Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1323

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Looking at Ye Guchen who was talking with Yi Cangyue, Yan Wushang, Fengxi Princess and the others.

Some Heaven’s Chosen present were also a little envious.

“Heh… the fate of women is pretty good, but he only has this period of life. On Burial Heaven Island, I don’t need Senior Brother Heavens to go out, I will definitely kill him.” Chu Xuanzhen eyes slightly narrowed.

Although Ye Guchen had already shown great strength, Chu Xuanzhen was still not afraid.

He is the king of Heaven’s Chosen, and no one is afraid except Di Haotian.

Even 4 Sovereign Level Don’t Heaven’s Chosen, he dare to fight.

On the other side, Huang 1000 Qiu’s face was extremely cold.

“Ye Guchen, Dugu asks the devil, you two, cherish this last period of time, Buried Tian Island is the place where you died!” Huang 2 Qiu said indifferently.

Funeral Island will be opened in 2 months.

In other words, all the Heaven’s Chosen who live from the Saint Sovereign world have a two-month rest period.

Many people think that these two months should be Ye Guchen’s last time.

Not to mention whether Ye Guchen can come out of Funeral Island alive.

Even if he can survive, the Star Universe Sword Pavillion, Sword Ancestor, Dongfang Aristocratic Family and other forces will obviously not let him go.

“Ye Guchen, your grievances and my grievances, just leave them to Funeral Island to settle them.” Gu Zun said in a hoarse voice.

His obsession with Ye Guchen is just like Ye Guchen’s obsession with Gu Shaoyang.

If it is not expelled, Heart Demon will always exist.

“I’m waiting.” Ye Guchen looked straight at Gu Zun without evasive eyes.

The grievances between the swords, from the top of the Forbidden Sacred Origin Dynasty, have been dragged to the present, it is time to resolve.

Let’s come to an ending on Funeral Sky Island.

“Master, I also want to be a guest at Jian Dynasty!”

A girl with twin ponytails and a jade-like face flashed over. It was War God dynasty Little Princess, Zhao Xiaodi.

“I said, you don’t need to be my maid.” Ye Guchen said with a headache.

“No, I, Zhao Xiaodi, will do what I say, and I will never break my promise!” Zhao Xiaodi said righteously with a flat and soft chest.

Yan Wushang, Fengxi Princess and the others gave Ye Guchen a weird look.

Isn’t even a little girl immune to Ye Guchen’s charm?

“Didn’t expect, under the mask of Jiankui, it turned out to be the famous Ye Guchen who had severely injured Di Haotian.” Zhao Shenkong walked over with a complex expression on his face.

“At that time, many thanks.” Ye Guchen said.

What he was referring to was naturally when Zhao Shenkong came forward in the Saint Sovereign arena.

“It’s just a fate.” Zhao Shenkong said.

“Go to the sword dynasty gathering?” Ye Guchen asked.

“Why not?” Zhao Shenkong faintly smiled.

Smile and hate!

Seeing this kind of scene, many people are a little embarrassed.

Who ever thought, War God dynasty and sword dynasty have fought for so long.

And the son of the Emperor of Heaven, and the sword dynasty sword chief out of blows friendship grows, began to make friends.

If the Emperor of Heaven knew about it, he would be speechless.

“Although Ye Guchen has a great ability to pull hatred, but also has a great ability to make friends. Jun Xiaoyao, Yi Cangyue, and Zhao Shenkong all have a good relationship with him.”

“This is the personality charm, it’s you, Jun Xiaoyao, would they be willing to look at you more, Dragons don’t associate with snakes.” Some Heaven’s Chosen commented.

On the other side, Dugu asked the devil to stand alone.

Compared with Ye Guchen, who is surrounded by many people, Du Gu Qiumo is very lonely.

But his evil charm’s stern face did not change in the slightest.

There is no trace of envy or jealousy.

He is the shadow of Ye Guchen.

It is a sharp sword hidden in the dark.

Only when Ye Guchen needs it the most, will he walk out of the darkness and become the sharpest sword in Ye Guchen’s hands.

“Seek magic…” On the side, Princess Luo Huo stepped forward, with worry in her smoky gray beautiful eyes.

She always felt that Dugu Qiumo’s attitude towards Ye Guchen seemed a little unusual.

But I can’t tell what is abnormal.

“An Xin, wait for the Battle of Buried Sky Island.” Dugu Qiumo closed his eyes and said indifferently.

As for Chen Qingxiao, when she was entangled in the sword without dreams, she had already been hit hard.

When leaving the world of Saint Sovereign, Dugu Qiumo directly annihilated Chen Qingxiao’s Sea of ​​Consciousness with his soul seed.


The battle of the Saint Sovereign world in the first half of the Heaven’s Chosen battlefield has come to an end.

At first, everyone thought that the most dazzling person in this Saint Sovereign world battle must be Huang Qianqiu, Chu Xuanzhen, Gu Shaoyang, Jun Xiaoyao and the others.

But they were far from expecting that a dynasty Heaven’s Chosen would rise against the trend and become the most dazzling new star.

They didn’t even think that the true identity of the sword dynasty sword chief who always wore a grimace mask turned out to be Ye Guchen.

Once stirred up the existence of the situation in Sky Desolate Plain.

The ultimate inheritance of the Saint Sovereign world also fell in the hands of Ye Guchen.

The news from the Saint Sovereign world, like wings, began to spread rapidly in Southern Heaven Domain.

But Ye Guchen himself, with a group of swordsmen and friends, is preparing to return to sword dynasty for recuperation.

The entire Heaven’s Chosen battlefield is divided into two halves.

The Saint Sovereign world in the first half was still the internal competition of Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen.

In the second half, Funeral Island is the real ultimate battlefield, where Heaven’s Chosen from Dark World will appear.

The degree of cruelty is far from the Saint Sovereign world.

And at that time, some real top Heaven’s Chosen from Southern Heaven Domain will show up.

There will also be a descendant of Heaven’s Chosen from the Four Great Overlords family, who will also appear.

It can be said that Funeral Heaven Island is the ultimate battle between Southern Heaven Domain and Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

Only Heaven’s Chosen Child, with the strongest strength and the highest innate talent, can shine on Buried Sky Island.

“Brother Ye, in this battle of Buried Sky Island, Di Haotian should appear, and may even become the leader of Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen. If he attacks you, it will be a little troublesome.”

On a ship, Jun Xiaoyao frowned and said to Ye Guchen.

“Counter soldiers with arms, and water with earth weir, Emperor Haotian is a man, not a god.” Ye Guchen said.

Moreover, the hole cards he prepared specially for Di Haotian hadn’t been revealed yet.

“Brother Ye has this certainty. As long as you can survive the Battle of Buried Sky Island, I believe those Supreme Elders in the pavilion will not be indifferent to you.” Jun Xiaoyao said.

“I hope so.” Ye Guchen said.

After burying the island, he really needs shelter from one side.

Although Bei Miao is by his side now, heading for the sword dynasty, but there is nowhere to go for the time being, just go join the fun.

It is impossible to expect Bei Miao to stay with Ye Guchen for a long time.

“Buried Island, battle with Dark World, Cher, will you appear?”

Ye Guchen muttered to himself.

He thought of the cute little girl with bright silver hair and snow.

He could not forget that when Xueer awakened and cried for Demoness physique, the incarnation out of her was Ji Ruqianxue.

After Sky Desolate Plain, Xue Er was brought back to Dark World by Xue Yiqing.

Ye Guchen had a hunch that he might be able to see Xueer again on Funeral Island!

I don’t know at that time, what attitude and position will Cher take to face him?

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