Nine Sun God King Chapter 3114

All the spies, when they saw the appearance of the cat king, were overjoyed and knew that the good drama was coming.

There are only over 10,000 cat ears in the 9th Layer of the Gods. They have been detoxified and their status has reached its peak.

Thousands of gods 9th Layer, rushing against the peacock treasure lands, will definitely break through the barriers of the treasure lands and enter the center of the peacock treasure lands.

“Da Wang, do you say Qin Yun will kill you back?” A General suddenly said.

“Even if he ambushes us in the peacock treasure lands, do you think he can beat us? My 9th Layer is not the waste material, which is all ordered by the king. It is King Tier. Warrior!” Qi Mao Wang said with great confidence: “The powerful warrior around Qin Yun is only five hundred at most. He can’t kill us King Tier fighters.”

“What’s more, this king and you are very strong. Our Clone’s body is very strong. Our deity is far beyond the realm of God. Clone is tempering with our deity. It is the 9th Layer of the gods. “The odd cat king disdained said.

He was arrogant, but the other General did not say anything, worried about the anger of Elvis.

Anyway, they all lost very badly. It’s a bit worse, It’s nothing, and it’s even worse.

What’s more, there is Meng Hao’s back pot. Anyway, everything is Meng’s fault.

“Kill, kill this group of low-lying people!” The cat king screamed.

A group of gods 9th Layer’s cat ears suddenly rushed to the door of the peacock treasure lands.

The gate does not have a door, but it has a strong barrier.

The cat ears are crazy attacking the barrier, their gods are two hundred thousand, and they have a few waves in a row, and they suddenly blasted.

Gao Linqing and Jiang Ming, who watched the battle in the vicinity, both of these ambassadors also controlled their flying buildings and the past.

“Defend the dignity of counterattack?” Gao Linqing shook his head with a smile: “No matter what, the cat king is a fiasco this time.”

“It’s not terrible to take down the peacock’s treasure lands. After all, there are a lot of gods metal and stone!” Jiang Ming said with a smile.

“But then, Qin Yun got the golden tales, and gave up the peacock treasure lands. No matter what the peacock’s life and death? This will make his reputation damaged. He will fight against the cat kingdom during this time. So, don’t you?” Gao Linqing said.

“So, we still look at Qin Yun, to

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For him, he really shoulders the responsibility of God Monarch. Unexpectedly, he is just a profitable guy, the golden claws of the treasure lands have greater interests, so give up the peacock treasure lands. “Jiang Ming said with a sneer.”

The singular cat king leads the 10,000th XUNXth Layer and the Hundred Thousand 9th Layer. Outside the peacock treasure lands, there are 90,000 weak XUNXth Layers, so you can’t walk even, so you can’t walk. Let them not come.

Those gods in the universe of seven 8th Layer, but not completely detoxification, the strength that can be played at this moment is very pitiful, pull them to support the scene, strong atmosphere, and do not expect them anything.

The singular cats were very relaxed along the way. They did not encounter the peacocks who came out to resist, nor did they encounter Qin Yun’s God Monarch warriors. They drove straight into the city and were plunged into the city wall surrounded by high walls.

“The peacocks are running out?” The cat king is said with a sneer.

“Da Wang, beware of ambush!” a General reminded.

“Ambly? If there is an ambush, there will be on the road! They certainly haven’t counted us to detoxify!” Another general said with a smile: “The king is so tactical of Brave, the group of people who can be expected Got?”

Yes, they all went well all the way, no ambushes and traps. But at the moment I still feel a little flustered, mainly because the too smooth is good.

“This is the core city of the peacock treasures lands, they will use this place to set traps? Are they crazy? Set traps outside the home, or on the road outside the home, how to set up a trap at home ambush? We all rushed into their homes, the traps were useful, and we could kill them.” Another General said while laughing loudly: “Dawang, we have won now, we have captured the peacock treasure lands, which are the king Brave Ming. Shenwu, leadership is good!”

The singular cat shouted: “Remove everything in the city, grab the peacocks and don’t kill them. The king wants to kill them. Let the Heavens gods and families see them, their God Monarch, discard them. The people of Heavens, the people of Heavens, were killed by the lateness.”

A large group of cats and ears entered the city and madly attacked various buildings.

However, the whole city is empty, and there are no peacocks here.

Gao Linqing and Jiang Ming, they also find it strange that Qin Yun gave up the peacock treasure lands and transferred the peacocks, which is normal.

What is not normal is, why not take the opportunity to ambush? Why do you want to make them so cute?

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Successfully entered the important city of the Peacock Treasure lands center?

At this time, there was a sudden scream in the city.

In all directions in the city, there are a lot of flying golden bugs, like the same gust of wind blowing.

Like a locust, a piece of film shrouded.

This is a bloodline poisonous insect that specializes in eating cats and flesh!

Bloodline After the poisonous insects eat the cat ears, they will grow wildly, and will become more and more powerful.

The city was suddenly blocked and shrouded in powerful barriers.

Although the peacocks are not in the world, they are not representative. They are weak chickens. They are still very strong in the Formation Law seal.

The barriers of the city are their layout, they can ensure that the poisonous insects will not spread.

At the moment of the accident, the odd cat king and the other five Generals ran the fastest.

They were standing at the city gate and felt that when there was a wave of barriers, they immediately jumped out of the city.

However, after they went out, they were caught by Ba Taiyin and their brothers with dozens of God Monarch fighters.

The singular cat and the generals did not see God Monarch, but after knowing that the owner was caught, they immediately destroyed the soul of Clone, even Clone was destroyed, but they were labeled by Ba Taiyin. The symbol is blocked.

The singular cat king and several General’s Clone, there is no soul at the moment, but their bodies are still alive at the moment.

In any case, it is even more shameful for Clone’s Clone to fall into Qin Yun’s hands.

The king of the middle-class people’s world, even if Clone goes to the world of the lower class, it should not be so weak, but now it is so suffocating.

The next step is to harvest all the cat ears!

The peacocks were previously enslaved by the cats, and the patriarchs were sacrificed, so those outside the cats who did not have combat power were handed over to the peacocks.

The cat ears in the city have all become bones, and Qin Yun and God Monarch warriors go straight to the gods and bones.

Millions of cats and ears, the gods and bones that are obtained must be very much!

Gao Linqing and Jiang Ming all know that Qin Yun is getting a lot of Shenyutian bones. This number of Shenyutian bones, even among those Empires, is very massive.

Get the gods in the body, but the biggest forbidden, however Qin Yun is not afraid of this forbidden.