Nine Sun God King Chapter 3124

If Dalhou Empire is only for the resources of Heavens, it will not give people the feeling. It is enough to send a large number of people directly to Heavens.

But they didn’t do it, and there seemed to be any concerns.

Also, with their strength, if Empire and the kingdom join forces, they will soon be able to sweep the Heavens and clear all the strong. They didn’t do this, and it’s possible that Nine Sun is limiting them.

“Cloud, talk about your speculation!” In the bath, the fragrance of the moon, swimming to Qin Yun, also like Luo Yaofeng, relying on Qin Yun.

Qin Yun sings the incredible enchanting female emperor, can not help but sway, and the other side, as well as Luo Yaofeng is also shaking him, left and right to hold two beautiful people, so that Qin Yun is very enjoyable.

“According to the information I have, Heavens is still expanding! Originally, Heavens is already very big, but now Unstoppable is expanding!” Qin Yun said: “What does this mean? Maybe in the universe Many of the resources will be absorbed by Heavens, and then become one piece of Super Great Earth. There is no limit to the Big Empire!”

Luo Yao Fengdao: “Dalo Empire can’t stop it?”

Yue Xiangyun suddenly understood what he said: “Da Luo Celestial Emperor may be dead! Da Luo Empire has no Celestial Emperor, that is a loose sand, and Princess and Crown Prince fight, can not limit the expansion of Heavens! ”

“Yes! Other kingdoms should also be aware of it. Knowing that Heavens is going to concentrate a lot of resources, so come early to the Heavens Gods, and occupy an acre of three points,” Qin Yun said.

“At present, Heavens is the most powerful force in the land of the gods. It is us. If we can lead the Heavens, the kingdom and Empire will be difficult to pose a threat to us!” Luo Yaofeng said.

She is not exaggerated, because even Heaven Splitting Ancient Clan is not comparable to Qin Yun’s God Monarch.

Inside Ten Thousand Worlds, most of the strong people will cooperate with Qin Yun.

Although Qin Yun can’t enter Ten Thousand Worlds, he can’t borrow the strength of Ten Thousand Worlds, but his strength is still very strong.

“The things behind this may be more complicated than I thought! I am waiting for the news from the Sun Dragon clan. I asked Lingyu elder to contact me for Nine Sun. If Lingyu elder comes to me, it shows Nine Sun. Faring will give me instructions!” Qin Yun said.

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Qin Yun did not reach the transcendental level of Nine Sun, and at Nine Sun, I can definitely see more.

However, Qin Yun, as God Monarch, based on his years of experience, can see that this is always in the air.

Qin Yun was very tired by Yue Xiangyun and Luo Yaofeng before, and after the shower, the whole person recovered.

After seeing the recovery of Qin Yun, Luo Yaofeng smiled at the sight of Qin Yun, and also continued to look at the moon fragrance, it seems to be combined with the moon fragrance, and then bully Qin Yun.

Yue Xiangyun gently licked Luo Yaofeng, then softly said to Qin Yun: “Cloud, you have a good rest, you will explain things, I will do well!”

“Yeah!” Qin Yun couldn’t help but kiss the lips of the pro-female Emperor Xiangxiang.

After wearing the clothes, Yue Xiangyun and Luo Yaofeng left the Nine Sun Sky Tower and returned to Sishenyang with the dragon.

Fengyue and Shuiyue just greeted Qin Yun and looked at the God Monarch warriors in the legend, and they followed the moon fragrance and they left.

Purple Allure and Water Tianzi are new to Qin Yun.

This pair of charms double Ji is also a woman of Qin Yun, without Qin Yun initiative, this charming thing of the water, this time, after entering the Nine Sun Sky Tower, the bird depends on the person.

“Buffy sister, you have become a lot stronger!” Qin Yun smiled and looked at the noble beauty in purple dress, and then reached for her face.

“That’s thanks to your bloodline sky pattern!” Purple Allure is white and watery, because Water Tianzi is pulling her clothes, but also a charming smile.

I was able to meet Qin Yun and see Qin Yun is fine. Purple Allure is still very happy, so Qin Yun is kneading her face.

Qin Yun and the charm of Shuangji sweet together for a long time, and then let them work in Profound Yang beads.

Mi Luer saw new friends coming in, and it was still two very beautiful big elder sisters. They were very happy and lived, and they took out many delicious hospitality and purple water.

Before she went from Momo and Yangyang, Milu had a chance to see the purple city and the water, and she had already wanted to see the two big elder sisters.

Qin Yun comes out of the Nine Sun Sky Tower, full of spring breeze.

Just came out, he learned a good news, Longjin sent seven hundred Nine Dragons

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The warriors, and the 9th Layer, the strongest god, are waiting to transform Qin Yun.

Long Jin Chuan had been waiting for a while, but Qin Yun had been sweet with the beauty before…

Long Jin Chuan let Ba Tai Yin tell Qin Yun that he will bring the Clone of the Nine Dragons monarch when he comes next time, and will talk about important things.

Qin Yun Next, I want to transform the seven hundred Nine Dragons fighters and turn them all into God Monarch fighters.

The main thing is to give them the bloodline sky pattern. After the gift is given, it will be worse.

On the aspect of Equipment, Qin Yun didn’t have to worry, because Longjin was legged, and he would bring it next time. It was the one that they had to build with High God.

Long Jinchuan knows that Qin Yun has killed a million cats, and there are many gods in his hands, and certainly will not owe them.

After Qin Yun gave seven hundred Nine Dragons warriors bloodline sky patterns, their gods have been greatly improved, but happy, and then integrated into the original God Monarch warriors, and immediately began training.

Qin Yun’s God Monarch has already had a thousand, but it’s not enough.

“I let the Heavens Secret door contact the Ten Thousand Worlds court. The president of the court will come over soon, thank you boss for coming!” Qin Yun now needs people with potential massive.

For example, Xie Wufeng, the potential is very massive.

Qin Yun intends to let Xie Wufeng enter the center lake of the Fantasy, and then Xie Wufeng becomes stronger.

Xie Wufeng’s Sword God is absolutely terrifying if it reaches the limit of the 9th Layer of the Gods.

And the lake of the peacock treasure lands, Qin Yun is going to be used to transform Xu Xiaoba!

Xu Xiaoba, this discipline, although there are some sand sculptures, but absolutely violent, and the potential is also very big, and the soul of destruction, in some respects, he is considered to be the profound truth of the Nine Sun.

Xu Xiaoba also joined the Ten Thousand Worlds court. Although he still has no gods, he is self-styled and is an invincible god…

Qin Yun sent people to Sishenyang to find the gods, and he named Xu Xiaoba and Xie Wufeng to come over… Well, there are Ximen Da Zhuang and Pipi pigs.

Ximen Dazhuang and Pippi Pig, specializing in the Heavenly Dao sub-goods, Qin Yun must look at Heavenly Dao, so that he would not be confused.

Heavenly Dao, this guy has no other skill, and it’s absolutely fast enough to escape. This is his stunt.

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