Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1321

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Some of the saint figures of the Overlord level forces present all looked at Bei Miao with solemn eyes.

They all knew that Bei Miao’s body was Ming Kun.

Although his current level is 8th-order Monster Sovereign, it stands to reason that it should be about the same strength as the human beings.

But because Bei Miao’s body is a Kunmon, this immemorial alien is far stronger than the average Monster Beast.

Therefore, the average celestial saint can hardly contend with Bei Miao.

Even Shengwang Powerhouse, wanting to deal with Bei Miao, is not so easy.

“Why does this sea dragon protect Ye Guchen?”

“Yeah, I saw him swallow Ye Guchen in one bite before. What is going on?”

People from many forces are 100 puzzled.

Naturally, they didn’t know that Bei Miao was a pet kept by Saint Sovereign 1000 Ye.

And Ye Guchen, as the descendant of 1000 Ye Saint Sovereign, should logically be Bei Miao’s master.

But with Ye Guchen’s current strength, Bei Miao obviously was impossible to acknowledge allegiance to him and would not see him in his eyes.

But looking at Ye Guchen’s 1000 Ye Saint Sovereign inheritance, Bei Miao will not remain indifferent.

“Many thanks Bei Miao Senior.” Ye Guchen faintly bowed his hand to Bei Miao.

Regardless of Bei Miao’s attitude towards him, at least he is willing to take action now to relieve him of his difficulties.

Hearing Ye Guchen’s name, Bei Miao’s face became a little calmer.

At least Ye Guchen was very self-aware and didn’t talk to him in the identity and tone of the master.

Otherwise, Bei Miao would definitely just shake his sleeves and leave without staying in the slightest.

“Don’t thank me, at least I also have freedom.” Bei Miao said calmly.

When he talked with Ye Guchen, he used the title of this king not at all, which can be regarded as showing an attitude.

And there is another reason why he shot, that is, Ye Guchen indirectly gave him freedom.

Bei Miao can finally leave the Saint Sovereign world and gain freedom.

Hearing the dialogue between Bei Miao and Ye Guchen, there were many people present, although they still did not understand the relationship between the two.

But obviously, he also knew that Bei Miao would protect Ye Guchen.

“This is a little troublesome…”

The god Sword Ancestor’s Wen Dongliu and the sages of the Heavenly Sword Pavilion are secretly frowns.

Originally a proud Divine State was already a bit difficult, but now there is another Bei Miao.

In this situation, the Saint King Powerhouse is not out, and it is impossible to deal with Ye Guchen.

don’t tell me just give up?

To be honest, the 7th Star Lord and the others are absolutely unwilling.

Saint Sovereign inheritance is that’s all, but immemorial Demon Sword, no Overlord level force can remain indifferent.

Ye Guchen thought of this too, his eyes flashed, indifferently said: “I know what you are thinking, just want to know the whereabouts of immemorial Demon Sword.”

Ye Guchen’s words made this world silent for a moment.

You can even hear some of the Overlord level forces Elder, whose breathing is beginning to be rapid.

Immemorial Sword, even the famous sword of the Earth Ranking, is enough to move people’s hearts.

Seeing the greed and fervent expression in the eyes of the surrounding forces Elder, Ye Guchen’s lips curled up with a sneer arc, and then said: “In fact, the Sword of Devour is not on me.”


Ye Guchen’s words surprised everyone with surprise on their faces.

At the beginning of Sky Desolate Plain, everyone saw with their own eyes that Ye Guchen got the Sword Devourer.

Why now he actually said that the Divine Devouring Sword is not on him.

“That’s true. After I escaped by a chance, the immemorial Demon Sword broke through the air on its own. Thinking about it and knowing, how can I control the Demon Sword with my original cultivation base strength?” Ye Guchen said.

“Indeed, Ye Guchen cultivation base was so weak at the beginning, how could Divine Devouring Sword choose him as the master?”

“Yes, Immemorial Sword is alive, and impossible will acknowledge allegiance to the weak…”

Some people are thinking, and it feels like this.

But obviously not everyone thinks that way.

“Hmph, can you just let us give up with just one sentence?” asked Dongliu coldly smiled.

If they are so easy to be deceived, they can be considered alive to dogs.

“Oh, if you don’t believe me, if you have any means to detect Immemorial Sword, you can give it a try.” Ye Guchen smiled faintly.

Seeing Ye Guchen’s solemnly vowed appearance, many people were puzzled.

Could it be immemorial Demon Sword, really not on Ye Guchen?

The reason why Ye Guchen is so confident is naturally because immemorial Demon Sword is indeed not on him.

Dugu Qiumo has hidden the Divine Devouring Sword deep in the depths of Dantian, shielding all qi, and it is impossible to be discovered.

“Let the old man come. The old man has a jade seal, and he is sensitive to the world’s ultimate Divine Weapon. If there is an Immemorial Sword, it will definitely not escape detection.”

The Emperor Heavenly Sword walked out of an Elder and said.

He took out a dark-green jade seal, poured True Qi, and approached Ye Guchen.

A beam of light was released and fell on Ye Guchen.

Although the 9 Dragon Thunder Prison Sword on Ye Guchen was also Divine Weapon, it was not enough to make Yuyin react.

At this time, in Ye Guchen dantian, the Thunder Tribulation Sword, which had been silent for a long time, was hidden deep in the dantian.

Thunder Tribulation Sword already has the ability to hide breath independently, and is not afraid of being detected at all.

“This Thunder Tribulation Sword that brought me to this world, what kind of existence is it?”

Ye Guchen couldn’t help but think to himself.

Nine Tribulations Heart Scripture and 10000 Sword Art are also obtained from Thunder Tribulation Sword.

But he still shook the head secretly, and maybe he has to wait until his realm is higher before he can start to explore the profound mystery of this Thunder Tribulation Sword.

After the last exploration, Yuyin didn’t react at all.

“It seems that there is no immemorial Demon Sword on this child.” The Elder shook his head.

This made the four parties startled in an uproar. Didn’t expect Ye Guchen’s words turned out to be true.

The face of the 7th star master and the others is also extremely gloomy.

That Elder, a member of the Heavenly Sword Pavilion, is obviously impossible and Ye Guchen colluded.

In this way, Ye Guchen’s words are indeed true.

The seventh star master’s eyes flickered slightly, and he was still unwilling to say: “This can only prove that the Divine Devouring Sword is not on you, but it does not mean that you don’t know where the Divine Devouring Sword is.”

When I asked Dongliu, he also said, “Yes, even if you don’t have the Divine Sword on your body, maybe you hid it somewhere, deliberately confuse the audience and make people think you don’t have the Divine Sword.”

Their words have some truth, and many people came back to his senses.

Ye Guchen also sighed secretly.

Sure enough, none of the characters who can become the Holy Tribulation Saints are fools, and it is impossible to fool them so easily.

But Ye Guchen didn’t intend to completely separate the relationship.

He just had to kill him without the Divine Sword.

“The test should be tested, and what should be said, don’t go too far.” Divine State’s eyebrows sank slightly.

It’s all for this, don’t tell me the 7th star master and the others, still want to be entangled?

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