Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1345

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The atmosphere of the entire Tiangong City has become more and more heated over time.

After all, the choice of Refiner Sect Young Sect Master is not a matter of small children playing house, it is a major event.

Who can win the Sect Lord’s Position, whoever will be the Refiner Sect Sect Master in the future.

It can be said that the status of the god Refiner Sect Sect Master is not lower than the great character of those Overlord level forces.

And many people also know that if it really makes Nangong Jue Yun become a god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master.

So in the future, the god Refiner Sect will almost become a subsidiary force of the Nangong Family.

Duan Tianfeng also returned to Inn a few days later.

But after hearing the divine eagle say that after Ye Guchen retreats, Duan Tianfeng has no choice to disturb Ye Guchen.

“Not only did I cut out 2 pieces of sacred material, but even got the top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire like Da Luo Fen Xu Yan, Ye Guchen, you really didn’t disappoint me.”

Even Duan Tianfeng, after learning about the deeds of Ye Guchen Myriad Treasures, it took a while to react, and immediately shook his head and smiled.

Perhaps the most correct decision he made in his life was to choose Ye Guchen, a discipline.

“Xiao Gong loses… In the Young Sect Master’s choice, our gambling agreement should also be broken, and…”

Duan Tianfeng paused, and on that face that seemed a bit vicissitudes of life, there was a slight reminiscence and gentleness.

“Hua Jing…” Duan Tianfeng murmured.

But when I thought, now that Nangong Huajing is Xiao Gongzu’s wife, Duan Tianfeng’s eyes are full of forbearance.

Nangong Huajing, the beautiful lady of the Nangong Family.

I once practiced the way of forging in the god Refiner Sect, and had a good affinity with Duan Tianfeng.

But later, Xiao Gong loses a sideways kick.

Finally, the two turned against each other and started a duel with forging as a bet.

For that bet, Duan Tianfeng lost Fame, Future and also lost her.

It was completely defeated.

But Duan Tianfeng never understood why he lost.

Obviously his forging strength will never be weaker than Xiao Gong loses.

But it’s done, and Duan Tianfeng thinks about this kind of thing now, it won’t help.

His only hope now is that Ye Guchen can win a round.

“Daluo Fen Xuyan, can Ye Guchen refining smoothly?” Duan Tianfeng’s eyes showed worry.

It’s not that he doesn’t believe in Ye Guchen’s strength.

It’s just that Da Luo Burning the Void Flame is one of the top Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

Not to mention Ye Guchen, even some older generation powerhouses are at risk of being injured or even perished in the face of such top flames.

In such worry, a few days passed.

This day is finally the day when the god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master’s choice is held.

The entire Tiangong City was a sensation.

Countless people flow, like 100 rivers converging in the sea, gathered towards the Refiner Sect resident.

The choice of God Refiner Sect Young Sect Master is open and transparent, so outsiders are also allowed to watch the game.

At this moment, in a great hall in the god Refiner Sect, Great Elder lineage people headed by Great Elder Yang Qi, all gathered here.

In front of them, Song Fei Chen and the forging geniuses of several gods Refiner Sect stood respectfully.

“You guys are all our this lineage, people who give high hopes. I hope you don’t let the old man down.” Yang Qi said with a deep facial expression grave.

“Relax, never let the Great Elder trust you!” Song Fei cupped his hands and said, with a strong fighting intent and self-confidence in his eyes.

He is already a 5 Star Forging Master at a young age and has boundless prospects.

This Young Sect Master’s choice is his stage for amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

Nangong Jue Yun or Ye Guchen is not qualified to take Gu Xiangling from him.

“Moreover, I was lucky enough to get that treasure, which will definitely help me. With the power of 10000 years of Fire Spirit, when the time comes, I will become the Refiner Sect Young Sect Master, and Xiang Ling will completely acknowledge allegiance in Below me.” Song Fei Chen thought to himself, with ambition.

He has always been a god Refiner Sect First Senior Brother, and he is the most suitable without Sect Lord’s Position.

As for Nangong Jue Cloud, although it has a transcendent status in the god Refiner Sect.

But he himself is a member of the Nangong Family.

This is doomed. Many senior Elders of Refiner Sect do not want Nangong Jue Yun to be on the Sect Lord’s Position.

“And Ye Guchen, I will prove myself through Young Sect Master’s choice, let Xiang Ling favor me, and you are just a spectator.” Song Fei Chen thought coldly.

But immediately, he remembered the mysterious 6-star casting genius that appeared in Tiangongdao recently.

“Who the hell is that evildoer is comparable to Nangong Jue Cloud, but fortunately, he seems to be not at all Refiner Sect.” Song Fei shook the head secretly.

And in another great hall of Refiner Sect.

The entire great hall is very empty, with only 2 people.

One of the handsome man in azure cloud pattern robe is Nangong Jue Yun.

Opposite him, stood a tall middle-aged man wearing a dark golden robe.

He is bearless white face and looks handsome.

Although he has reached middle age, he is still quite elegant and gives a sense of prestige.

This person is the famous 8-star casting Grandmaster of Southern Heaven Domain, Beiyan Qihuang, Xiao Gong lose!

“Then Forging Tianfeng, I really don’t give up, obediently and honestly, is it not good to retreat to the forest? I just want to return to the god Refiner Sect to inviting humiliation to oneself.” Xiao Gong stood with his hand and looked cold.

“Master is right, what if the Forging Tianfeng came, it was just a loss of face, and he wanted to rely on a Ye Guchen to win back a city, it is too ridiculous.” Nangong Jue Yun lightly said with a smile .

“Then Ye Guchen, I heard people talk about it recently, but in forging, he didn’t make any achievements, and I don’t know where Duan Tianfeng has confidence.” Xiao Gongzhu shook his head slightly.

“Maybe Ye Guchen didn’t even pass the Tiangong Dao. If so, then he doesn’t even have the qualifications to participate.” Nangong Jue Yun said.

“Jueyun, no matter what, you still have to go all out. If you can really become the Refiner Sect Young Sect Master, you will definitely support you in the Sect Lord’s Position in the future. When the time comes God Refiner Sect, that is The fish on the chopping board is gone.” Xiao Gongzhu smiled deeply.

For cultivating his sect, Xiao Gong loses not at all too much sense of belonging.

What he wants is absolute rights.

And on his head, there is a god Refiner Sect Sect Master pressing there.

At the same time, in the area of ​​God Refiner Sect, in a quiet courtyard.

A father and daughter are standing.

That woman, dressed in an apricot dress, with picturesque eyebrows and snow-like skin, is Gu Xiangling.

The azure robe man in front of her was square-faced and elegant, like a scribe.

This person is the Divine Item Sect Master, Gu Beihan.

“Father, is there really no way out?” Gu Xiangling bit her lip.

She really did not want to marry Nangong Jue Yun.

“The choice of Young Sect Master is about to begin, and it is impossible to end. The only hope now is that you and Song Fei Chen can defeat Nangong Jue Yun, but this possibility is too small.” Gu Beihan shook his head.

“Perhaps, father, you missed someone.” Gu Xiangling must have opened the mouth and said beautiful eyes.

“Oh?” Gu Bei’s cold eyes flashed lightly.

“Sword Young Master, Ye Guchen!” Gu Xiangling said firmly.

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