Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1341

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Ye Guchen’s words are cold and calm, but they seem to carry a boundless domineering.

As long as he is not willing, who dares to keep him strong!

Hearing this, many people were secretly speechless.

Myriad Treasures is not a small character. Standing behind it is the Emperor Beiyan and Xiao Gong lose.

Because of this, no one dares to impudent in Myriad Treasures.

But now, this young man, in front of the Chief-In-Charge of Myriad Treasures, said such words, it is undoubtedly a straight face.

Liu Xuan was hearing this, her cheeks that were originally tempted with a charming smile also cooled slightly.

She just looked like that, so she was naturally pretending to find a way to obtain Da Luo Fen Xu Yan and 2 sacred materials.

Moreover, with the credibility of Myriad Treasures Square, it is naturally impossible to take it away in full view.

So I can only do both soft and hard, let Ye Guchen be soft.

But Liu Xuan did not expect that this young man was a thorn, so stiff.

When Nangong saw the vision, he was so happy.

He is now anxious for Ye Guchen to jump into the Fire Pit, so that the bet will be void.

Thinking of this, Nangong Yuan not only added fuel to the fire, and said to Liu Xuan: “This kid is impossible to tell good from bad, and he blatantly despises the Myriad Treasures shop. I suggest that the Myriad Treasures shop put him in custody first, and then he will be admonished.”

Nangongyuan’s words are undoubtedly adding to the flames.

Liu Xuan was also happy to see its success, pretending to be helpless, shook the head and said: “My Myriad Treasures shop didn’t want to overwhelm others, but this Young Master really doesn’t give affection, so…”

Liu Xuan paused, and winked.

The two venerable deacons wanted to step forward and capture Ye Guchen.

“Who dares!”

Ye Guchen stomped the ground with the soles of his feet. The cultivation base of the 6 Heavenly Layer of the God’s Mansion, plus the blessing of the No-Leak God’s Mansion.

The violent True Qi surged out.

At the same time, there was also an extremely terrifying Sword Intent spreading out, making everyone instantly fearful, like falling into an ice cave.

Of course, the two deacons who shocked the most.

They just entered the realm of the Venerable Heavenly Palace.

And the kid in the Divine Palace Realm in front of them caused a chill in their hearts.

A divine palace realm made the two venerables feel chills.

This is simply unreasonable.

“What a terrifying Sword Intent, this Young Master…” Some people felt something was wrong while being frightened.

This horrible Sword Intent is definitely not something ordinary Heaven’s Chosen Young Master can have.

Only those highest Heaven’s Chosen can have the breath of intimidating all directions.

“This kind of scary Sword Intent, and the little red bird on his shoulder, No way…”

There were a small number of people present. Although they had never seen Ye Guchen, they had heard some news about Ye Guchen.

For example, his cultivation base is 6 Heavenly Layer, but his strength far exceeds this level.

For example, he is pregnant with 4 kinds of peerless Sword Dao, and the Sword Intent is so strong that it is frightening.

For example, beside him, occasionally there will be a little red bird and a black monkey company.

If two of them are coincidences, then when all these are connected, everyone has a terrifying conjecture.

“By the way, this young man called himself this Ye, could it be…” An old Forging Master was shocked.

“Ye Guchen, he is the peerless Heaven’s Chosen who swept four sides in the Saint Sovereign world, Ye Guchen!” Some martial artists suddenly came back to his senses, exclaiming.

“What, he is the sword dynasty sword chief, famous Ye Guchen?”

For a while, the entire Myriad Treasures shop was in an uproar.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Ye Guchen very neatly.

After all, Ye Guchen’s name is too loud recently.

Even if they haven’t seen Ye Guchen, they can hear the name.

After all, Ye Guchen’s experience can be called Legendary. He has risen all the way from low dynasty and can be used as a model for storyteller.

“What, he is Ye Guchen?”

Gu Xiangling’s eyelashes trembled, and the whole person seemed to be transformed into a jade sculpture.

She had vaguely guessed before that Ye Guchen might be quite extraordinary.

But absolutely didn’t expect, he was Ye Guchen who passed the rumors.

Song Fei Chen on the side was sluggish, his body trembling, and his breathing was short of breath.

“He is… Ye Guchen?” Song Fei Chen trembled.

He has heard about Ye Guchen, in the Saint Sovereign world, he is a master of killing without blinking an eye.

Gu Shaoyang of the Overlord level forces, kills if you say kill.

4 Little Star Monarch, no one left.

This kind of person, to be honest, wants to kill Song Fei Chen, but only between swinging the sword.

“I just said that Ye Guchen is a mess, and still provoke him?”

Song Fei At this moment, I was afraid for a while, like a burst of ice water flowing down the backbone.

But Nangongyuan was completely stunned.

His whole body was petrified, as if turned into a sculpture, stupefied on the spot.

He counted 1000 for 10000, but did not count Ye Guchen’s true identity.

Fortunately, he used the identity of the Nangong Family to suppress others.

This is a ruthless character that Overlord level Heaven’s Chosen kills casually, and he is afraid of being a henchman of a Nangong Family?

“This fucking…” Nangong wanted to cry without tears.

What kind of evil did he do to get into such a role.

Not to mention he is a small attendant, even if it is Nangong Jue Yun, although he is not afraid of Ye Guchen, he does not want to provoke him casually.

But Liu Xuan’s flattery is extremely stiff, and her lovable body is somewhat stiff.

She guessed that Ye Guchen might have some background, but he could not be regarded as his identity.

“Why, do you still want to keep me strong now?” Ye Guchen stood with his hand in his hand, and said indifferently.

After Ye Guchen’s identity was revealed, everyone looked at him differently.

You know, Ye Guchen is not alone now.

Behind him, stood the entire sword dynasty, with the powerhouse of the holy king oppressing.

Not to mention that there is a Ming Kun who is comparable to the powerhouse of the holy king, King Bei Ming, who is also in his camp.

Against this background, even the Myriad Treasures shop would definitely not provoke Ye Guchen easily.

Provoking Ye Guchen is undoubtedly provoking the entire sword dynasty.

“The slave…your servant did not expect that Young Master turned out to be Ye Guchen, the legendary sword chief.”

Liu Xuanmei’s face was extremely embarrassed, and she was very worried about Ye Guchen’s respectful give a salute.

This time it really provokes a thorn.

“Then you Myriad Treasures, do you want to keep this Ye?” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

“Young Master Ye can naturally go and stay at will. How can I force my Myriad Treasures shop to stay.” Liu Xuan reluctantly said with a smile.

If this really leaves Ye Guchen, I am afraid that tomorrow, the Myriad Treasures Square will have saints and even saints who will come to the market.

Ye Guchen looked towards Nangong Yuan instead.

Nangongyuan’s legs trembled, and he collapsed to the ground with a thud.

“This bet, do you fulfill it?” Ye Guchen asked casually.

It was just that faint pressure that made Nangong Yuanxinshen almost collapsed.

He hurriedly nodded and said: “Of course, of course, but, I really don’t have a heavenly crystal…”

“It’s okay…” Ye Guchen waved his hand and handed out a piece of paper.

“You don’t have a crystal, write a promissory note, and let Patriarch pay it back.”

Upon hearing this, the pupils of everyone present suddenly shrank.

The master of Nangong Yuan, but Nangong Jue Yun.

don’t tell me 2 of these ten First Young Masters, are you going to play now?

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