Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1326

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heaven knows How happy Duan Tianfeng heard this news.

Yang Qi on the side also sighed when he saw Duan Tianfeng’s state.

He also didn’t want this former Southern Forging Master to remain decadent and down.

And God Refiner Sect also needs to forge Tianfeng.

As long as Duan Tianfeng can complete the betting contract, then his hands can be healed again.

When the time comes, Duan Tianfeng will restore Peak again.

Therefore, God Refiner Sect has never given up on Forging Tianfeng.

“Very good, I can’t wait to go to the sword dynasty to find that brat, it made me sad for so long.”

Forging Tianfeng ruddy complexion, this is a rare time for him to be happy.

But Yang Qi was obviously not as happy as Duan Tianfeng.

He hesitated for a while, and then said: “Your discipline is really strong. It can be said to have swept 4 squares in the Saint Sovereign world. Even Star Universe Sword Pavillion Gu Shaoyang fell into his hands, but… “

“But what?” Duan Tianfeng asked.

“However, military force does not represent the way of forging. This time the god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master’s choice is not better than military force, but better than forging. He is compared with Nangong Jue Cloud…”

Due to Duan Tianfeng’s emotions, Yang Qi not at all finished speaking.

But the meaning is obviously that Ye Guchen may not be better than Nangong Jue Cloud in forging.

No, it should be eliminated.

In Yang Qi’s mind, Ye Guchen is definitely no better than Nangong Jue Yun.

It’s just that he can’t tell clearly.

“Why, do you want to say that my discipline is no better than Nangong Jue Yun?” Duan Tianfeng obviously also guessed what Yang Qi was thinking, coldly snorted and said.

“Eh…” Yang Qi’s expression was slightly embarrassed, and he was speechless.

“Don’t worry, my discipline’s obsession with the sword weapon Divine Weapon, I can see that I know his innate talent, otherwise, why would I choose him in the first place?” Du Tianfeng said confidently.

At the beginning, he was Old Drunkard, living in Sacred Origin Dynasty Sky River Prefecture.

At that time, he revealed to Ye Guchen that he would be handed over to him forbidden casting, human soul refining swords, and sword life Dual Cultivation.

Duan Tianfeng will never forget the heat in Ye Guchen’s eyes at that time.

Facing this kind of taboo casting technique that might endanger his life, he didn’t have the slightest fear, but was full of excitement, curiosity, and awe.

How can a person like this be ordinary while forging?

And Duan Tianfeng also affirmed that Ye Guchen came this way and should not at all throw Forge.

Seeing the confident expression on Duan Tianfeng’s face, Yang Qi didn’t understand why he was so confident in Ye Guchen.

If it is a competition of strength, then Yang Qi has nothing to say, Ye Guchen is definitely top-notch.

But Yang Qi not at all heard of Ye Guchen’s achievements in forging.

But now, dead horses are treated as living horse doctors.

Since Duan Tianfeng identified Ye Guchen, he couldn’t change anything.

“Well, since Duan Tianfeng is determined by you, then take him to Tiangong City. It won’t take a few days to compete for Sect Lord’s Position.” Yang Qi waved his hand.

Tiangong City is a well-known giant city on Southern Heaven Domain, and it is also the seat of the sect of the god Refiner Sect.

Duan Tianfeng is slightly nodded, and there are some impatients.

“Ye Guchen, my hopes are pinned on you…” Duan Tianfeng left the restaurant and looked into the distance.

Duan Tianfeng thought that he would not be able to complete the betting contract in his entire life and defeated Xiao Gong and lost.

As a result, God now gave him another hope.

“Gong Xiao lost, although I was defeated by you at the beginning, but my discipline must be better than yours!” Duan Tianfeng muttered to himself, his tone resolute and decisive!


Sword Dynasty, during this time, fell into a rare silence.

Yan Wushang and the others of Yanyun dynasty have also stayed in the sword dynasty.

Shen Diao and Xiao Hei also met Yan Wushang and the others.

Ye Guchen, on the other hand, pushed away all entertainment and communication, and fell into cultivation wholeheartedly.

On this day, Zhao Xiaodi knocked on Ye Guchen’s door.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Guchen raised his eyelids, looked at Zhao Xiaodi, and asked indifferently.

Zhao Shenkong has returned to War God dynasty, preparing for the next battle of Tiantian Island.

However, Zhao Xiaodi refused to go back alive and dead, and had to stay with Ye Guchen to fulfill his promise to be a maid.

However, after this period of time, Zhao Xiaodi was indeed a sincere maid, which caused Ye Guchen a headache.

But after a few days of getting used to it, Ye Guchen could only go with her.

“There are two good news. Does the master want to hear this good news first, or the good news?” Zhao Xiaodi said with a smile playfully.

“Say…” Ye Guchen spit out a word with a headache.

With his unearthly character, he is really at odds with the unearthly Zhao Xiaodi.

“Well, the first good news is that the master has replaced Nebula Young Master Gu Shaoyang and has become one of the new ten First Young Masters, Sword Young Master.” Zhao Xiaodi said, a ray of light appeared in the big bright eyes. The color of wonder.

Southern Heaven Domain ten First Young Master, this is definitely a title admired by countless Heaven’s Chosen.

There are countless Heaven’s Chosen who want to be among the ten First Young Masters.

At the beginning, Gu Shaoyang was also able to take the position because he won Ye Guchen’s Innate Sword Embryo, and squeezed out three young Masters and became the Nebula Young Master.

And now, Ye Guchen, who killed Gu Shaoyang, automatically became one of the ten First Young Masters.

Ten First Young Master seats are not static.

If someone is defeated or killed, the victor will be automatically succeeded.

If the victorious person is defeated by others, he will be rotated.

Therefore, if they can occupy the ten First Young Master seats for a long time, they are called the old Young Master and have strong strength.

Haotian Young Master Di Haotian, Xuanzhen Young Master Chu Xuanzhen, Free and Unfettered Young Master Jun Xiaoyao, all belong to the old Young Master.

And Gu Shaoyang is just the newly promoted Ten First Young Master.

“Oh, understood.” Ye Guchen was faintly nodded.

Expression, reaction, very indifferent, even…

Some don’t care.

“That’s the reaction?” Zhao Xiaodi was speechless.

It is a great honor to change to other Heaven’s Chosen to be among the ten First Young Masters.

But Ye Guchen didn’t seem to care at all.

“It’s just a fake name, and I don’t care about the title of Ten First Young Master.” Ye Guchen shook his head slightly.

Zhao Xiaodi couldn’t help but admire even more.

“What’s the second news?” Ye Guchen asked indifferently.

Zhao Xiaodi replied: “An acquaintance of the master wants to find you.”

“Oh, who is it?” Ye Guchen raised his eyebrows, slightly curious.

“He was once a famous person, the master of the South Forging, and the Forging Tianfeng.” Zhao Xiaodi said.

“What, Senior?” Ye Guchen’s eyes flashed suddenly, and he hurriedly got up, his body flickered, like a rainbow of light, flying towards the outside.

Zhao Xiaodi was left alone in place.

After a long time, she came back to his senses.

“Really, I didn’t have any reaction at all when I heard that I won the title of Ten First Young Master. I heard that acquaintances came and I had such a big reaction.” Zhao Xiaodi muttered.

However, the corner of her mouth was slightly curved.

“However, maybe this is the personality charm of an is Master.”

Don’t try to make a name, but value friendship.

She also understood why her brother Zhao Shenkong would admire Ye Guchen so much.

On the other side, Ye Guchen also came to a great hall for hospitality.

When he saw the white silhouette, Ye Guchen was also a little moved, feeling a little.

“Forged Tianfeng Senior, it’s been a long time since we last met…”

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