Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1346

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“Ye Guchen, is the sword dynasty sword leader who has been making a lot of noise on Southern Heaven Domain recently?” Gu Beihan said.

He also heard about Ye Guchen.

“Yes, and Ye Guchen also inherited the Legacy of Uncle Duan Tianfeng, which is his discipline.” Gu Xiangling said.

“But Ye Guchen has several points of strength in the way of forging?” Gu Beihan asked.

Only Duan Tianfeng and Yang Qi knew about Ye Guchen’s enthusiasm for heaven.

But they didn’t at all tell Gu Beihan about it.

Therefore, Gu Beihan did not particularly understand Duan Tianfeng’s discipline.

“Xiang Ling doesn’t know, but I think Ye Guchen may be able to bring us a bit of surprise.” Gu Xiangling said.

Gu Beihan’s pupil light flashed slightly, watching Gu Xiangling.

“My father also heard about the Myriad Treasures shop. You and Ye Guchen are getting along well, don’t tell me you…”

Hearing Gu Beihan’s words, Gu Xiang spirit jade blushed slightly, and said: “Father, what are you talking about? How long have you known each other? How can a daughter…”

“Really, that’s good, you know, Ye Guchen is indeed excellent, but he is now a hot potato, let alone our god Refiner Sect, even if the Overlord level forces recruit him, I am afraid that there will be no small Trouble.” Gu Beihan shook his head.

Gu Xiangling hearing this, shook his jade hand, and asked: “father, if Ye Guchen really came to participate in the Young Sect Master election and succeeded in the end, won’t father don’t tell me keep the promise?”

Hearing Gu Xiangling’s words, Gu Beihan was also slightly taken aback.

To be honest, he did not think of such a thing.

Because Gu Beihan believes that this is simply impossible.

No matter how high Ye Guchen’s forging strength is, it should be impossible higher than Nangong Jue Yun and Song Fei Chen and the others.

“It shouldn’t be possible.” Gu Beihan said indifferently.

“Daughter said if.” Gu Xiangling still pressed.

“Then see if he can impress me.” Gu Beihan said indifferently.

He did not affirm, did not refuse, did not say anything.

Seeing Gu Beihan’s undecided attitude, Gu Xiangling was also secretly sighed.

She has done everything she can do.

I only hope Ye Guchen can really surprise her.

On the Inn side, Jian Tianfeng has also been waiting outside.

At this time, there was a vibration in the wing room.

Duan Tianfeng’s mind tightened slightly.

After a while, the door was pushed open, Ye Guchen walked out in a mysterious robe, with a calm complexion.

There was nothing abnormal about his whole body, except that his face was slightly pale.

“Ye Guchen, you…” Duan Tianfeng looked up and down Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen’s mouth curled up with a faint smile, raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, pu chi sounded, and a cluster of white flames rose from Ye Guchen’s fingertips.

The surrounding air is twisted and the temperature rises slightly.

“You don’t tell me that you have completely refining Daluo Fen Xuyan?” Duan Tianfeng asked in surprise.

“Of course.” Ye Guchen said with a smile.

Duan Tianfeng showed an incredible expression slightly.

Da Luo Fen Xu Yan is the top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, and it is even like the Zidi Tian fire in his arms.

At the beginning, Duan Tianfeng also exhausted Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers before successfully refining Zidi Tianhuo.

But right now, Ye Guchen was casually refining Daluo Fen Xuyan, which really surprised Duan Tianfeng.

However, despite some surprises, Duan Tianfeng still showed a gratifying smile.

Ye Guchen had already broken through Tiangong Dao and got the 6-star Forging Master token.

Now that Daluo Fen Xuyan has been refining, his forging strength will definitely increase exponentially.

In this way, the probability of winning the Young Sect Master selection is much higher.

“To be honest, I don’t know what your forging strength has reached now.” Dui Tianfeng said with a smile.

“Senior, please rest assured, this Ye will definitely break this bet for you.” Ye Guchen said calmly.

Duan Tianfeng is kind to him.

This grace, be a newspaper!

“Okay, okay, the selection of Young Sect Master is about to begin, let’s go to God Refiner Sect.” Duan Tianfeng smiled relieved.

If Ye Guchen can win this battle.

That means that the former southern forging master will come out again!


The god Refiner Sect, on a large square, is already a vast crowd at the moment, full of hustle and bustle.

Most of the disciplines of Refiner Sect, Elder, and all the top executives are all gathered together.

In addition, there were 10000 Great Influence martial artists, Loose Cultivator, etc. who came to watch the game, crowding the entire square.

“This time God Refiner Sect Young Sect Master’s choice is a rare event.”

“Yes, although the god Refiner Sect is not an Overlord level force, but in terms of influence, it is actually not weaker than an Overlord level force.”

“But this time there is no Sect Lord’s Position. If there is no accident, Nangong Jue Yun won the first place, right?”

“Indeed, I think so too.”

“Hey, a mysterious 6-star casting genius appeared in Tiangongdao a few days ago, but unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have any plans to come to God Refiner Sect.”

“Yes, it’s a pity, otherwise, maybe we can see the dragon wars, the tiger battles.”

All directions, many martial artist cultivators are talking about.

However, the overwhelming majority believe that this is the stage for Nangong Jue Yun alone.

Neither Gu Xiangling nor Song Fei Chen is just a foil.

“Sect Master to!”

At this time, a line of silhouette appeared.

The first man dressed as a scholar in azure clothes was the Refiner Sect Sect Master, Gu Beihan.

Beside him, there is a beautiful girl in apricot dress, her skin is fat, her eyebrows are like ink paintings, she is beautiful and timeless, as if she is a girl who walks out of a landscape painting, it is Gu Xiangling.

At this moment, there is a melancholy color between Gu Xiangling’s eyebrows, like Xizi, which is distressing.

This day finally came.

Although to other women, Nangong Jue Yun may be an impeccable object.

But Gu Xiangling knew that the reason why Nangong Jue Yun married her was only because of interest.

If Nangong Jue Yun is really allowed to board the Sect Lord’s Position, then Gu Xiangling’s future treatment can be seen.

It will definitely become a plaything in the cloud palm of Nangong Jue.

This is what Gu Xiang spiritual sense does not want to see.

So even with his own strength, Gu Xiangling must find a way to stop Nangong Jue Yun.

At this time, Great Elder Yang Qi lineage’s people also arrived, including Song Fei Chen and the others, who also followed.

“Yang Qi, you are here.” Gu Beihan said.

“Sect Master, is Xiao Gong’s defeat yet to come?” Yang Qi glanced around.

“Heh, he has always been arrogant, and of course he is going to be the last one.” Gu Beihan smiled flatly.

He never knew Xiao Gong’s ambition in his heart.

It’s just that Xiao Gonglu has grown up to now, and he can no longer be restricted by a Sect Master.

Even more how, Xiao Gongzhu’s wife is Nangong Huajing from the Nangong Family.

Xiao Gongshui is also considered half of the Nangong Family.

It is precisely because of this that Gu Beihan could not use the rights of Sect Master to restrict Xiao Gong’s defeat.

At this moment, the crowds in the distant square suddenly separated.

The entire group came with a vigorous aura.

“Isn’t this here…” Gu Beihan’s eyes flashed coldly.

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