Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1340

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“Daluo Fenxuyan, really is Daluo Fenxuyan, my God, I will be able to see this precious Heaven and Earth Strange Fire in my lifetime!”

Some old Forging Masters, their eyes trembled, and they were so excited.

For some Forging Masters and Alchemist, Heaven and Earth Strange Fire is like their best friend and Dao Companion.

If we use an image metaphor, Da Luo Fen Xuyan is equivalent to Heaven and Earth Strange Fire as a national treasure.

Can not be met.

Rao is based on Ye Guchen’s calm qualitativeness, and at this moment he can’t help but take a deep breath.

To be honest, Ye Guchen just felt the stone out of the ordinary, and it contained a hot temperature that made him quite afraid.

Ye Guchen also guessed that it might be a cluster of Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, but did not expect it to be such a high-grade flame.

This is definitely a surprise for Ye Guchen.

He was still thinking about it, it might not be enough to kill the Heart Demon Flame alone, but now he got Da Luo Fen Xuyan.

This is simply giving a pillow when the doze comes.

“Please also seal up this big Luo Fen Xuyan.” Ye Guchen said.

The old Masters hurriedly searched for a container to seal the fire.

As a result, several containers were brought in one after another, all of which were directly melted by the Daluo Fen Xuyan.

In the end, he took out a container branded with a forbidden array before reluctantly sealing up the Daluo Fenxue Flame.

Ye Guchen could feel the terrifying temperature coming from it after receiving the container.

He could also feel that countless jealous eyes around him fell on him.

One kind of Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, 2 kinds of sacred materials, and other top grade treasures.

Let alone other people, even Ye Guchen himself wants to rob himself.

However, his gaze still looked towards Nangong Yuan, with a hint of playfulness at the corner of his mouth.

Seeing Ye Guchen’s expression, Nangongyuan’s expression was as if he had eaten Xiangxiang.

“I miss you dignified Nangong Family disciple, It shouldn’t be to violate the gambling contract in person?” Ye Guchen leisurely said.

Hearing Ye Guchen’s words, Nangong Yuan almost wanted to take a brick and shoot himself before death.

It’s almost like digging a hole and jumping in it, or the kind of hole that is thorough.

Nangongyuan’s expression changed.

If the gambling contract is really fulfilled, then Nangong will be over.

Even if he lost his family property, the most important thing is that the 20,000,000 Tianjing Nangong Jue Yun gave him was also lost together.

Don’t look at Nangong Jue Yun who treats people normally and kindly, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

But when he was really angry, he was like a lion with its tail trampled on.

So Nangong Yuan definitely does not want to upset Nangong Jue Yun.

But in full view, Nangong Yuan really didn’t have such a thick skin.

But suddenly, Nangong Yuan thought a little.

That is the Myriad Treasures Square. Will it be safe to let Ye Guchen take away Heaven and Earth Strange Fire and sacred materials?

It seems to be in line with Nangong Yuan’s mind.

Liu Xuan’s beautiful eyes flashed, and she stood up faintly smiled and said: “This Young Master, you can put aside the bet for a while. My Myriad Treasures shop is willing to give out 50,000,000 Tianjing to purchase the big Luo Fen Xuyan in the hands of Young Master. .”

Liu Xuan’s words made the audience sound si si inhalation.

50,000,000 Tianjing!

This is simply an unimaginable huge sum of money for an ordinary martial artist.

You know, when Liu Xuan said that he wanted to purchase sacred materials, he only bid 30,000,000 Tianjing.

Obviously, the value of this big Luo Fen Xuyan is still above the sacred material!

Liu Xuan’s eyes were hot and expectant.

If she can acquire Da Luo Fen Xuyan, and then give it to the master behind Xiao Gong to lose, she will definitely receive a generous reward.

After all, No Forging Master can refuse the temptation of top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

“50,000,000 …”

Even Gu Xiangling, Song Fei Chen, the Refiner Sect disciple, who is not short of money, sighed in his heart.

Gu Xiangling is very curious whether Ye Guchen will sell Daluo Fen Xuyan.

After all, he does not look like a Forging Master.

Moreover, with the cultivation base of the Divine Palace Realm, it is very reluctant to refining Da Luo Burning the Void Flame, and it may even be backlashed.

But this kind of proposal, to Ye Guchen, seems a bit ridiculous.

He needs the top Heaven and Earth Strange Fire now, how could he sell it.

“Sorry, Heaven and Earth Strange Fire and sacred materials, I will not take out.” Ye Guchen replied.

“This…” Liu Xuan was stunned.

The price she paid was already generous enough, and didn’t expect Ye Guchen even to disagree.

Thinking of this, Liu Xuan frowned and said: “This Young Master, Liu Xuan knows that you want to refining this flame, but with your Divine Palace realm’s cultivation base, refining this kind of flame, the probability is not only zero, it may even backlash itself, and it’s a life. In danger.”

What Liu Xuan said was half a fool and half truth.

Because refining such top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire is really dangerous.

“Hehe…” Ye Guchen laughed disapprovingly.

How many hole cards does he have now?

Not to mention the strength of its own physique, it also has the heart of the ancient gods, and there are various top holy medicines, and even Demi-God medicine.

Refining Although Da Luo Fen Xuyan is a bit painful, it is far from threatening Ye Guchen’s life.

“Many thanks, I’m worried, but I naturally have my own plans.” Ye Guchen said.

Liu Xuan frowned deeper.

To be honest, if Ye Guchen is really allowed to take away Daluo Fenxuyan and there are two sacred materials, she will definitely be blamed by Xiao Gonglu.

Thinking of this, Liu Xuan winked secretly, and several guards of Myriad Treasures Square concealed the exit.

Two deacon of Myriad Treasures also appeared, faintly exuding the breath of the Venerable Heavenly Palace.

Perceiving this change, Ye Guchen’s gaze was dim, still calm, and faintly smiled, “You are in Myriad Treasures, are you going to keep people forcibly?”

Ye Guchen’s words made many people’s complexions faintly changed.

Myriad Treasures is well-known for its reputation. Today, if Ye Guchen is forcibly left behind for Heaven and Earth Strange Fire and sacred materials, the reputation and reputation will be destroyed.

“Of course not, I just want Young Master to stay as a guest and pass on the experience of cutting stone. It just so happens that I have time at night, so I want to discuss the experience with Young Master…”

Liu Xuan was charming and trembling with a pair of jade arms around her chest, holding up the fullness.

The words are soft and inviting, but also intriguing. The average male martial artist always feels the lower abdomen is burning.

Ye Guchen tilted his head slightly and looked at Liu Xuan.

Is this a two-pronged approach?

One side seduce with a flattering attitude.

On the one hand, the Venerable Deacon blocked the way.

If you change to someone else, you might really have to compromise.

But who is Ye Guchen?

Just when everyone thought that Ye Guchen would be a little troublesome to get out today.

Gu Xiangling suddenly spoke: “I think how this Young Master chooses is his freedom.”

The expression of this made Liu Xuan and the others’ complexion faintly changed.

She also didn’t expect, the god Refiner Sect Sect Master’s daughter, would actually speak for this young man.

“The pretty little elder sister is really beautiful, and the heart is beautiful.” The god sculpture flapped its wings and praised.

“It’s just a matter of fact.” Gu Xiangling calmly said.

This made Song Fei Chen a little bit sour in his heart.

Upon seeing this, Ye Guchen faintly smiled at Gu Xiangling and said, “Many thanks, Miss Gu offered to help, but…”

Ye Guchen spoke for a while, and then the expression suddenly fell cold, indifferently said.

“As long as this Ye doesn’t want it, who dares to keep me?”

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