Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1336

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Looking at the stone, the light blue metal faintly entwined with the lightning glow.

In the entire Myriad Treasures shop, everyone’s eyes widened, and their eyeballs were almost protruding!

Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold, that is a rare sacred material!

This material not only has the Thunder Attribute itself, but also has strong electrical resistance properties.

Even the power of Heavenly Tribulation Lightning can resist.

It is rumored that a bit of Divine Weapon, if it is mixed with a little blue gold, it is very likely to withstand 100 Thunder Tribulation and turn into 100 Divine Weapon.

And if the volume is large, it can withstand 1000 times, 10000 times of Thunder Tribulation, which will turn Divine Weapon into 10000 Divine Weapon.

It can be said that this is the sacred material that almost all Forging Masters get yearn for something even in dreams.

Everyone was dumbfounded, their eyes were red, and their breathing was heavy.

If it weren’t for this place in Myriad Treasures, the stone-cutting person was the god Refiner Sect Eldest Young Lady, and they even had the mind to grab it.

“It doesn’t feel right, Heaven Tribulation Blue Gold is deep blue, but this metal is shallow blue?”

Suddenly, someone questioned.

At this time, many people also calmed their minds and investigated them carefully.

“Yes, this metal should be close to the blue gold of the tribulation, so it is contaminated with the attribute of the blue gold of the tribulation, not the real blue gold of the tribulation.” An experienced old Forging Master shook the head, slightly regretful. .

“So that’s how it is, I said.”

“That’s it, if you cut out the real blue gold of Heavenly Tribulation, then hell.”

Many people put out a breath deeply.

Song Fei Chen also wiped the sweat from his forehead.

If he really cut out the blue gold of Heavenly Tribulation, he would be shocked.

“But even if this thing is not really the blue gold of the sky, but it is contaminated with the breath attribute, it can be regarded as the top grade in the top grade.”

“Yes, the value of this product is far beyond the average Top Grade Material.” Some people said with envy.

Rao was Gu Xiangling himself, and he was dumbfounded for a long time before he came back to his senses.

Immediately, she stared at Ye Guchen with beautiful eyes.

Cutting stones is the only hobby of Gu Xiangling.

And now, she can be sure that Ye Guchen must have an unknown identification method.

One or two times is fine, but the treasure is cut out three times, which is a bit unusual.

Not only Gu Xiangling, but the others also reacted, all looking at Ye Guchen with surprise.

don’t tell me This boy who looks like a layman is really playing the pig to eat the tiger?

“It seems that Xiang spiritual eyes are clumsy, and there are eyes but no expert.” Gu Xiangling lightly said with a smile.

“I’m not an expert, luck is all luck.” Ye Guchen waved his hand.

“Hmph…” Song Fei Chen’s face was alternately blue and white, looking very awkward and ashamed and unable to show one’s face.

He just said that no one knows stone cutting better than him.

Now this result is simply hitting him in the face naked.

“I’m going to choose the stone.” Ye Guchen said to the maid beside Cai’er.

“Oh…oh, okay.” Cai’er was stunned, and came back to his senses.

The corner of her eye also looked at Ye Guchen in secret.

If this is really luck, then it would be too mysterious.

“Do you have anything more expensive?” Ye Guchen asked.

Of these more than 10000 and a few 100000 celestial stones, at most there are only some top grade treasures.

Ye Guchen is not satisfied with this.

“Yes, it’s just the price…” Cai’er hesitated.

The price is really not acceptable to most people.

“Lead the way.” Ye Guchen said simply.


Seeing Ye Guchen’s attitude, Cai’er was also nodded, and was ecstatic.

She took Ye Guchen to the VIP area behind the Myriad Treasures Square.

Gu Xiangling hearing this, also beautiful eyes flashed, followed.

Song Fei dust naturally followed suit.

And the young man at first, along with other people watching the visitors, followed in a swarm.

They all wanted to know what Ye Guchen really did, or it was just luck.

In the VIP area of ​​Myriad Treasures Square, the stone material is obviously much less.

But every piece is very huge and taller than a person.

The tallest is like a small hill.

“The stones here are all selected, and there may be rare stones hidden, but the price is also impossible as before, generally starting with 5,000,000 Celestial Crystals.” Cai’er explained.

Most of the stones placed outside start at 100000.

The stone here starts at 5,000,000.

The price gap can be imagined.

However, Ye Guchen’s eyes are dark and shiny.

Although there are not many stones in it, the vague atmosphere is indeed much stronger than the outside.

His eyes flashed and locked a piece of stone.

“This stone, how many heavenly crystals.” Ye Guchen asked casually.

“This stone is worth 10,000,000 Celestial Crystal.” Caier cautiously said.

10,000,000 Celestial Crystal, this is not something anyone can take out casually.

Even if Song Fei Chen is the god Refiner Sect First Senior Brother, he almost empties his family property if he wants to take out 10,000,000 Tianjing.

“10,000,000 Celestial Crystal, tsk tsk, how long has it been since the Myriad Treasures shop has opened 10,000,000 Celestial Stones.” Many onlookers exclaimed.

“Just this one, I want it.” Ye Guchen said casually.

The tone, attitude, and very plain.

It seemed that what was taken out was not 10,000,000 Celestial Crystals, but a pile of stones.

“Well, Young Master, you still need to show the Sky Crystal Proof first.” Cai’er’s breathing was hurried.

10,000,000 Tianjing, she can draw a generous commission!

Ye Guchen flashed the origin ring between his fingers and took out a crystal card.

This kind of crystal card has a denomination of 10,000,000 and it stores 10,000,000 Celestial Crystals.

“Oh my God, take out 10,000,000 Sky Crystals casually?”

“Where did this boy come from?”

Everyone took a deep breath.

Song Fei Chen’s expression is also very unnatural, with a look of surprise across his face.

Gu Xiangling was even more shocked.

She remembered what the god carving said before, that his Young Master is very difficult to deal with, and she can definitely help herself.

“Is it possible that, it’s not boasting?” Gu Xiangling couldn’t help thinking in her heart.

And here, there are already several stone-cutting masters who have begun to prepare stone-cutting.

When the stone was gradually cut open, everyone felt it, a terrifying Thunder Strength, as if it was about to spread out.

“Hurry up, start the array!” an old Master complexion changed.

Generally speaking, this kind of situation is representative, and the things cut out are definitely not ordinary.

Above the ground, golden runes flowed round and round, and an array of suppressing force spread out.

The terrifying Thunder Strength was suppressed.

Several stone-cutting masters had lingering fears, and they cut the stone completely.

However, when the stone was cut open, a piece of deep blue metal the size of a human head came into view.

This piece of deep blue metal has lightning-like patterns on the surface, and there are also thunder glow wires spreading around it.

If it were not for array suppression, that Thunder Strength would surely destroy the entire Myriad Treasures shop.

“This… this is…”

After seeing this piece of deep blue metal, the audience was absolutely silenced, except for a heavy gasp.

Those red eyes stared at the blue metal.

Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold!

The real tribulation blue gold!

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