Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1338

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Everyone is stared wide-eyed, their expressions are astonished and dazed.

This teenager don’t tell me Don’t know Nangong Family?

Even if you don’t know Nangong Family, since you have come to Tiangong City, you will definitely hear Nangong Jue Yun’s name.

Gu Xiangling’s face changed slightly, and she said to Ye Guchen: “This Young Master, he is the Nangong Family disciple, the person of Nangong Jue Yun.”

Gu Xiangling reminded him that he didn’t want Ye Guchen to provoke Nangong Jue cloud inadvertently.

Although Gu Xiangling has determined that Ye Guchen’s origin is out of the ordinary, he still does not think that he can offend Nangong Jue Yun.

“Of course I know Nangong Jue Yun, but so what?” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

Song Fei, who is not far away, is hearing this, but hehe said with a sneer: “You are really ignorant, do you really think that Nangong Jue Yun can be offended by anyone.”

“What are you doing?” Ye Guchen didn’t even look at Song Fei’s dust.

“You…huh, when the time comes, if it really provokes Nangong Jue Yun, there are times when you cry.” Song Fei Chen coldly said.

And here, Nangongyuan did not expect that Ye Guchen would not be afraid of him at all.

It’s useless to pull out the Nangong Family.

This made Nangong Yuan unable to swallow angrily.

But when it comes to teaching a lesson, Ye Guchen’s that aura did make Nangong Yuan feel a little drummer.

As his eyes rolled, a strategy suddenly flashed through his mind.

“If this plan is successful, I will not only breathe out a bad breath, but also get rich returns.” Nangong Yuan smiled in his heart.

His face was faintly opened the mouth and said: “You are arrogant enough, but you are here to cut the stone at Myriad Treasures.”

“Yes and how?” Ye Guchen asked.

“You can’t use force in Myriad Treasures, but dare you to compete with me?” Nangongyuan had a proud look on his face.

In the Myriad Treasures shop, he has cut a lot of stones and also cut top grade treasures. He thinks he has a good vision.

As for the boy in front of him, he looked so stunned, he probably hadn’t been to Myriad Treasures a few times.

However, when he said this, everyone in the audience looked at him with a strange look.

The Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold cut out by Ye Guchen just now has been carried in by the old Master for division processing, so Nangong Yuan did not at all see it.

“Oh, are you sure?” Ye Guchen’s expression remained unchanged.

“That’s natural, why are you scared?” Nangong Yuan said with a smile triumphantly.

“All right, how to bet?” Ye Guchen said.

Nangong Yuan turned his eyes and said, “Otherwise, if you want to bet, you will bet a big bet. We will buy 3 pieces of stone and cut it. The final cut will be the total value. The higher the price wins.”

“The winner will not only give the opponent the treasures cut out, but also compensate the opponent with 30,000,000 Celestial Crystals.”

This gamble made many people take a breath.

The treasure cut out, plus the bet of 30,000,000, is indeed a big bet.

But many people know that Ye Guchen just took out 10,000,000 Celestial Crystals casually, without blinking his eyes.

“Why, dare you bet, or you can’t get so many Celestial Crystals?” Nangong Yuan said with a smile sarcastically.

However, when he said this, a group of people around him looked at him with foolish eyes.

The divine eagle even covered his mouth and stole said with a smile: “This guy is really stupid…”

“Yes, then bet this with you.” Ye Guchen slightly nodded said.

Nangong Yuan took the initiative to deliver it to the door like this. If he didn’t gamble, he would be too don’t give face.

“I’ll do it first.” Ye Guchen blinked, his gaze swept over the precious stones.

He had already used Chaos Soul Power to sense the fluctuations of those stones.

Now in my heart, ten take 9 is stable.

“This piece, this piece, and this piece.” Ye Guchen pointed out three stones.

“You… do you choose this kind of stone?” Nangong stammered when he saw it, and he couldn’t believe it.

He thought that Ye Guchen would choose at most dozens of 1000000 celestial stones.

But never thought that Ye Guchen would choose such precious stones.

“You have this…” Nangong Yuan just wanted to speak, asking Ye Guchen if he had the money.

Ye Guchen directly threw his hand out and took out 3 crystal cards.

This represents 30,000,000 Tianjing.

“si si ……”

Although Ye Guchen’s arrogance before, has shocked many people.

But now, seeing Ye Guchen threw away 30,000,000 Celestial Crystals, they still couldn’t hide their shock.

“Where does this person come from?”

“You…” Nangongyuan’s face flushed slightly.

“You can choose.” Ye Guchen said.

Nangongyuan blushed like a monkey butt.

As a Nangong Family disciple, he is indeed rich in wealth, but all the family properties are only 10,000,000 Tianjing.

At this moment, Nangong Yuan’s expression was sullen when he saw the eyes of various expressions around him.

He gritted his teeth and said: “I’m also choosing here!”

In addition to Nangong Yuan’s own 10,000,000 family property, Nangong Jue Yun also gave him 20,000,000 Tianjing to purchase various rare materials.

“Anyway, from my perspective, I will definitely be able to beat him, when the time comes both principal and interest, I can earn it back.” Nangong Yuan thought secretly.

If you can’t give up a child, you can’t catch a wolf. He still understands the truth.

Nangong Yuan used his family property, plus the 20,000,000 Tianjing given by Nangong Jue Yun, to make up 30,000,000 and bought 3 expensive stones.

This kind of handwriting made the atmosphere of the entire Myriad Treasures shop boil.

Liu Xuan also had a smile on her face, wishing to make such a gamble several times.

“You go first.” Ye Guchen said calmly.

“Let me first.” Nangong Yuan coldly said, calling the old master who cut the stone.

The array on the ground has been activated to prevent any rare things from being cut out and the fluctuations are too strong.

With the attention of the audience, Nangongyuan’s stone began to cut.

The first piece of stone cut open is an extremely rare black ore.

“Obsidian jade?”

Seeing this ore, some Forging Master said lightly.

This is a very rare treasure. Although it does not reach the level of sacred materials, it is normally in short supply.

But the most important thing is that the amount of obsidian jade in this stone is still very large.

“Hmph, barely make it.” Nangong Yuan hummed.

Then the second stone is also cut, the value is about the same as first.

After the third piece was cut, it was a piece of waste, which made Nangongyuan’s face a little unsightly.

However, even the precious stones are very likely to lose their money, so Nangong could barely accept it.

What he cares most about is Ye Guchen’s results.

“Old Master, cut it open.” Ye Guchen faintly said with a smile, his face very calm.

Several old Masters nodded and began to cut stones.

“Hmph, a stunned person, what good stone can be selected.” Nangong Yuan’s mouth was slightly disdainful.

However, just as this thought in his mind just came up, a group of extremely dazzling rays of light burst out from the cut stone.

“This aura, don’t tell me!?”

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