Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1333

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Inside Myriad Treasures, there is a rush of people and a hot atmosphere.

There are four high platforms scattered around.

Those who want to cut the stone only need to spend money to buy the stone, and then it can be sent to the high platform, there is a special stone cutter Master to cut it and judge the value.

And around the high platform, densely packed stands were full of crowds watching the excitement.

When some treasures are cut out, all around will sound a lot of shock and admiration.

However, when overwhelming majority, those stone cutters are all lost.

After all, if those treasures are so easy to cut out, why would Myriad Treasures still cut the stones for others?

“This Young Master is very eye-catching. Is it the first time to come to Myriad Treasures?”

As soon as Ye Guchen stepped on the front foot, there was a beautiful, exposed-clothed maid on the back foot and asked in a soft tone.

“It’s so big, no, I’m dizzy…” The divine eagle covered his eyes with his wings, but his small wretched eyes glanced between the feathers.

The maid didn’t care, and instead said with a smile: “Young Master, your beast pet is really funny.”

“Take me to see the stone.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

The maid hearing this, pupil light flashed: “Young Master, please come with Cai’er.”

Cai’er had a charming smile on her face, but she was happy in her heart.

“Another big fish has taken the bait. It looks very handsome and temperamental. It should be a great Aristocratic Family or Heaven’s Chosen from top dynasty.” Cai’er was very pleased in one’s mind.

These maids can get a commission for every stone sold.

So they also like these generous and generous Heaven’s Chosen Young Masters.

Even though Ye Guchen didn’t look gorgeous in a mysterious robe, his distinctive temperament could not be concealed.

Seeing Ye Guchen following Cai’er, the young man who followed up shook his head and said, “Hey, the 1st Step into the abyss…”

After a while, Ye Guchen came to the area where the stones were placed.

Cai’er introduced it graciously.

“The price of stone varies according to its size and appearance, but the cheapest stone also requires 100000 Celestials.”

Cai’er explained, while secretly looking at Ye Guchen.

If you are the one who is not bad for money, what expression does It shouldn’t be when hearing 100000 Tianjing?

Sure enough, Ye Guchen had no sense of the price, just looked at the stones.

He has accumulated a huge amount of celestial crystals all the way to the present, coupled with the outstanding performance in the Saint Sovereign world, sword dynasty has given Ye Guchen a generous reward.

He currently has more than 5000 10000 crystals in the origin ring.

This is already a huge sum of money, and Heaven’s Chosen, a general Overlord level force, is just that number.

So Ye Guchen is not bad for money.

“These stones, from the outside, don’t look much different, no wonder try one’s luck.” Ye Guchen muttered to himself.

“Young Master, do you want to try cutting a piece first?” Cai’er cautiously probed.

Ye Guchen faintly nodded and said: “Give me ten yuan first.”

“Ok…ah, what, ten yuan?” Cai’er was instinctively nodded.

But at the next moment, her face was slightly sluggish, and surprises flashed in her beautiful eyes.

“Sure enough, I met Gao Fu and handsome…” Cai’er was secretly excited.

She doesn’t know that the young man in front of him is Ye Guchen, the Sword Young Master who has been raging in Southern Heaven Domain recently.

After all, although many people know Ye Guchen’s name, there are only so many people who have actually met him.

Soon, Ye Guchen selected ten stones and sent them to the high platform.

An old Master started to cut stones.

The young man was also fiercely shocked by Ye Guchen’s handwriting.

But he still shook his head and said: “It’s useless, stone cutting is Bottomless Abyss, not to mention 1,000,000 celestial crystals, 5,000,000 celestial crystals, they will all be lost.

Sure enough, ten stones were cut open soon, and 7 of them were waste materials.

The remaining 3 pieces are some high-quality metal treasures, not even the top grade treasures.

Together, the total value is only a dozen or so 10000 Celestial Crystals.

Obviously this time, Ye Guchen suffered a big loss.

But Ye Guchen didn’t care. The trifling of 1,000,000 Tianjing was nothing but a small amount of money.

Instead, the young man stepped forward to Pats Ye Guchen’s shoulder and said, “Listen to me, buddy, stop.”

When Cai’er saw this, she squeezed the young man away, her slim and hot body pressed against Ye Guchen and said, “Young Master, don’t listen to him, maybe you can cut out the sacred material next.”

Cai’er’s words naturally wanted to fool Ye Guchen.

As for cutting out sacred materials, the probability is lower than that of a heaven and earth Strange Fire falling from the sky.

Ye Guchen faintly smiled and said: “You are right, maybe I have that kind of luck?”

“What Young Master said!” Cai’er said with a beautiful smile, but she was secretly smiling in her heart.

This handsome Young Master is quite foolish.

“Hey, count me as cheap, I don’t listen to good people, and I suffer!” The young man flicked his sleeves and stopped trying to persuade Ye Guchen.

Next, Ye Guchen continued to select stones.

But this time, he was standing motionless in front of the stone.

When Cai’er saw this, she seemed to have thought of something, lightly said with a smile: “Young Master wants to penetrate the rock with Soul Power to investigate?”

“Yes.” Ye Guchen said without shy.

“That will disappoint Young Master. These stones have been buried in the ground for countless years. The surface has undergone various special compressions. Soul Power is difficult to penetrate. You can only know if you cut it.” Cai’er explained.

However, Ye Guchen hearing this, there was a strange color in his eyes.

Because he discovered that his Soul Power had begun to slowly penetrate into the stone.

“This…don’t tell me because my Sea of ​​Consciousness, which is different from ordinary people, is chaotic Sea of ​​Consciousness?” Ye Guchen was surprised.

His Soul Power is not ordinary Soul Power, but Chaos Soul Power.

Ye Guchen didn’t expect that his Chaos Soul Power could penetrate the stone.

The only thought in Ye Guchen’s mind right now is.

Cut all precious stones.

Seeing Ye Guchen’s face looked shocked and motionless, Cai’er thought Ye Guchen was disappointed.

“I want this piece, and this piece…”

Ye Guchen picked 5 more.

After the incision, the flickering light attracted the attention of many people.

“Hey, these 5 pieces are not waste materials?”

“Yes, three of them are treasure materials, and two of them are top grade treasure materials. This Young Master is lucky.”

Those shining treasures made the surrounding crowd bursts of wonder.

“Damn it, don’t tell me this kid really transferred?” The young man was also stared wide-eyed and couldn’t believe it.

“Young Master is really lucky…” Cai’er was also taken aback, and then smiled.

To be honest, she was taken aback.

“Hehe, just a little luck.” Ye Guchen smiled.

He is just a Small Scale Chopper, and then it’s time to show off his skills.

And just when Ye Guchen was about to look for more precious stones.

At the gate of Myriad Treasures, there were bursts of exclamation.

One man and one woman, two figures stepped in slowly.

“It’s Gu Xiangling Young Lady of Refiner Sect, and the genius Forging Master, Song Fei Chen!”

Surprised comments came from the crowd.

“Hey, that pretty little elder sister!”

Ye Guchen’s shoulders, the god carved out a voice.

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