Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1325

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Xiao Gong’s input of these three characters is definitely an existence in Duan Tianfeng’s bones.

Southern forging master, forging Tianfeng.

Bei Yan Qihuang, Xiao Gong loses.

It can be seen from the title that these two people are each other’s opponents, as if they are hitting each other.

But what some people don’t know is that these two people were once the senior and junior brothers of the same sect.

The sect they are in is called the god Refiner Sect.

God Refiner Sect, although not included in One Mountain, One Sea, One Immortal Valley, Three Sects 4 Pavilion 5 Aristocratic Family, it is also a sect with extremely terrifying background.

Just by hearing the name, the god Refiner Sect is a sect dedicated to forging Divine Weapon.

A sect like this, in terms of top powerhouse, may not be comparable to those Overlord level forces.

But their background, connections, and resources are extremely rich.

It can be said that God Refiner Sect can call a group of Heavenly Tribulation Saints to help fight casually.

Even the powerhouse of the holy king can be moved.

This is something that Overlord level forces cannot do.

Moreover, even those Overlord level forces sometimes have a demand for the god Refiner Sect.

Direct Disciple’s sword, Divine Weapon, various protective gear, magic weapons, etc., are also provided by the god Refiner Sect.

It can be seen that the god Refiner Sect has an extraordinary position in the Southern Heaven Domain.

Overlord level forces may not be afraid of the god Refiner Sect, but they don’t want to offend for nothing.

Duan Tianfeng, who lost with Xiao Gong at the beginning, were the two most brilliant new stars of God Refiner Sect.

But in the end, because of a woman, he turned to the opposite.

That woman was named Nangong Huajing.

Duan Tianfeng frowned when he thought of those painful memories.

His voice was hoarse, opened the mouth and said: “What is going on in your mouth?”

The Yang Elder in front of him is the Great Elder Yang Qi of the god Refiner Sect, the cultivation base of the saint.

Yang Qi said: “The selection of the God Refiner Sect Young Sect Master is about to begin. As you know, Xiao Gongzu is the most powerful lineage in the God Refiner Sect. Even my Great Elder lineage is inferior to him. I am afraid that only Sect Master lineage can suppress Xiao Gong’s lineage.”

Duan Tianfeng said nothing when he heard Yang Qi’s words.

Back then, after losing that gambling contract, Duan Tianfeng’s hands were abolished, his reputation, and his name were all abandoned. So far, he left the god Refiner Sect and left four parties.

If that time, he did not leave.

The current Forging Tianfeng should also be one of the leaders of the god Refiner Sect.

But even so, today’s Forging Tianfeng still has an extraordinary position in the god Refiner Sect.

After all, his previous qualifications, fame, and standards are all here.

As for the abandoned hands, there is no way to cure them.

It was just because of the gambling agreement that Duan Tianfeng could not heal his hands, otherwise he would violate the agreement.

“So, Xiao Gong loses because he wants his discipline to be the Sect Lord’s Position?” Duan Tianfeng said.

Yang Qi said heavily nodded: “Since so, you should have heard of the recipe that Xiao Gong lost. It is Heaven’s Chosen of Nangong Family, Divine Weapon Young Master of Ten First Young Masters, and Nangong Jue Cloud.”

“It can be said that Nangong Jue Yun is the most innate talent I have ever seen.”

Yang Qi sighed deeply.

Although there are many forging geniuses of the god Refiner Sect, compared with Nangong Jue Cloud, they are still like Yinghuo and Haoyue, without much comparability.

Nangong Jue Yun, known as the Divine Weapon Young Master, shows how enchanting innate talent he is forging.

Not to mention, Nangong Jue Yun was born into the overlord family, the Nangong Family, with an extremely prominent background.

At the same time, in addition to forging innate talent, the strength of Nangong Jue Cloud is also the Peak of the younger generation.

Otherwise, if you can forge innate talent, it is also impossible to rank among the ten First Young Masters.

Martial Dao, Dao, dual innate talent, created a Nangong Jue cloud with countless auras.

“In the God Refiner Sect, can’t find the younger generation to compete with Nangong Jue Cloud?” Duan Tianfeng said.

“Almost nothing, and apart from this, Xiao Gonglue actually wanted Nangong Jue Yun to marry Sect Master’s daughter and Gu Xiangling after he got on the Sect Lord’s Position. When the time comes, wouldn’t the god Refiner Sect fall into Xiao Gonglue? And the Nangong Family are in control.” Yang Qi said coldly in a deep voice.

Nangong Jue cloud represents the Nangong Family.

If he boarded the Sect Lord’s Position, he would be the Sect Master candidate in the future.

In this way, with the assistance of Xiao Gonglu, the entire god Refiner Sect will be left behind.

This is definitely not what Yang Qi wants to see.

When the time comes, where will their gods Refiner Sect Elder go?

don’t tell me to obey Xiao Gongshu and Nangong Family?

“Sect Master don’t tell me, don’t you say anything?” Duan Tianfeng asked.

“Hey…” Yang Qi shook his head and said, “What can Sect Master do, don’t tell me, can I still choose Young Sect Master candidates? This is the rule set by God Refiner Sect, even if Sect Master is not happy with Nangong Jue It cannot be stopped when the cloud seizes the position.”

“Hehe, what’s the use of telling me these things, is it possible that let me compare with Nangong Jue Yun?”

Duan Tianfeng laughed at himself.

Ye Guchen, the only one who was his half disciple, had fallen in the Sky Desolate Plain.

He couldn’t even finish the bet he lost with Xiao Gong, how can he help God Refiner Sect?

Hearing Duan Tianfeng’s words, Yang Qi was slightly taken aback: “Of course I didn’t let you compare it. Didn’t you receive a discipline?”

Yang Qi also inquired before that Duan Tianfeng had shot for Ye Guchen in Sky Desolate Plain, and even called Leng 1000 Mark and the others to help out.

However, Duan Tianfeng’s old face suddenly sank when he heard this.

This was like tearing open his scab scar.

“Yang Qi, are you taunting me?” Duan Tianfeng’s face flushed slightly, his eyes showed pain.

Yang Qi was even slightly surprised and said, “Duan Tianfeng, don’t tell me, have you really heard the recent rumors?”

“Rumors, what rumors?” Duan Tianfeng was also stunned.

He has been living in seclusion in this small city all day long, drunk and drunk. He doesn’t hear things outside the window and is almost closed to the outside world.

“Your disciple Ye Guchen, not at all, fell, and even appeared in the Saint Sovereign world. His performance was amazing and shocked the four sides.” Yang Qi said.

“What, what did you say, say it again!?”

Du Tianfeng’s mind seemed to be flashed by Startling Thunder, his whole body trembled, and he stood up suddenly.

Holding Yang Qi’s arms tightly with both hands, his drunken eyes became extremely sober.

“Your discipline is not dead, he stays incognito and became the sword dynasty leader…”

Next, Yang Qi told Gai Tianfeng about the recent Saint Sovereign world news, without omission and in detail.

Finally, Duan Tianfeng listened to the narration, laughs facing the sky, tears rolled down.

“Haha, I know, I know, my vision can’t be wrong, Ye Guchen didn’t disappoint me, haha!”

Duan Tianfeng lost self-control, smiling wildly, venting the depression in his heart during this time.

He didn’t think that Yang Qi would deceive him on such matters.

“Very good, really very good…” Du Tianfeng swept away the decadence, and the whole person seemed to have recovered.

“Gong Xiao loses, and your discipline Nangong Jue Yun, this bet, it’s time to end…”

Duan Tianfeng is excited!

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