Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1339

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The dazzling brilliance radiated from the stone.

In the entire Myriad Treasures shop, everyone’s eyes are like magnets meeting iron, tightly attached to the stone.

The brilliance dissipated, and a piece of silver white metal appeared, surrounded by the meaning of emptiness.

“This is… Void Mother Gold, another sacred material?”

The eyes of a group of people almost fell out, and their breathing almost stopped.

On the same day, two pieces of sacred materials were cut out one after another. This is something that has never happened before.

Gu Xiangling’s Jade Rong was also deeply shocked.

And the Song Fei dust, the whole person seemed silly, dumbfounded, and his mind roared.

As for Liu Xuan, Chief-In-Charge of Myriad Treasures, the towering peaks are also deeply ups and downs. He took a deep breath, which is a bit unbelievable for everything in front of him.

Of course, everyone’s shock was less than 1/10000th of Nangong Yuan’s shock at this moment.

“Is this…I have hallucinations?” Nangong had no Dharma Idol letter, and pinched his arm fiercely with his hand.

The piercing pain told him that the vision was not an illusion.

“How is it possible, sacred material, how could you have this kind of luck?” Nangong called out loudly in disbelief, as if there were 100000000 10000 thunderbolt roaring in his mind!

Does this compare?

There is no need to cut the remaining 2 stones. With this Void Mother Gold alone, Ye Guchen has won the bet.

“You’re not ruining me, are you?” Nangongyuan turned purple, glanced at Ye Guchen, and then at Liu Xuan.

At this moment, Liu Xuan came back to his senses from shock. Upon hearing Nangong Yuan’s words, her eyebrows frowned slightly and said: “Nangong Young Master, you can eat rice but you can’t talk nonsense. You are slandering my Myriad Treasures. Is the credibility of the shop?”

“No…no, it’s just a bit accidental.” Nangong Yuan chatted.

He knows that the owner behind Myriad Treasures is no one else.

It is the Emperor of Beiyan Qi, Xiao Gong loses.

If Xiao Gong loses, even if he is Nangong Jue Yun’s henchman, he will not be able to eat.

“The Young Master has already cut out a piece of sacred material. This is already the second piece.” Liu Xuan said.

“What?” Nangong Yuan hearing this, almost jumped in shock.

Now, even if Nangong Yuan is stupid, he understands that Ye Guchen must have a special identification method.

“Continue to cut.” Ye Guchen’s expression was calm.

After cutting out 2 pieces of sacred material, he was also a little happy.

Now, the probability of forging Divine Weapon is even greater.

After a while, the second stone was also cut, which is a rare top grade material.

Although it did not reach the level of sacred materials, it was not bad.

“Fortunately, if another piece of sacred material is cut out, then this Young Master is simply a stone-cutting Grandmaster.” Some people wiped their sweat.

At this time, Nangong was far away, already ashen-faced, and his face was as dark as dust.

A big bet this time, he has already lost.

The rest is just routine.

Finally, several stone-cutting masters started to cut the third stone.

The volume of this stone is larger than the previous two, and the surface is slightly black, which does not look very good.

Therefore, this stone has been left there to eat ashes, and no one wants to buy it and cut it.

Many people are also puzzled, and they don’t understand why Ye Guchen chose such a poor-looking stone.

However, with a faint smile on the corner of Ye Guchen’s mouth, he said, “Before cutting, please maximize the suppression of the array.”

Ye Guchen’s words have puzzled many people around.

“What is he selling?” Song Fei Chen thought secretly.

Liu Xuan’s beautiful eyes flashed, and it became more certain that Ye Guchen had an identification method that no one else knew.

“Young Master, you also said that you are just good luck. Doesn’t this prove that you have mastered a special method?” Liu Xuan pretended to be disappointed, her voice numb.

Ye Guchen smiled indifferently and didn’t say anything.

He doesn’t care if it leaks out now.

Because he glanced at it, there were almost no stones that interest him.

Although many people are wondering what Ye Guchen said.

However, Liu Xuan still ordered people to strengthen the suppression of array.

After a while, several stone-cutting masters began to cut stones cautiously.

When this stone was cut into a gap, suddenly, it seemed as if a ray of white flame rushed out.

At the same time, the temperature in the entire Myriad Treasures shop began to rise rapidly.

“This… this is…”

Everyone’s eyes widened, almost asphyxiated.

There was a hunch in their hearts.


Several stone cutting masters finally cut the stone.

At the moment of cutting, turbulent white flames spread out.

The suppressing power of the array spread rapidly, and suppressed the white flame.

But even so, the entire array was trembling violently, and could barely suppress the white flame.

“This is Heaven and Earth Strange Fire!”

There was a scream in the crowd, and a group of people were stunned and dumbfounded.

Just cut out the sacred materials, now even Heaven and Earth Strange Fire are cut out.

There are indeed some Heaven and Earth Strange Fires, which are long buried in the ground and finally sealed in ancient Old Shi materials.

However, this kind of probability is too rare, even more rare than cutting out sacred materials.

Gu Xiangling and Song Fei dust and the others, their hearts shake.

As Forging Masters, they naturally have their own Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

But even so, when they saw this white flame, they still had a deep shock in their hearts.

Because of their Heaven and Earth Strange Fire within the body, they have a faint tendency to be suppressed by this white flame.

There is also that Nangong Yuan, the whole person is like silly, dumb, silly, as if the soul is about to come out of the body.

This gamble, he lost completely.

Not only did Nangong Jue Yun’s Tian Jing handed over to him fail, he even had to pay 30,000,000 Tian Jing bet.

At this moment, Nangong Yuan wanted to die.

It was like shooting himself in the foot.

And Liu Xuan’s charming face was also unnatural, pale.

If Ye Guchen just cut out a piece of Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold.

Later, he got a piece of Void Mother Gold.

And now, even Heaven and Earth Strange Fire are cut out.

This is a blood loss for Myriad Treasures.

For Liu Xuan, it was a shame that she didn’t even have her underwear.

The most important thing is that the white flame is obviously not the ordinary Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

That kind of hot temperature, as if it could burn the void, made Liu Xuan a sense of scalp tingling.

“This flame, don’t tell me, the rumored Da Luo Fen Xuyan?” Gu Xiangling’s beautiful eyes were very bright, with curiosity and surprise, staring at the white flame.

Daluo Burning Void Flame is one of the highest grade flames in Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

The characteristic of this fire is to present a bleak white, as if it can blend into the space.

The intensity of its flame, if used to the extreme, it is rumored that even the void can be burned!

Whether it is flame formidable power or used as a pill concocting mixer, it is an absolute top fire!

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