Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1329

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“Your home Young Master?”

The woman raised her eyebrows slightly, surprise in her beautiful eyes.

She has seen the strength of Shen Diao and Xiao Hei.

What kind of existence is the Young Master behind them.

But when I think of the young man who is likely to win less Sect Lord’s Position, and the young man married to him, the woman still shook the head slightly.

“Many thanks to you, but Young Master in your mouth cannot help me.”

The woman shook her head, her name was Gu Xiangling.

And the young man who is about to win Sect Lord’s Position and marry her.

It is Heaven’s Chosen Child of Nangong Family, Divine Weapon Young Master, one of ten First Young Masters, and Nangong Jue Cloud.

In Gu Xiang spiritual eyes, looking at Southern Heaven Domain, how many people are qualified to compete with Nangong Jue Yun?

Let alone forging, Nangong Jue Yun is even more of an evildoer.

As a god Refiner Sect Sect Master’s daughter, she has been fascinated since childhood, forging innate talent out of the ordinary, but in front of Nangong Jue Yun, she still has no choice but to bow down.

Therefore, Gu Xiangling should be pure comfort to the gods.

“Hey, little elder sister, I don’t believe it. My Young Master is very difficult to deal with, eh…Southern Heaven Domain probably doesn’t have many young supreme talents, able to show off in front of him.” Shendiao tsk tsk said.

“Heh…really, many thanks to your heart, but really no need, the Young Master behind your house is impossible to deal with him.” Gu Xiangling still shook his head.

She instinctively thinks that the god sculpture is boasting.

The Young Master behind this sculpture may be a big Aristocratic Family, or a genius from a big dynasty.

But even so, it is still far from being compared with Nangong Jue Cloud and has no comparability at all.

“All right, but I still have to remind the little elder sister that my Young Master is really difficult to deal with.” Shen Diao slapped his lips.

Injured Emperor Haotian severely, slaughter all sides in the Saint Sovereign world, beheaded Gu Shaoyang, strongly named one of the ten First Young Masters, and became Sword Young Master.

Southern Heaven Domain There should not be many Heaven’s Chosen like this.

“I’m understood.” Gu Xiangling smiled helplessly.

How can I explain to this little bird that not everyone is qualified to provoke her marriage partner.

On the other side, Ye Guchen also came to Tiangongdao after some inquiries.

Looking around, Tiangongdao is a huge building.

Ye Guchen walked straight in. At the door, there was an outer sect female disciple and slender figure of a god Refiner Sect, with a nice face, and he was napping on the table at the moment.

Because Tiangongdao can come to challenge at any time, there will be no skyrocketing flow of people.

Therefore, Tiangongdao is quite deserted in many cases.

In addition, the gaze of Tiangongcheng recently has gathered on the selection of the god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master.

So at this time there are even fewer people who come to the Tiangongdao trial.

“Dare to ask the girl, how should we go this day?” Ye Guchen said calmly.

The dozing female disciple opened her sleepy eyes and frowned when she saw Ye Guchen’s young face.

“It’s another stunner who wants to try one’s luck.” The female disciple muttered to herself, appearing to have several points of impatience.

After all, she sees a lot of youngsters like this.

All come to Tiangongdao to try one’s luck.

Good luck, if you become a 2-star Forging Master, you can join the god Refiner Sect and become Outer Sect’s disciple.

But in most cases, many people can’t even reach one star.

“To enter Tiangong Dao, you need to pay 10000 Tian Jing. There are 3 levels in Tiangong Dao, and each level has a rating. Finally, if you reach the 2-star standard, you will automatically give the god Refiner Sect a 2-star Forging Master order. Cards.” said female disciple.

“Can 2 stars become Outer Sect’s disciple, what about 3 stars?” Ye Guchen asked.

“3 Star Forging Master is Inner Sect Disciple.” female disciple frowns saying.

“What if you get 4 Star, or 5 Star?” Ye Guchen continued to ask.

The female disciple raised her brows, and finally couldn’t hide the impatientness on her face. She icily said, “I said, can you not be so aiming too high?”

“Be down-to-earth, obediently and honestly, isn’t it good to get through the barriers?”

“Do you think you are Divine Weapon Young Master, Nangong Jue Yun? He used to break into heaven, but he directly got the 5 Star Forging Master token, and now he doesn’t know where his strength is. Why don’t you go with him? What about taking a 5 Star Forging Master token?”

The female disciple didn’t conceal it completely, her attitude was very impatient.

There are always people with these overestimate one’s capabilities.

Not much skill, but the heart is higher than the sky.

Ye Guchen’s face also became slightly cold.

The origin ring flashed between his fingers, and he threw off the 10000 Celestial Crystal and stepped directly into the Heavenly Path.

“Che, another person whose self-esteem has been punctured, do you really think anyone can be Nangong Young Master?”

When I think of Nangong Jue cloud, the female disciple’s eyes shine brightly.

He can be described as the longing of many girls.

Family background, background, appearance, identity, Martial Dao, Qi Dao, almost impeccable.

When she was a female disciple, she suddenly reacted.

“Oops, I forgot to register that person’s information record, but forget it, so young, I shouldn’t even be able to reach a 2-star Forging Master.” The female disciple thought for a while, shook his head slightly, and still didn’t ask.

On Ye Guchen’s side, he has stepped into Tiangong Dao.

Tiangong Road is divided into 3 levels.

The first test is to test the basic qualities of a Forging Master and the number of forgings.

In front of Ye Guchen, a piece of silver metal the size of a boulder appeared.

This silver metal is extremely difficult to forge.

Ordinary metals may have the effect of hammering, this kind of metal requires at least 3 hits.

However, as the number of hammer forging increases, its volume will gradually decrease.

“The number of forging is the basic skill, I don’t know how many 10000 forging I can now.” Ye Guchen thought to himself.

In his origin ring, he has already prepared a top grade Divine Weapon Level casting hammer.

Next, Ye Guchen started fast forging.

The silver metal, almost at a speed visible to naked eye, slowly shrinks.

The number of hammer forging has also skyrocketed like a blowout.

The time limit for this first test is one day.

Twelve hours of forging is obviously a test of endurance for the Forging Master.

But this did not have much impact on Ye Guchen.

The body of the ancient gods plus the impervious gods, the chaotic Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčConsciousness.

Regardless of fleshly body, True Qi, or spirit, they are all in Peak state.

In the end, the number of hammer forgings by Ye Guchen had a breakthrough of 1,000,000 forgings.

“It’s only 1,000,000, and it’s far from reaching my limit.” Ye Guchen shook his head slightly.

Because there is only one day, if you give him a few more days, this number will be even more terrifying.

After all, Ye Guchen was able to forge 200,000 very early.

Now 1,000,000 forging is really nothing.

Next, Ye Guchen went directly to Second Level.

As for the final result, the result will be given only after passing 3 levels.

The test of Second Level is to control fire.

What Ye Guchen faced was a fiery purgatory.

Among them, there are ten Fire Dragons tumbling up and down.

Each Fire Dragon is a combination of a different Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

The test of this level is the forge’s control and mastery of the flame.


In Ye Guchen’s eyes, two black flames rose up.

Extinguish the Heart Demon flame, come out with sacrifice!

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