Nine Sun God King Chapter 3127

Speaking of Tianhong Empire, Nine Dragons’s face changed. He sighed: “I will definitely come, and Tianhong Empire has looked for us. I hope that our Nine Dragons kingdom will come to Heavens after the Heavens. Hong Empire!”

When Empire comes to Heavens and wants to guarantee its own deterrence, it must be strong, so it needs the support of other kingdoms.

“King Nine Dragons, what do you mean?” Qin Yun asked.

“We came to Heavens and only followed God Monarch! Lord God Monarch, who does not pursue power, is different from those of Empire,” said Nine Dragons.

King Nine Dragons made such a statement and made Qin Yun flattered!

Qin Yun had previously been with the Dragon King Legend for the Ten Thousand Worlds. He also said that Heavens is best to use the strength of the gods to maintain order. Only in this way can Heavens be stabilized.

However, the Ten Thousand Worlds court is too weak to grow up.

Especially in the next Grand Era, it is very likely that it will be destroyed by other Empires.

“Probably there will be a few Empires?” asked Ba Taiyin.

“Dalou Empire, Big Blue Empire, Fire Ling Empire, Tianhong Empire, there should be only these four Empires, then the barbarian kind of universe… There are also a few barbarian species, what are they, I don’t know, But it will definitely come to Heavens.” Nine Dragons.

In the barbarians of the universe, the strength can only be described by terrifying.

According to the news of the Heavens Secret spy, the barbaric species in Nine Sun Sacred Land can suppress the army of the big Lomp Empire.

Barbarian species have not yet left Nine Sun Sacred Land. After all, Nine Sun Sacred Land is the most abundant area of ​​Heavens resources, they will definitely concentrate on the biggest strength, occupying the Nine Sun Sacred Land.

Although Qin Yun is called God Monarch, the people of Big Lompire often laugh at him and say that he is not able to enter Nine Sun Sacred Land, which God Monarch?

Ba Taiyin was a little excited and said: “Is the Big Blue Empire coming? I am a waste in their eyes. I will let them know how good I am in Heavens. I will one day let the big blue Celestial Emperor see how strong I am!”

“Hi God Monarch, let me talk about my concerns!” Nine Dragons looked serious and said: “If the four Great Emperor countries really come, they will certainly not go to war easily… Empire and Empire fight, must be sunny frightening And will also let other kingdom Empire sit on the fishing

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Benefit! ”

“Then, they will certainly provoke a struggle between the kingdom and the kingdom. This is inevitable… because in every universe, most kingdoms have a total of hatred, which is mainly that Empire is provoking behind.”

“The battle between the kingdoms will force the kingdom to join Empire, or let the kingdom swear allegiance to Empire, and then become Emperor’s minions. And the presence of Lord Godarch will definitely make Empire very uncomfortable, so Empire will use the kingdom to come. Encircle Lord Monarch!”

For example, now, the cat king is an example.

The kingdoms of other universes are somewhat unwilling to become the dog slaves of Empire. Especially after everyone’s cultivation base has regressed, they all enter Heavens. Afterwards, those kingdoms may feel that they can also turn over and develop into Empire. Get rid of the manipulation of those Great Emperor countries.

In particular, multiple Empires balance the Heavens, Empire and Empire, and Empire needs the kingdom’s strength.

“King Nine Dragons, what good advice do you have?” Qin Yun asked.

“God Monarch, your existence is very special, you are not Empire, you don’t want to control any kingdom, you just want to control order, make rules, you will not threaten the use of the kingdom.” Nine Dragons said: “So, you It is possible to draw closer to more kingdoms and bring together the kingdom’s strengths so that they can fight against the Great Emperor for the common good!”

Qin Yun sighed and said: “Easier said than done Ah! could it be that let them know that I can give bloodline sky patterns and let them join me?”

“God Monarch, the secrets of giving bloodline patterns, as confidential as possible, although they will detect, but they must not be too amazing, otherwise they will be subjected to multiple Empire fires.” Nine Dragons king warned repeatedly.

“I understand!” Qin Yun ordered nod.

“God Monarch, it’s almost time, I should go back and host the big picture. When I meet again, my deity will meet you!” Nine Dragons shot the shoulder of Qin Yun, said with a smile: “Although Cultivation base is going backwards, but my deity can come to Heavens, I am still very happy!”

Nine Dragons Wang and Long Jin passed away and they walked in a hurry.

Qin Yun took out the God Monarch Heavenly Seal and secretly contacted Nine Sun, but did not get a half response.

To do such a big thing, Nine Sun did not say anything to him, which is what he learned from other people.

If you don’t know it beforehand,

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After the major event, he was still confused in God Monarch, and he didn’t know anything. He wasn’t laughed at the big teeth.

“Nine Sun Faling this guy… Is this God Monarch your own?” Qin Yun is speechless.

Qin Yun took Ba Tai Yin and Monkey King and returned to the Golden Claw Treasure lands.

Qin Yun also felt that the pressure was not small when he learned that the change was near.

At night, he is still busy making awakening.

It is because of this awakening that the Nine Dragons kingdom is so helpful to him.

When the Nine Dragons kingdom migrates, he will have to have enough awakenings to give Nine Dragons.

The strength of the Nine Dragons kingdom is strong enough, and this ally will definitely take action when it is critical.

In the middle of the night, Yang Long Ling Yu is here!

Yang Long Ling Yu is here to send a letter, is a letter from Nine Sun.

“Nine Sun’s secret letter!” Yang Long Ling Yu sent a letter to Qin Yun, and immediately left, apparently Nine Sun Fa Ling did not let Yang Long Ling Yu re-transmission.

Qin Yun opened the secret letter and saw only a few words from Nine Sun.

“Little Ghost, the big change is coming, your God Monarch road is starting, all Nine Sun Goddess will soon return to Ten Thousand Worlds.”

“Don’t underestimate Empire and the Kingdom, you have to use too much power!”

“Remember, don’t let God Monarch Heavenly Seal fall into the hands of the Taishi forces, you even if you die, don’t hand over God Monarch Heavenly Seal!”

“Try to open the eighth ninth bead of Nine Sun Divine Soul, which has the thing that I and the universe of the spirits leave.”

In this sentence, the amount of information is great!

After Qin Yun finished reading, the paper was also burned.

Qin Yun always felt that Nine Sun was saying goodbye to him, but Nine Sun couldn’t die, then what happened to him, could it be that to retreat?

Nine Sun Goddess will come back, indicating that Xie Qirou, Yue Yue and Yue Tian will come back. They have gone to other universes before, are they awakening other cosmic spirits?

Nine Sun Fa Ling actually knows the existence of Tai Shi’s brother!

Also, the ninth Ten Thousand Worlds will soon appear.

What surprised Qin Yun most was that Nine Sun Divine Soul’s eighth and ninth beads actually had the thing left by the cosmic spirit, is it the magic of the universe?

“Tai Shi forces, what is this thing?” Qin Yun looks at the paper burnt into gray, full of doubts.

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