Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1328

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“It seems that I have to do my best.” Ye Guchen thought to himself.

His original intention in coming to Tiangong City was to help Duan Tianfeng complete the betting contract, defeat the Xiao Gong loses discipline, and realize his wish.

However, if you can win a few Sect Lord’s Position by the way, it will be to your advantage.

But Ye Guchen didn’t have much hope for this.

After all, his current identity is somewhat sensitive, and many Overlord level forces glare like a tiger watching his prey.

Even if Ye Guchen may win in the end, the god Refiner Sect is not necessarily willing to make Ye Guchen the Young Sect Master.

Ye Guchen thought about it in his heart, and entered the city with Duan Tianfeng.

Seeing this long-lost city, Duan Tianfeng had 100 feelings in his heart.

After losing the gambling agreement with Xiao Gong, Duan Tianfeng gave up his hands and broke away from the god Refiner Sect.

Since then, he has been living in the End of the World and never returned to Tiangong City once.

But now, it’s not a sentimental time, Lishao Sect Lord’s Position is competing, not at all for how long.

After that, Duan Tianfeng and Ye Guchen found an Inn.

“Ye Guchen, I will first go to the god Refiner Sect Great Elder to understand some matters. You can go to the Tiangong Dao for a trial first. As long as you pass and reach the 2-star Forging Master, you can become the god Refiner Sect disciple.” warned repeatedly.

It turns out that if you want to participate in the God Refiner Sect Young Sect Master dispute, you must at least be God Refiner Sect disciple.

God Refiner Sect is always impossible to let an outsider participate in the Young Sect Master selection.

And because the god Refiner Sect is a sect that focuses on forging, the way they recruit disciples is also different from other sect forces.

In Tiangong City, the god Refiner Sect set up a place called Tiangongdao.

This place is specifically used to detect the Forging Master’s cultivation base.

As long as it passes smoothly in the end and gets a 2-star Forging Master rating, you can directly become the Refiner Sect disciple.

And it works at all times.

“I understand.” Ye Guchen was slightly nodded.

To be honest, he doesn’t know what his current Forging Master level is.

But along the way, his forging skills have not been pulled down.

After some exhortations, Duan Tianfeng also went out to find Yang Qi.

And here, Ye Guchen took Shen Diao and Xiao Hei out to Tiangong Dao.

“I’m going to the Tiangongdao trial, you can just walk around by yourself.” Ye Guchen said.

Going to the Tiangongdao trial is not convenient to bring them.

“Okay, let’s walk around by ourselves.” Shendiao replied.

Now the god sculpture is also a Monster Beast of Tier 6, which is comparable to human’s top gods expert.

As for Xiao Hei, let alone, with the immortal demon body of the Hunshi Demon Ape, no one can hurt Xiao Hei without taking a shot in the Holy Realm.

Ye Guchen is also relieved to let them shop around.

Subsequently, Ye Guchen asked passers-by to find out the location of Tiangongdao.

The sculpture and Xiao Hei are aimless wanderings.

Not long after, they came to a remote lake.

There is a peach blossom tree on the edge of the lake, and under the peach blossom tree, a woman in an apricot dress, with a slumped brow between her brows, crystal-like beautiful eyes staring at the lake innocently.

The woman in an apricot dress has a beautiful face, picturesque eyebrows, and a bright skin than snow.

Leaning against the peach blossom tree at this moment, the blossoming peach petals fall on her fragrant shoulder, adding a bit of picturesque beauty to the beauty.

“It’s a pretty little elder sister.” Shen Diao’s eyes lit up.

They just happened to be bored, eagerly leaning forward.

“Huh, is it Monster Beast?”

The woman in the apricot dress also noticed the arrival of the god sculpture and Xiao Hei, and the beautiful eyes showed surprise.

However, the god sculpture at the moment, not at all revealing its body, looks fist sized, red and hairy, has several points of cuteness, and it is difficult for any woman to resist.

Although Xiao Hei was a little silly, but his whole body was smooth, and he also looked a little naive.

“Why is the little elder sister here alone?” The divine carving’s small eyes flashed with brilliance, and spoke human’s words.

“Can speak?” The woman in the apricot dress was even more surprised.

There are not many Monster Beasts with such spirituality.

“I think the little elder sister has sullen air between her eyebrows. It’s better to tell if you have any concerns.” The god carving flapped its wings and said.

The woman showed a faint bitter smile, but instead she laughed at herself.

These days, she has been very depressed, and now she finally has someone to talk to, even if it’s just two Monster Beasts.

At the moment, the woman opened the mouth and said: “If you want to marry a man, that man is perfect in every aspect, but he is using you for utilitarian purposes, what about it?”

The divine eagle hearing this said: “Of course it means not marrying.”

“Heh… if it can be so simple.” The woman in apricot dress shook her head slightly.

The handsome man in the azure robe appeared in her mind again.

Obviously perfect, but only use the heart for her.

At this moment, a man in Chinese clothes suddenly came from a distance.

Seeing the man in Chinese clothes, the woman’s beautiful eyes faintly bored.

“Gu Young Lady, I have found you.” The man in Chinese clothes saw the beautiful woman under the peach blossom tree and said with a smile.

Amazing colors also appeared in his eyes.

However, such a woman has long been famous, but he can’t be worried about it.

“What’s the matter?” the woman said coldly.

“Young Master, please go to the gathering.” The man in Chinese clothes said with a light smile.

“Don’t go.” The woman shook her head.

“Oh? Gu Young Lady, my Young Master invited you sincerely, don’t give face.” The man in Chinese clothes showed a joke at the corner of his mouth.

This woman is already a plaything in the palm of his Young Master, and she is still so bad.

“The final result hasn’t been finalized yet, has he already started hosting a celebration banquet?” The woman sneered.

“That result, is there any suspense? My Young Master will definitely come out on top.” The man in Huafu said with confidence.

But at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

“Where is the henchman, don’t disturb the little elder sister, okay?”


Hearing the three words henchman, the man in the Chinese clothes suddenly sank, and followed his reputation.

His gaze fell on the fluffy red bird that was playing with the woman Yu’s hand.

“A talking beast?” The man in Chinese clothes said coldly.

“You human beings, courting death!”

The divine eagle’s feathers were upside down, exploded, and opened his mouth to exhale a fiery flame.

Don’t forget, the god sculpture is now a Monster Beast of Tier 6, which is comparable to human top gods expert.

No matter how strong the man in costume is, he can’t stop the flame of the god carving.

She was shrouded in flames, her hair and eyebrows were scorched, she was embarrassed and her skin turned black.

The man in Chinese clothes screamed.

At this moment, Xiao Hei flashed, as if turned into a black lightning, a monkey fist smashed over, and the man in Chinese clothes screamed, his eyes were black, like panda eyes.

In the end, the man was knocked to the ground, battered and exhausted, with blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, and his clothes all burned to black.

The woman’s hand covered her lips slightly, and she rarely smiled.

She obviously didn’t expect that these two cute pets still have such strength.

“Damn, you two beasts, don’t let me run into it next time!”

The man in Chinese clothes got up and fled in embarrassment, still not forgetting to say something cruel.

“Where the mental retardation comes from, this kind of intelligence quotient, presumably the owner’s brain behind it is not much better.” Shendiao Jijigu gu said.

The woman hearing this, but laughed, the jade face is blooming like a flower.

“Don’t worry, little elder sister, my Young Master may be able to relieve your predicament.” The god carving patted his chest.

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