Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1327

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When Duan Tianfeng saw Ye Guchen, there was excitement in his old eyes, and there was even a faint tear, but he covered it up.

“Okay, okay, you really didn’t disappoint me!” Duan Tianfeng laughed.

“At the time of Sky Desolate Plain, I would like to thank Senior for helping out.”

Ye Guchen handed over sincerely and did not forget Duan Tianfeng’s kindness to him.

Duan Tianfeng was not only his enlightenment in casting, but also helped him a lot in Sky Desolate Plain.

At that time, many people were afraid to intervene in the face of Overlord level forces, but Duan Tianfeng dared to stand up.

And it’s not forging Tianfeng, cold 1000 marks, and the others will not show up to help him.

“In terms of forging, you are my half disciple, there is no reason not to help you, but I don’t have that great ability.” Du Tianfeng shook the head.

“Senior is enough to have this heart.” Ye Guchen said with a smile.

Next, the two people exchanged greetings.

After all, Du Tianfeng was someone Ye Guchen had known earlier, and he had known each other from Sky River Prefecture.

“It’s been so long in a flash. The person who was captured in Sacred Origin Dynasty, Sword Embryo, has now reached this step and became one of the ten First Young Masters in Southern Heaven Domain.” Duan Tianfeng couldn’t help sighing.

He came along and saw the growth of Ye Guchen.

From a low-level dynasty, Sword Embryo was captured by the trash boy.

Up to now, he has become the famous Sword Young Master and the sword dynasty leader in the entire Southern Heaven Domain.

Only Ye Guchen knows the hardships.

After that, Ye Guchen also gave Duan Tianfeng a good feast, and Leng 1000hen also came to meet him.

After eating and drinking, Du Tianfeng seemed to be thinking about something, and he stopped talking.

“Senior, what’s the matter?”

Ye Guchen also saw that Duan Tianfeng seemed to have something on his mind.

“This…” Duan Tianfeng hesitated.

When he rushed to the sword dynasty before, although he wanted Ye Guchen to help.

But Ye Guchen still has a heavy burden on him. He has to prepare for the Battle of Buried Sky Island two months later.

If Ye Guchen is allowed to do this now, will it delay his cultivation?

Therefore, Duan Tianfeng was hesitant.

Seeing Duan Tianfeng’s appearance, Ye Guchen slightly frowned said: “Senior, don’t say much about the relationship between you and me. It’s covered up like this, and it’s a bit out of sight.”

Duan Tianfeng was hearing this for a moment, then shook his head and said with a smile: “Hehe, that’s right, then I’m not welcome, let me tell you this first.”

Later, Duan Tianfeng told Ye Guchen about the dispute between God Refiner Sect and Young Sect Master.

“So that’s how it is, God Refiner Sect Young Sect Master dispute.” Ye Guchen muttered.

God Refiner Sect, Ye Guchen also heard about it.

Although not in the Three Sects 4 Pavilion 5 Aristocratic Family, but the background and influence are not weaker than the Overlord level forces.

Ye Guchen also didn’t expect that Duan Tianfeng was born into Refiner Sect.

What was even more unexpected was that Duan Tianfeng was the same sect disciple defeating Xiao Gong.

“Divine Weapon Young Master, Nangong Jue Yun, I heard that he Martial Dao Dual Cultivation, is the overlord Aristocratic Family, extremely talented Nangong Family.” Ye Guchen said.

Forging Tianfeng hearing this is also faintly sighed and said: “Indeed, Xiao Gong loses a good eye for people. Choosing a good discipline, there are few people in the god Refiner Sect that can compete with Nangong Jue Yun.”

Ye Guchen pondered, thinking.

Duan Tianfeng sighed deeply: “Ye Guchen, the most important thing for you now is to prepare for Tiantian Island. If you participate in this dispute, you will not only waste time, but you may also become enemies with Nangong Jue Yun.”

Duan Tianfeng really wants to win the gambling contract and make his discipline better than Xiao Gong’s loser.

But the premise is that this will not affect Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen heard it, but shook the head and said: “Senior regards this Ye as who.”

“When Ye Guchen inheritance Senior’s taboo casting technique, he promised that he would help Senior fulfill his wish.”

“And this time, it is the best opportunity, how could this Ye miss it?”

Duan Tianfeng’s face was slightly condensed, and his eyes surged with relief.

Xiao Gonglu has a good vision for choosing the discipline.

But his forging Tianfeng is also not bad!

“Furthermore, it is almost time to build my own famous sword.” Ye Guchen’s eyes were filled with rays of light.

His Innate Sword Embryo, after incorporating the power of the extinguishing soul of Yi Cang Yue, was transformed into the Innate Sword Embryo, which can be used as the core of the famous sword.

In addition, he also collected a few sacred materials, almost ready to forge Sword Embryo.

Ye Guchen didn’t plan to forge Divine Weapon comparable to Immemorial Sword at once. It is basically impossible. Even Duan Tianfeng and Xiao Gong lose are impossible.

After Ye Guchen is ready to forge Sword Embryo, he will gradually upgrade later.

As long as you have perseverance, you can finally forge an Immemorial Sword that is exclusive to Ye Guchen!

“Senior, clean up, let’s go to Tiangong City in a few days.” Ye Guchen said.

“Okay.” Duan Tianfeng repeatedly nodded, and his old eyes also showed a rare sense of excitement.

After so many years of decadence, I finally saw the dawn of revenge.

In the next few days, after Ye Guchen solved some chores, he also set off on the boat with Duan Tianfeng.

This time, Ye Guchen didn’t take other people at all, because the rest of the swords must be prepared for the battle of Tiantian Island.

Jun Xiaoyao, Yan Wushang and the others, also went to prepare.

Even Zhao Xiaodi and Ye Guchen let him stay in the sword dynasty forcibly, not letting her go with them.

In the end, only Shen Diao and Xiao Hei followed Ye Guchen.

Tiangong City is a famous city in Southern Heaven Domain with a very wide range.

Said to be city, the area is actually comparable to a small dynasty.

Tiangong City is also the seat of sect of the god Refiner Sect.

It can be said that in Southern Heaven Domain, even the Overlord level forces are not willing to offend Refiner Sect too much if they are not necessary.

Until now, the god Refiner Sect has maintained a neutral posture between each sect.

And this time, the choice of Young Sect Master by Refiner Sect has caused quite a stir in Southern Heaven Domain.

After all, the person who won the Young Sect Master this time is likely to be Nangong Jue Yun.

And Nangong Jue Cloud is Heaven’s Chosen of Nangong Family.

This makes many people speculate whether the god Refiner Sect will belong to the Nangong Family in the future.

This is not what other Overlord level forces want to see.

Therefore, during this period, many people poured into Tiangong City, wanting to witness who the Young Sect Master of Refiner Sect will be.

After a few days, Ye Guchen and Duan Tianfeng finally came to Tiangong City.

“Is that Tiangong City?”

Ye Guchen stood on the deck of the flying boat, looking into the distance, the huge city that could not be seen at the end, shocked.

The walls of Tiangong City are as high as ten zhangs, almost like towering mountain walls.

The giant arches of the city gate are also ten zhang high.

“Hehe, God Refiner Sect, apart from anything else, the underlying resources are very rich. Except for the Overlord level forces, few forces can build such a giant city.” Du Tianfeng hehe said with a smile.

After all, he was once a person of the god Refiner Sect, and he has no feelings for the god Refiner Sect naturally impossible, and he still has a sense of pride.

“It seems that I had underestimated the background of the god Refiner Sect before.” Ye Guchen sighed.

“If you can successfully defeat that Nangong Jue Yun this time and win less Sect Lord’s Position, you may be able to relieve your current pressure.” Du Tianfeng said.

Ye Guchen hearing this, pupil light changes, darkly flashing.

If you can really get the support of God Refiner Sect, it will be very beneficial to Ye Guchen’s current situation.

But the premise is that he has the ability to defeat Nangong Jue Yun.

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