Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1332

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Thinking of this possibility, Yang Qi trembled all over, and he had no Dharma Idol letter.

“Yes, if not surprising, it should be Ye Guchen.” Duan Tianfeng smiled triumphantly.

To be honest, Du Tianfeng himself was shocked when he heard the news.

In his expectation, Ye Guchen can become a 4 Star Forging Master.

Because Ye Guchen’s main energy is still focused on cultivation.

In the forging process, it is already very rare to be able to keep from stepping back.

However, Duan Tianfeng still underestimated Ye Guchen’s innate talent in forging.

At this age, he has become a 6-star Forging Master. It is conceivable that Ye Guchen will surely be able to surpass the master in the future and surpass his Master.

“It turned out to be so.” Yang Qi suppressed the shock in his heart, and did not come back to his senses for a long while.

But after thinking about it carefully, apart from Ye Guchen, there seems to be no other possibility.

“Duan Tianfeng, you have accepted a good discipline.” Yang Qi sighed at the unable to bear.

It can be said that their god Refiner Sect has captured most of Southern Heaven Domain’s forging geniuses.

But no one can reach the same height as Ye Guchen at this age.

“But it’s not too early to be happy. Tiangongdao can only roughly evaluate a Forging Master level, but it can’t represent everything.” Yang Qi said after thinking about it.

Duan Tianfeng is also slightly nodded.

This is true, Tiangongdao only tests the Forging Master in 3 main levels.

But the real forging is extremely complicated and involves all aspects.

Although Ye Guchen has performed well in Tiangongdao, no one knows how strong the actual forging ability is.

“In addition, Nangong Jue Yun had already broken through Tiangong Dao a long time ago and obtained the 5 Star Forging Master token. The current forging strength is only high and not low.” Yang Qi continued.

“What you said is correct, but I still believe him and will not let me down.” Duan Tianfeng said confidently.

“I hope so, after all, I am not willing to let the god Refiner Sect become the puppet of the Nangong Family and Xiao Gongzu.” Yang Qi sighed.

He is still not sure about Ye Guchen’s forging strength, but he can pass Tiangong Dao smoothly and has been evaluated by the 6-star Forging Master.

It stands to reason that no matter how low the real level is, it will not be lower than the 5 Star level.

In this way, it is on the same Rank 1 level as Song Fei dust.

“If Ye Guchen is added, we have at least 2 5 Star Forging Masters here, hoping to block the Nangong Jue cloud.” Yang Qi said.


The next day, Ye Guchen and Shen Diao Xiaohei left the Inn.

There are still 7-8 days left for the selection of Refiner Sect Young Sect Master.

Ye Guchen is also going to take advantage of this gap to take a look at the Tiangong City trading area.

Tiangong City is the largest Forging Master city in Southern Heaven Domain, and its trading area is also quite famous.

There are countless uncommon and rare top grade treasures.

Some Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, which are hard to find in other places, are also common trading items in the trading area.

But for a long time, Ye Guchen came to the Tiangong City trading area.

In the trading area, the flow of people is one after another, and it is extremely lively.

On the 2nd side of the street, there are all kinds of shouting and selling.

“Don’t miss it when you pass by. The rare materials are sold at a big sale. It only takes 1000 Celestials!”

“Take a look, take a look, the Divine Weapon Level casting hammer is a must for your forge casting, home travel, and murder!”

“Brother, are you still worried about not finding a suitable Heaven and Earth Strange Fire? I have a mysterious Heaven and Earth Strange Fire map. With it, you can easily find Heaven and Earth Strange Fire! “

Looking at the noisy and smoky trading area, Ye Guchen also smiled slightly.

Most of these transactions are very unreliable, in order to make money by fooling people.

However, with Ye Guchen’s vision, he would naturally not be deceived.

He is also paying attention to Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, but he has explored several times.

Most of the so-called Heaven and Earth Strange Fire are camouflaged by Monster Beast fire. Even if there are a small part of the real Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, the quality of formidable power is not as good as that of Heart Demon Fire, and the price is not low. , Ye Guchen naturally looks down on him.

“Heaven and Earth Strange Fire is so rare, and the quality of the Heart Demon Flame is considered to be superior. It is indeed not possible to find a higher quality flame in 10-15 days.” Ye Guchen shook his head slightly.

It seems that it is impossible to find Heaven and Earth Strange Fire with higher quality and stronger formidable power before choosing Young Sect Master.

Ye Guchen stepped back and started looking for some top grade treasures.

As for the sacred materials, Ye Guchen wanted to find it, but it was obviously not that simple.

Even if 10000 points are lucky, you can find it.

The value of that sacred material must also be sky-high, and Ye Guchen is absolutely impossible to get.

After searching, Ye Guchen also found some top grade treasures.

At this time, an extremely magnificent building in front of it attracted Ye Guchen’s attention.

That building, gold and jade in glorious splendour, has a terrifying flow of people, and there are many onlookers.

Ye Guchen was curious, and approached a young man to ask.

The man squinted at Ye Guchen and said, “This is the first time you come to Tiangong City?”

“Indeed.” Ye Guchen nodded.

“This place is called Myriad Treasures Square. It is a place for cutting stones.” the young man said.

“Cut the stone?” Ye Guchen was slightly confused.

The young man said with a smile: “You laymen don’t know, many top grade treasures are enclosed in some stones. Only when they are cut can they be determined. When they are not cut, everything is unknown.”

“Myriad Treasures Square is the largest stone gathering place in Tiangong City. Someone has cut out sacred materials here, and some people have cut out a ball of Heaven and Earth Strange Fire. Do you think it is amazing?”

The young man tsk tsk exclaimed.

“So that’s how it is, there is this kind of business.” Ye Guchen suddenly.

“However, as someone who comes here, I advise you to watch the excitement. After all, every piece of stone is expensive, starting with a minimum of 100000 Celestial Crystals, but in the end, it may be a pile of scraps, and one Celestial Crystal is not worth it. “The young man sighed.

Ye Guchen pupil light flashed, and he understood it.

This cut stone is also very try one’s luck, and accidentally may lose everything.

“I think I used to have 1000000 Celestial Crystals in my body, until I met the stone-cutting, young man, listen to my persuasion, it is enough to have eye addiction, 10000000 don’t touch it.” The young man said earnestly.

“Many thanks.” Ye Guchen was slightly nodded, and then walked straight into the Myriad Treasures square.

“Hey, is this not persuasive?”

Seeing that Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate to enter the Myriad Treasures Square, the young man called out.

He was still preaching earnestly, but the boy didn’t listen at all.

“Well, I want to see how many games you can afford to lose.” The young man thought to himself, and followed him.

When he bought ten stones, he lost his money.

With the appearance of this young boy stunned, he should be able to lose for a long time without leaving his pants, right?

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