Nine Sun God King Chapter 3106

The poisoned cat ears are exhausted, their spirits are sluggish, and their perception is declining.

The most terrifying is that they are not aware of the poisoning of the own and think it is a bit tired, thinking that it would be better to absorb the energy between heaven and earth for a while.

However, after they had been madly absorbed in the military account for a while, they became more tired and finally fell asleep.

Qin Yun told the God Monarch warriors to let them kill the weaker soldiers. Try not to do anything with the 9th Layer of the gods, so as not to make a big move.

Qin Yun is also in the camp, receiving the storage bag that the God Monarch warrior gave him from time to time. The storage bag is filled with the body of the cat ear.

The body was placed in Qin Yun by the Profound Yang bead of Nine Sun Divine Soul. Ling Yun was responsible for removing the gods and body gods from the cat ear, and the rest was thrown into Profound Yang, leaving Profound Yang Devour .

Originally, Qin Yun didn’t want Mi Luer to participate in this kind of thing, but Mi Luer seemed to feel that someone from her hometown entered Profound Yang beads, and then she went to Profound Yang beads to see it, and she saw the feminine and feminine Lingerer elder sister, in a very skilled corpse…

“Luer, how come you?” Lingyun was very surprised. He said: “These guys are going to kill the bad guys of Big Brother Yun. They are caught by your Big Brother Yun and thrown in and handed over to I handle it.”

Mi Luer saw that her hometown was diverted, but she was very calm. She looked at the bodies for a long time, and her face was worried. She sighed: “They are still coming… Big Brother Yun is there? Danger?”

“No, you Big Brother Yun is amazing, he is Heaven Monarch of Heavens!” The spirit is said with a smile.

“Yueer elder sister, I… I can help, take out these bones for you.” Milu whispered.

“Ah?” Ling Yun was very surprised, because Mi Luer looked innocent and simple, I did not expect that she was very keen on this kind of thing.

“This… OK, you don’t have any shadows!” Lingyun said with a smile.

“They are all enemies of Big Brother Yun, my enemies.” Miluer said, when she was in the Cat Kingdom, she was bullied.

After she had contact with Ling Yun, she knew how much loss she had suffered before, even if she was pure and innocent, she was full of resentment.

She has been very worried that the Cat Kingdom and the Destroyer have found it. Now that I have seen the bodies of a large number of cat ears, I think that the cat ears are rushing.

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She came, and Qin Yun is defending these cat ears.

Qin Yun This big brother did not give up her, did not hand her out, which made her very moved and very happy, at least she is not alone.

“Luer, you Big Brother Yun will not give up on you. You see Xiaomo Mo, was saved by your Big Brother Yun, you Big Brother Yun What winds and waves have not seen?” Ling Yun smiled The road, while the Ma Li took out the gods.

“Well, Xiaomo Mo and I said.” Mi Luer is sweetly smiled, rest assured a lot.

Ba Tai Yin has been following Qin Yun, and other brothers have also entered the military account to collect the body.

A God Monarch warrior, after entering the military account, can let the cats inside kill their lives, and then they will take their bodies into the storage bag in a flash, and the action is very fast.

Qin Yun expects to wait for the three hundred thousand thousand ears when it is dawn.

God Monarch warriors know that their God Monarch master divine ability is vast, just did not expect such terrifying, let them kill people with little effort, and certainly can easily defeat these hundred thousand army.

Otherwise, even if their three hundred God Monarch fighters are stronger, it will be difficult to fight against the five hundred dragons.

Qin Yun doesn’t know how many bodies he has taken away. He hasn’t counted them, but the bodies inside Profound Yang’s beads have piled up.

Lingyun can’t finish it in a short time.

It was dawn, and the God Monarch fighters continued.

Qin Yun probably estimated that a total of three hundred thousand corpses were taken away by them.

Especially the outermost large military accounts, there are hundreds of cats and ears inside.

After the God Monarch warriors enter, the spirits will release their souls directly, and then they will receive the corpse directly. After the collection, they will wear the mysterious divine material and enter the next military account…

Many of the cats are the 6th Layer of the Gods, and they face the 9th Layer of the Gods.

Qin Yun uses a special instrument to transmit signals, which is based on the transmission of soul fluctuations.

Similar to chasing souls, you don’t need to penetrate void.

After a long time, he signaled that the three hundred God Monarch fighters immediately retreated and returned to Yuetiansuo.

Qin Yun is equipped with a variety of Great Arrays in the Tissot, which can help them restore other aspects such as spiritual strength.

After the jump in the sky, the shuttle

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up in the air.

Qin Yun and Ba Taiyin, they overlooked the military accounts in the air.

The spies of other forces, they did not hide their own, they were suspended directly in the air, using the telescope at the sights at.

At dawn, the cat army will attack the peacock treasure lands.

Many spies have taken out the tools for recording images, and they have to record the whole process of this battle.

Eight Ten Thousand Worlds, the glare of the Great Earth.

However, there was no movement in the military account. At this time, there were two hidden thousand cats. They were very tired and didn’t sleep enough.

The same is true of Clone’s Clone, but because he has the deity, the deity who is far away from him, forcibly awakens soul Clone, can barely rise.

In the luxurious massive tent of the singular cat king, there are several tired and weak old men who are all General.

“What happened? How can we become like this?” The singular cat wants to scream loudly, but his Clone has little strength at all.

“Dawang, we may be poisoned. I found that there is a very strange strength in my body, invading the whole body, and also entering the body god and soul, a little Devour.” An old man, his face is ugly, “extremely It may be Qin Yun!”

“Can you quickly remove this poison?” The face of the odd cat king is not good enough, they are actually overcast!

The most terrifying thing is that they didn’t know when they were poisoned.

“It may take more than ten days to gradually ease down!” an old man said: “This poison is not fatal, but it is very insidious.”

“Go and see other soldiers, how is their situation? Is it only for us!”

“We have blown the horn, but… only a few warriors are coming out of the tent, and the situation is the same as us!” A General looked bitter and said: “The king, this Heavens god is not our home. There are so many strange things here that we don’t understand. Harder Qin Yun has survived a few hundred years in this land…”

“Qin Yun this to deserve to die beast!” The singular cat is furious, he is not even clenched with his fists.

“The spies of other kingdoms are all at the sights at us!” An old man said: “The king, the five hundred giants who rushed out of the golden tressure lands, or our face will be lost!”

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