dalu Crown Prince gave an Empire title.” Gao Linqing’s eyes are a little hot.

Empire title Ah! This is very attractive for people from Empire.

“Clone of Crown Prince of Dalu has already fallen to Heavens.” Jiang Ming said with a smile : “Brother Gao, have you ever seen Crown Prince?”

“Ginger brother, you have seen the Crown Prince, don’t ask me!” Gao Linqing laughed.

“So what do you think of Crown Prince?” Jiang Ming asked.

“I can’t see it, this person doesn’t show the dew, and it’s Clone. It’s hard to see what’s coming, just know that he hates Qin Yun very much.” Gao Linqing said: “And, he is very keen on Nine Sun Goddess. I am very eager to get Nine Sun Goddess.”

Jiang Ming nod said: “He also asked me if there is any way to enter the Shenyang core and contact Nine Sun Goddess in the core of Shenyang within the far ancient Garden.”

“That is the bottom of Nine Sun’s eyelids. If it comes to chaos, it is courting death.” Gao Linqing used the telescopic device to look at the peacock treasure lands and said: “Other kingdoms should send spies?”

“Peacock treasure lands It’s nothing, Qin Yun could it be that already ran?” Jiang Ming wondered.

Qin Yun In the peacock treasure lands, I don’t know that the ambassadors of the two outer universes are observing in secret and I don’t know their conversation.

However, Qin Yun did raise the price of the Divine Moon family. Big Blue Empire and Fire Ling Empire are very tacit and do not provoke Da Luo Empire, will not give Qin Yun any

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Substantial help, then It’s nothing to work with, so Qin Yun let the Divine Moon family raise prices.

Two days later, Qin Yun produced a lot of gas bombs.

This shell can be shot out with a God Monarch gun or thrown directly.

“Boss, the cats and cats are coming! At their speed, one hour will be able to rush to the peacock treasure lands.” Ba Taiyin said: “Now it is night, they are resting, tomorrow is bright, maybe they will attack the peacock treasure lands “”

“Go, we will act tonight!” Qin Yun took out the trespass and entered the mountainside of a giant mountain.

Three hundred God Monarch warriors store enough divine power in the super-powered beads to keep them on a long-term basis.

Qin Yun put them into the trespass and then quietly left the peacock treasure lands at night.

“The cat ears of the Cat Kingdom are all on foot?” Qin Yun asked in the sky shuttle.

“They are flying over. They don’t have big ships. They shouldn’t have time to build them. Or they can’t bear to give XUNXth Layer to the gods.” Ba Taiyin said.

Among the strange cat kingdoms, there must be a giant flying warship, but it is very expensive, and in their view, there is no need to use the big guys to deal with the lower class, just like killing chickens.

“That’s fine. I think that after this battle, they will definitely launch the giant flying warship.” Qin Yun said with a smile: “Clone of the cat king personally led the army to defeat the fiasco, then his next move Certainly not small.”

Yue Tiansuo shuttled void, and soon came to the place where the Qi Mao army camped.

The singular cat king is very proud, thinking that they have five hundred thousand troops, no one dares to sneak in, because once they sneak in, they will not be able to walk after being discovered.

Qin Yun’s Yuetiansuo drilled directly into the deep ground and placed a large number of gas bombs under the deep ground, and they were all activated by him.

The poisonous gas of the gas cannonball has a strong penetrating power and will rise with the heat of the Great Earth, then sneak into the Spirit Force of Ten Thousand Worlds, and then be absorbed by the cat.

“Boss, if it fails?” Ba Taiyin asked: “Do you have any backhand?”

“Of course!” Qin Yun said with a smile.

Yue Tiansuo has already flown into the sky, and tomorrow morning, it can be seen whether the poison gas has an effect.