Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1348

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To be honest, let alone Duan Tianfeng himself, even Ye Guchen, a bystander, feels worthless for Duan Tianfeng.

The beautiful woman he has always missed, but now treats him with this attitude.

It may be unacceptable for anyone to change it.

Ye Guchen couldn’t stand Duan Tianfeng being treated like this, so he stood up directly.

Hearing Ye Guchen’s words, Nangong Huajing raised her eyebrows slightly.

If you say that before, facing this kind of younger generation, Nangong Huajing didn’t even bother to speak.

But now, Ye Guchen is not a nobody.

Nangong Huajing glanced at Ye Guchen lightly and said, “Ye Guchen, I know you have some performance in the Saint Sovereign world, but this is the choice of the god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master. It is more forging than military force.”

On the side Xiao Gongluo also smiled and shook his head: “Maybe Duan Tianfeng wants to retaliate too much, so trying to find anyone or anything in a crisis.”

Not only them, but even the god Refiner Sect’s patron Bei Han, also looked at Ye Guchen with a little doubt.

He not at all heard that Ye Guchen went to trespass.

Nangong Jue Yun said nonchalantly: “If you haven’t made a fortune and don’t even have a Forging Master token, what qualifications do you have to become a Refiner Sect disciple and participate in the Young Sect Master selection?”

The thinking of the overwhelming majority present is the same as Nangong Jue Cloud.

Compared with military force, they have nothing to say, Ye Guchen is absolutely top-notch.

But now it’s forging.

Seeing everyone discussing spiritedly, Ye Guchen sneered at the corner of his lips.

He lightly took out a token, and said coldly: “open wide your dog eyes see clearly, what is this?”

In a word, the whole room was silent.

Everyone’s eyes are all falling on the token.

When seeing the 6 dazzling gold stars above the token, everyone in the audience was almost suffocated, dumbfounded, and their minds roared!

“I…I read it right, 6-star Forging Master token?”

“Is that Ye Guchen’s own token?”

“Could it be that the mysterious 6-star casting genius from Tiangongdao a few days ago is Ye Guchen?”

“How is this possible, you are definitely kidding me!”

Full of shock!

A sensation!

Some people’s eyes were almost staring out.

It’s not that they can’t believe Ye Guchen, but it’s too unimaginable.

That’s a 6-star Forging Master token!

Instead of one-star, two-star tokens.

Furthermore, Ye Guchen is a sword cultivator, majoring in Sword Dao, not a full-time Forging Master.

For Ye Guchen, forging is at best a sideline.

However, even the side job surpasses many full-time Forging Masters who have learned to forge since childhood.

This is what makes people unbelievable.

“You…Where did this token come from?”

Nangong Jue Yun’s face instantly solidified.

“What do you mean, you haven’t heard the news a few days ago?” Ye Guchen said lightly.

“That mysterious 6-star casting genius is really you?” Nangong Jue Yun’s body shook.

Even with his scheming and the city, his expression changed at this moment.

6-star Forging Master, this is not an identity that can be ignored.

“What, you are a 6-star Forging Master?”

Nangong Huajing is also lovable body trembled, which is something she never expected.

Xiao Gongshu was also staring at the token in Ye Guchen’s hand, and a cold and strange light flashed in his eyes.

Here, Gu Beihan and Gu Xiangling were also shocked.

They didn’t know that Ye Guchen had broken through Tiangong Dao and got the 6-star Forging Master token.

“Six-star Forging Master, so I still underestimated Young Master Ye…” Gu Xiangling’s beautiful eyes vibrated.

She was also deeply shocked.

Thinking of the worry about Ye Guchen before, now it seems so ridiculous.

Ye Guchen’s forging strength is even stronger than her god Refiner Sect Sect Master’s daughter.

Great Elder Yang Qi knew it, so not at all was too unexpected.

On the contrary, it was Song Fei Chen, the whole person froze, his face was pale and his mind roared.

“Ye Guchen is a 6-star Forging Master, how can this be possible?” Song Fei Chenwu letter from Dharma Idol, staring at the Forging Master token.

But he actually knew in his heart that Ye Guchen impossible lied like this in full view.

It’s just that Song Fei Chen couldn’t accept it.

His only sense of superiority before was that he was able to overcome Ye Guchen in the way of forging.

But now, this only sense of superiority is shattered in front of the 6-star Forging Master token.

“No, what about the 6-star Forging Master? Tiangongdao is only a one-sided test, and it does not fully represent a person’s forging strength. In this industry, experience is the most important thing. I don’t believe it. Ye Guchen’s experience can win Pass me.” Song Fei gritted his teeth secretly.

He has been crushed by Nangong Jue before.

How can I be reconciled to being overwhelmed by Ye Guchen.

After Ye Guchen took out the token, Xiao Gongzhu and Nangong Huajing were completely speechless.

What else can they say?

Since Ye Guchen has obtained the 6-star Forging Master token, according to the rules, let alone the Refiner Sect disciple.

Even if you want to be a deacon, even Elder, it’s not impossible.

Gu Beihan took a deep breath and said: “Duan Tianfeng, you are a good discipline, but it’s too unexpected.”

Gu Beihan had to sigh.

Before, he believed that even if Ye Guchen came to Tiangong City, it would not make much sense and would not affect the result of Young Sect Master’s choice.

But now it seems that this is not impossible.

Gu Xiangling’s beautiful eyes also flashed brilliantly.

There was another glimmer of hope in her heart.

The reason why Gu Xiangling didn’t have hope for Song Fei Chen was because she knew Song Fei Chen’s foundation.

Nangong Jue Yun’s forging strength is definitely more than Song Fei Chen.

But for Ye Guchen, Gu Xiangling also couldn’t see through, and felt that he was deep and unmeasurable.

“If Ye Guchen refining Da Luo Fen Xuyan, it is estimated that the forging strength will bring it up a level, but unfortunately, it will be difficult to refining Da Luo Fen Xuyan in these short days.” Gu Xiangling secretly shook his head. I feel a pity.

If Ye Guchen could get Daluo Fen Xuyan earlier, he might have enough time to prepare for the refining.

“I don’t know who I am now, can I still be eligible to participate in the Young Sect Master Selection?” Ye Guchen said with a hint of playfulness, his eyes scanned Nangong Huajing, Nangong Jue Yun and the others.

Nangong Huajing didn’t say a word, but Nangong Jue Yun’s face was gloomy.

“Of course I am qualified.” Gu Beihan faintly smiled.

He didn’t want to see Nangong Jue Yun win less Sect Lord’s Position.

So seeing that Ye Guchen can come out to target Nangong Jue Yun, Gu Beihan is happy to see this scene.

“That’s it.” Ye Guchen slightly nodded.

“Well, it shouldn’t be too late, so let’s start the Young Sect Master selection directly.” Gu Beihan said.

At this time, Ye Guchen was light flashed, looking towards Nangong Jue Yundao.

“Before the selection of Young Sect Master opens, should you clear Nangongyuan’s promissory note?”

As soon as Ye Guchen said these words, Nangong Jue Yun’s face was instantly gloomy!

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