Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1335

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Gu Xiangling was hearing this, her eyebrows raised slightly, and everyone else looked surprised.

The voice is Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen spoke because his Chaos Soul Power sensed that none of the 5 stones Gu Xiangling chose had treasures.

Gu Xiangling is impressive, but it’s not bad.

Although it is the Sect Master’s daughter, it does not have the arrogance and arrogance of the ordinary Heaven’s Proud Daughter, but rather introverted and reserved, with a friendly attitude.

After adding Ye Guchen, he is destined to join the Young Sect Master battle.

Therefore, first pulling Gu Xiangling’s favorability is also considered as preparation for later.

After all, Ye Guchen didn’t think that God Refiner Sect would accept himself so easily.

Under various considerations, Ye Guchen just spoke.

“Oh, what does Young Master mean?” Gu Xiangling asked.

According to her experience in cutting stones, these 5 stones, not to mention what treasures are cut out, at least it shouldn’t be lost.

And this is not her choice, Song Fei Chen is also giving her advice.

“I just think that maybe you have a better choice, such as a few pieces over there.”

Ye Guchen pointed his finger to another place, where a few plain stones were piled up.

Ye Guchen’s Chaos Soul Power can be sensed, including top grade treasures.

Of course, the more rare stone fluctuations can also be sensed by Ye Guchen.

But that is what Ye Guchen wants to cut, so naturally it is impossible to point it out.

Ye Guchen’s words caused everyone around him to be shocked and his face freezes.

“Is that kid a little bit swollen, and the Young Lady who points to the god Refiner Sect is here.”

“Gu Young Lady and Song Fei Chen are both regular customers of Myriad Treasures. On the contrary, it is him, who seems to be a strange face, and he saw it for the first time.”

There was a lot of discussion around.

It was Cai’er, the maid on the side, with a pale face and said, “Young Master, you may not need to be nosy, Gu Young Lady are veterans.”

Ye Guchen shook his head slightly with a meaningless expression on his face.

He just mentioned it casually.

If Gu Xiangling is unwilling, then forget it.

At this moment, Song Fei’s Chen Meiyu was a little gloomy, and he stood up and said, “This brother, it must be your first time in Tiangong City?”

“Yes.” Ye Guchen was nodded truthfully.

“In that case, you should be cutting a stone for the first time, but do you know how many times Xiangling and I have cut a stone?”

“If you just want to use this to attract Xiang Ling’s attention, then you don’t need to use this little trick.”

“Because no one knows stone cutting better than me!” Song Fei Chen said proudly.

His words have aroused the appreciation of many people.

It’s really disgusting for the layman to point the insider.

Facing Song Fei’s giving tit for tat, Ye Guchen doesn’t care.

He was not the one who lost.

“Xiang Ling, ignore him, he just wants to draw your attention with this, let’s cut the stone.” Song Fei said with a smile gently.

Gu Xiangling hesitated slightly, but he was still nodded after all.

She has no hatred for Ye Guchen.

But it is true that you will not rashly think that Ye Guchen’s words are right.

After all, Ye Guchen is indeed a layman.

“Old Master, cut the stone.” Gu Xiangling said.

An old Master walked up to the high platform and began to cut the stone.

After the first piece was cut, there was no rays of light emitted, it was a complete waste.

Gu Xiangling’s face condensed slightly.

Song Fei Chen is also slightly embarrassed, but it’s still natural.

It couldn’t be more normal to cut out scraps.

“It’s okay, Xiang Ling, this time I have bad luck, and there are still 4 chances. I will definitely be able to cut something good.” Song Fei dusted comforted.

However, after the second piece was cut, it was still a piece of waste.

At this moment, the surrounding people who sneered at Ye Guchen were also quiet now.

“It’s okay, there are three more…” Song Fei’s mouth twitched slightly.

The third piece was cut open, but still nothing.

The 4th piece is cut open, dull and dull.

Finally, the fifth piece is cut, and there are only some finely divided treasures, which is better than nothing.

At this time, Song Fei’s face was completely overwhelmed, and it was a bit ugly.

Among these 5 pieces, 3 pieces were chosen by him, and it turned out that he had lost everything.

Gu Xiangling also frowned. He didn’t expect that luck would be so bad.

Suddenly, her beautiful eyes flashed, she turned to looked towards Ye Guchen and asked: “Could the Young Master guess that these 5 stones are actually waste?”

Gu Xiangling’s words made everyone in the audience prick their ears and looked at Ye Guchen with surprise.

If Ye Guchen could see it, it would be a little scary.

Ye Guchen faintly smiled and said: “I guessed too.”

He naturally impossible to reveal the Chaos Soul Power.

when the time comes If Myriad Treasures knows that he can see through the stone, will he still let him cut the stone?

Gu Xiangling blinked.

She naturally did not believe Ye Guchen’s words in her heart.

“Then Young Master thinks that these stones might have treasures?” Gu Xiang spirit jade pointed to the stones that Ye Guchen had just pointed out.

“It’s also a guess, don’t take it seriously.” Ye Guchen shook his head casually.

Gu Xiangling bit her lip and said, “I want these 3 stones.”

“Xiang Ling, how can you listen to him? When the time comes, it is waste again. Don’t tell me to make him pay?” Song Fei Chen complexion changed.

“These 3 stones don’t need to be paid by Senior Brother Song.” Gu Xiangling said indifferently.

Seeing that Gu Xiangling believed in Ye Guchen so much, Song Fei Chen’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

“Hmph, I just didn’t have any luck for a while. If this stunned green can pick a good stone, there will be ghosts.” Song Fei was scornful, his face full of disbelief.

“Trouble the Master to cut the stone.” Gu Xiangling said.

An old Master came to the stage and started cutting stones.

When the first piece was cut, a strong silver rays of light spread out, accompanied by a little bit of star light, which seemed quite mysterious.

“What rays of light is that?”

“It’s a top grade treasure, Morningstar Iron!”

There was a sound of astonishment around.

Chenxing Iron is a rare treasure.

And inside this stone, there is actually a piece of fist sized Morning Star Iron.

In terms of value, it is enough to sell 40-50 10000 Tianjing.

Already 4 to 5 times the cost of this stone.

“Really walked the lucky dog ​​excrement…” Song Fei’s nose was coldly snorted and said.

However, when the second stone was cut out, a more intense green rays of light spread out.

“Then don’t tell me, the emerald heart is one of the excellent materials for forging Divine Weapon!”

There is another kind of rare treasure exposed in front of everyone.

Gu Xiang spirit jade looks surprised.

If the first stone is good luck.

Then the second stone, also cut out the treasure, don’t tell me is luck?

“It’s no more than 3, the last piece.” Gu Xiangling murmured.

When the old Master cut the last piece of material, it seemed that a lightning glow spread out.

A piece of light blue metal appeared in the eyes of everyone.

All of them took a breath of cold madness, and their eyes were filled with passion and shock.

“This don’t tell me is, Heaven Tribulation Blue Gold!”

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