Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1337

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Everyone stared at the deep blue metal the size of a human head with red eyes.

Lightning patterns are printed on the surface, and it seems that there are faint electric sparks shooting around.

Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold!

no doubt!

Even those old Forging Master fathers can be sure after careful observation.

This is definitely the genuine sacred material, Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold, rather than the similar metal cut out by Gu Xiangling before.

“My god, how long has the Myriad Treasures shop not cut out sacred materials?”

“Yes, the last time it was a few years ago, this young man didn’t expect to be able to cut out sacred materials!”

“What a hell!”

The atmosphere of the entire Myriad Treasures shop is as if it has exploded!

Countless inhalations spread across 8 parties!

No one has cut out sacred materials in Myriad Treasures for several years.

They didn’t expect that they would be cut out by a teenager.

Cai’er, the maid on the side, was dumbfounded, extremely dull.

If the cut out is scrap, Myriad Treasures will naturally make a profit, and her commission will be more.

But now, Ye Guchen has cut out the sacred material, which is a blood loss for Myriad Treasures.

Not to mention she got a commission, it would be nice if she could not be punished.

“This this……”

The young man who introduced the Myriad Treasures to Ye Guchen at first, is still standing in place like a petrified person.

He just thought that Ye Guchen had stepped into the abyss and would soon lose his fortune.

The result is now.

This piece of Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold is estimated to be worth 10000000 million Celestial Crystals, and there is still no market for it.

At this moment, the young man regretted it very much. He had already hugged his thigh in advance.

And Gu Xiangling, beautiful eyes are also blooming with unprecedented brilliance.

Until now, if Ye Guchen hasn’t guessed that there is a special way, then she is stupid.

As for the Song Fei dust, it was as if was struck by lightning, completely frozen in place.

His brain is Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!, it feels like a hammer is constantly smashing his head.

“What the fuck…” Song Fei Chen squeezed his fist, his face alternated with blue and purple.

He admitted that he was sour.

That’s sacred material, and it is priceless for Forging Master.

And the movement here obviously alarmed the senior management of Myriad Treasures.

But for a moment, a soft and charming female voice came.

“Oh, didn’t expect another stone cutter expert came to Myriad Treasures. I wonder if I can pass on the experience to others?”

Along with this voice, a red dressed woman with an enchanting figure walked out from the depths of Myriad Treasures.

Seeing the red dressed woman and some male martial artists present, the apples were rolling, and the unable to bear swallowed.

The red dressed woman has a charming and pretty face, and her skin is white, especially her domineering figure.

The towering peaks trembled up and down with the steps, and the eyes of the crowd moved up and down.

“I Di Niang, 2 papaya!” Shen Diao said with a pair of small wings covering his pointed beak, surprised.

“Sister Xuan…” The maid Cai’er hurriedly said.

This plump red dressed woman is the Chief-In-Charge of Myriad Treasures, Liu Xuan.

At this moment, Liu Xuan’s bright and intelligent eyes stared at Ye Guchen, with a charming smile on her face, but her eyes were full of scrutiny and solemnity.

People like Ye Guchen are not welcome to their Myriad Treasures shop.

What Myriad Treasures needs is a local tyrant who constantly cuts out scraps, not a veteran who cuts out treasures like Ye Guchen.

“I came to Myriad Treasures for the first time, not at all experience, just luck.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

He is absolutely impossible to reveal the Chaos Soul Power.

“Oh, really, but people don’t believe it.”

As soon as Liu Xuan moved, she landed in front of Ye Guchen.

A slightly charming face approached Ye Guchen, a burst of fragrant body fragrance came.

A group of men around are very envious.

Myriad Treasures Fang Liu Xuan, but a well-known beauty in Tiangong City, mature charming and coveted.

Ye Guchen raised his eyebrows lightly, his face remained unchanged.

“If you don’t believe it, there’s no way.” Ye Guchen said nothing.

Seeing that Ye Guchen’s expression didn’t fluctuate, Liu Xuan was also surprised.

Isn’t she a mature beauty that is more attractive to some teenagers?

As everyone knows, Ye Guchen’s heart is Sword Demon who has experienced vicissitudes of life.

Trifling Liu Xuan and his ilk could not even make him look sideways.

“If this is the case, then my Myriad Treasures shop is willing to sell 30,000,000 Sky Crystals to purchase this piece of Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold. I wonder if Young Master can agree to it?” Liu Xuan retreated and asked next.

30,000,000 Tianjing, to be honest, the price is not low.

But the sacred material, may come by with luck, but not by searching for it, let alone the metal which can resist the heavenly tribulation blue gold.

“Sorry.” Ye Guchen simply refused.

“Is it really sad to just reject people like this?” Liu Xuan shook her head slightly, with a sad gesture.

This kind of obsession caused a group of male martial artists around to swallow.

Ye Guchen shook his head, simply didn’t care.

This made Gu Xiangling, who was not far away, glanced secretly.

If Ye Guchen is the kind of person who can shake the temptation at will, she will inevitably look down on it.

Just when Ye Guchen wanted to continue to select stones.

Suddenly, an angry shout came out.

“You two beasts are also here?”

Everyone followed the prestige, but when they saw a man in Chinese clothes walking in, they saw the god sculpture and Xiao Hei on Ye Guchen’s shoulder, and their eyes were angry.

This person is exactly the Nangong Family disciple who was brutally abused by Shen Diao and Xiao Hei, Nangong Yuan.

This time, Nangong Yuan was ordered by Nangong Jue Yun to come to Myriad Treasures to buy some treasures.

In addition to cutting stones, Myriad Treasures also offers treasure trading.

Nangong never expected that he would be here and meet two beasts who made him gnashing teeth.

“Damn, really bad luck, I can meet you henchman here.” Shen Diao said.

“You beast, courting death!”

Nangongyuan immediately furious and rushed towards Ye Guchen.

“En?” Ye Guchen’s eyes flashed a sharp cold light.

At this time, Liu Xuan stopped her and said, “Nangong Young Master, this is the Myriad Treasures Square. Please go outside for a fight.”

Nangong couldn’t help but halt, and gave the divine carving a fiercely fiercely. Then his gaze turned towards Ye Guchen, his face coldly said, “You are the master of these two beasts?”

Ye Guchen Leng Mei Yixuan said: “Pay attention to your words!”

A faint coercion pressed towards Nangong far away, causing him to step back several steps.

“You…” Nangong Yuan’s expression was a little surprised.

He just felt a terrifying pressure, as if his heart was about to be shattered.

Wei Wei settled down, Nangong Yuan coldly said: “Since you are the owner of these two Monster Beasts, the responsibility for them hurting me should be placed on you, let’s talk, how should I compensate?”

Nangongyuan wrapped his arms around his chest, staring coldly at Ye Guchen.

“Compensation?” Ye Guchen asked, tilting his head.

“Yes, by the way, I am Nangong Family disciple, please weigh it carefully.” Nangong Yuan said with pride.

“What thing are you, what about Nangong Family?”

Ye Guchen stands with his hands in his hands, his eyes are cold.

For a while, the atmosphere of the entire Myriad Treasures shop seemed to freeze, and it was freezing.

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