Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1324

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In the first half of the Heaven’s Chosen battlefield, the battle of Saint Sovereign finally came to an end.

All influence is also temporarily going back to the mansion, preparing for the battle of Tiantian Island two months later.

Ye Guchen also followed the sword dynasty team, met a bunch of friends, and returned to dynasty together.

After returning to dynasty, Ye Guchen also hosted a dinner for a group of friends.

It can be said that without their help this time, Ye Guchen wants to successfully win Saint Sovereign inheritance, which is absolutely extremely difficult.

Ye Guchen’s personality tends to be indifferent and withdrawn, and he is not good at actively making friends with others.

But his personality charm is to make a group of people willing to make friends with him.

As for the end of when the time comes Heaven’s Chosen battlefield is over, Ye Guchen will only need to be considered in the future.

Jun Xiaoyao and the others also believe that Ye Guchen will surely be able to turn a good luck.

The banquet was held for 3 days before it ended.

Ye Guchen also continued to start the cultivation.

Sword Dynasty Imperial Palace, in a pavilion, Ye Guchen sits cross-legged alone.

He took out a lotus flower.

The translucent lotus, reflecting seven colors of brilliance.

Vaguely, waves of vigorous Soul Power spread out.

“The top holy medicine, the soul-inducing lotus, is as rare as my ancient enlightenment tree within the body.”

“Can this soul-attracting lotus help people condense the soul palace?”

Ye Guchen took a closer look.

Then, he took out a mouthful of Crystal Coffin from the origin ring again.

It is the Yunling coffin fostered by Su Qingyu’s Primordial Spirit.

Ever since Su Qingyu absorbed the Saint’s Soul Source Crystal last time, he has been in a state of deep sleep.

“Even though the lotus is precious, Su Senior has a great favor to me, and Dugu Qiuqi was made by him personally. This lotus should also be helpful to the recovery of Senior’s Primordial Spirit.” Ye Guchen muttered.

Any grudges must be avenged, and grace must be paid. This is Ye Guchen’s principle of being a man.

Moreover, there are 5 soul-inducing lotus flowers, and one for Su Qingyu is not a major event.

The most important thing is that Su Qingyu is the father of Su Jianshi. He hopes that one day, when Su Jianshi is brought back by him, he can be reunited with Su Qingyu and his daughter.

Thinking of this, Ye Guchen directly opened the Yunling Coffin and put a soul-inducing lotus into it.

Suddenly, Su Qingyu’s Primordial Spirit, who was dormant, emerged on his own initiative to absorb refining.

The pure medicinal power of Yinhunlian is also gradually absorbed by refining.

Ye Guchen put away the Yunling coffin again.

“Wish for Senior can wake up as soon as possible.” Ye Guchen thought to himself.

After that, Ye Guchen continued to sink into the cultivation.

After all, he got the Saint Level sword technique of 1000 Ye Saint Sovereign inheritance and the 10000 Sword God technique.

It is not that simple to cultivation Saint Level sword technique, even with the enchanting Sword Dao innate talent like Ye Guchen.

The entire Southern Heaven Domain ushered in a brief calm.

But everyone knows that this is the tranquility before rainstorm.

Two months later, the Battle of Buried Sky Island started, and that was the major event that could really affect Southern Heaven Domain.


On Southern Heaven Domain, in a lively city.

In a restaurant, a brandy nose old man with white beard and hair is holding a wine gourd and is constantly drinking.

A strong smell of wine exudes from him, which makes a group of people around him stay away.

“This old man has been drinking here for more than half a year. Is there really no one to care about him?”

“What’s wrong with this, anyway, people paid for it, and it doesn’t matter how long they like to drink, and it doesn’t matter if they die.”

2 small shop 2 whispers to the ear canal.

At this moment, a group of men with back of a tiger and waist of a bear walked into the restaurant.

“Damn it, it’s the Black Fiend Gang!”

The drinkers in the restaurant changed their faces when they saw the men in black armor.

The black evil gang is a local tyrant in this city.

“Little 2, serve wine!” The black-clad man headed by waving his hand.

“Yes, come right away!” Two shopkeepers ran to get the wine trembling.

A group of black evil gang members are seated.

However, the brandy nose old man, who happened to be unbiased, was sitting in the center seat with a pungent, unpleasant smell all over his body.

“Old man, get out of me!” the headed man in black armor frowned coldly and said.

If the brandy nose old man didn’t hear it, he continued to drink with the wine gourd.

“Hey, bad old fogey courting death?”

A thin monkey-like man stepped forward and pushed the brandy nose old man to the ground with one hand.

The old man lay on the ground, still holding the wine gourd and drinking.

“This old fart!” The black-clad man headed by him saw a fire in his heart.

He lifted his foot, and a breath of Venerable Heavenly Palace burst out.

The leader of the Black Fiend Gang is a venerable with a strong cultivation base.

The black evil gang leader kicked and stepped on the head of the brandy nose old man.

The rest of the people in the restaurant avoided their eyes, showing a look of intolerance.

The brandy nose old man still did not move.

However, it is at this time.

An old man dressed in hemp robe and goat whiskers appeared in the restaurant like a ghost.

He grabbed the leg of the leader of the Black Fiend Gang with one hand, and then suddenly twisted!


A scalp tingling bone crack sounded, and the leader of the black evil gang hissed in pain.

“Dare to move our leader, courting death!”

A group of black evil gang disciples around roared and shot together.

However, the goatbeard old man just stomped on one foot, and a terrifying power of the Holy Land burst out.

The leader of the Black Fiend Gang, as well as a group of members, didn’t even have the opportunity to struggle and fear. It was peng~ peng~ peng~ that burst into blood.

The whole restaurant was bloody.

However, the goat’s beard is old man, and his hemp robe is not stained with a drop of blood.

Everyone else in the restaurant is dumbfounded, fighting with each other.

The famous Black Fiend Gang was just destroyed?

Even the leader of a venerable person directly burst into a mass of flesh and blood.

“That…power…difficult…don’t tell me yes, saint?” The rest of the restaurant’s teeth trembled.

They have never seen such a great character in their entire lives.

But what is even more shocking is still to come.

The brandy nose old man, as if he hadn’t seen the sight in front of him, was still drinking wine while each minding their own business.

Seeing this, the goat-beard old man shook the head slightly and sighed: “Tian Tianfeng, after drinking more than half a year of wine, it’s almost time to wake up.”

If Ye Guchen were here, he would definitely recognize this old man with white beard and hair and a drunkard all day long.

It is Old Drunkard, that is, the holy hand of South Forging, Tianfeng Forging!

After the Sky Desolate Plain incident, even Duan Tianfeng thought that Ye Guchen had fallen.

Seeing that he had cultivated a discipline with great difficulty, but in the end he was unable to save him, Duan Tianfeng blamed himself.

What made him even more powerless was that.

Although he is an 8-star casting Grandmaster, his current influence is far from the previous.

His hands were scrapped, and he couldn’t recover to Peak even more.

This also made Duan Tianfeng unable to retaliate against Overlord level forces such as Star Universe Sword Pavillion and Sword Ancestor.

All kinds of weakness made Tianfeng mentally and physically exhausted, very exhausted.

So he has been nesting in this small city, not listening to things outside the window, drinking alcohol all day, decadent and down.

“Yang Great Elder, what are you doing again?” Dui Tianfeng said while drinking.

He didn’t seem to care about the Yang Great Elder in front of him, who was a saint.

“Hey, if you don’t come to you again, I am afraid that the entire god Refiner Sect will be defeated by Xiao Gong and the Nangong Family will be in power.” Yang Elder sighed deeply.

“What, Xiao Gong loses!”

In Duan Tianfeng’s drunk and dim old eyes, a bit of bitter enmity flashed through.

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