Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1350

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Heaven and Earth Strange Fire is a powerful weapon for Forging Master.

As long as you have the Forging Master of Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, it will be here now.

But Nangong Jue Cloud is not used at all, instead, it is forged with True Qi.

In the eyes of the viewer, this is obviously to disdain as beneath contempt to other competitors.

“I heard that Nangong Jue Yunshen is pregnant with 2 top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, and it is easy to control. When the time comes, I really want to see it.” Many people are interested in their eyes.

“But I heard that Ye Guchen didn’t get a top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire in the Myriad Treasures shop. Didn’t Da Luo Burn Xuyan? Why didn’t he use it?” Someone wondered.

“Are you kidding, how can the top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire be able to successfully refining in a few days?”

“Yes, didn’t expect this.”

Many people’s eyes focused on Ye Guchen, who was discussing.

This time Young Sect Master’s choice, the biggest thing to watch is naturally the comparison between Nangong Jue Yun and Ye Guchen.

The god Refiner Sect First Senior Brother Song Fei, who was originally a topical god, did not receive much attention.

Looking at the two people who were in the limelight, Song Fei’s face was stiff, and the complexion is gloomy like water.

Originally, as the god Refiner Sect First Senior Brother, he should have received all the attention, but now he is not paid attention to.

Even Gu Xiangling is secretly following the secret fight between Ye Guchen and Nangong Jue Yun.

“Wait, when we arrive in the third game, Song Fei Chen will give everyone a surprise.” Song Fei Fire Dao in the bottom of his heart.

Here, Ye Guchen also started forging.

The requirement of First Stage is to forge the top grade Spirit Marked Divine Weapon.

For Ye Guchen now, there is no pressure.

Choose materials, smelt, forge, polish, in one go.

Many gods, Refiner Sect Elder, are slightly surprised by his skillful techniques.

“Tsk tsk, didn’t expect that Ye Guchen, in the way of forging, has such an accomplishment.”

“Yeah, Ye Guchen is really a monster. He has such an enchanting innate talent in Sword Dao. Didn’t expect brought to the point of perfection in forging, and he has the grandmaster style.”

“It seems that Duan Tianfeng’s vision is still okay, but I don’t know if he can rely on Ye Guchen to avenge his past.”

Some gods, Refiner Sect Elder, are communicating in low voices.

They gave Ye Guchen a high rating.

Not only these insiders, but even those laymen who don’t know much about forging, when they see Ye Guchen’s forging method, they also have a sense of comfort like flowing water.

“The southern forging master is still the southern forging master, his vision is not bad.” Many people sighed.

Gu Beihan’s eyes also showed surprise.

Ye Guchen’s performance really exceeded his estimates.

“It seems that I still underestimated this Ye Guchen, someone who can be spotted by Du Tianfeng has a bit of skill.” Gu Beihan muttered.

But to be honest, he still doesn’t want Ye Guchen to take the lead.

Because Ye Guchen is a hot potato.

In the end, even if it can defeat Nangong Jue Yun, the god Refiner Sect will find it difficult to accept Ye Guchen.

Because if Ye Guchen is accepted, the god Refiner Sect will be pressured by the Overlord level forces such as Sword Ancestor, Star Universe Sword Pavillion, Emperor Heavenly Sword Pavilion, Dongfang Aristocratic Family, etc.

Even if the god Refiner Sect is not weak, it can’t stand the combined threat of several Overlord Influences.

“Hey, what a pity…” Gu Beihan shook his head secretly.

Ye Guchen himself, not at all the hustle and bustle of the accident world, but casting with peace of mind.

While Gu Xiangling forged himself, the corner of his eye was also paying attention to Ye Guchen.

When she saw Ye Guchen’s proficient technique, her heart also made waves.

“Ye Guchen, like Nangong Jue Yun, makes me feel incapable.” Gu Xiangling thought to himself.

Soon, the First Stage competition is over.

There are more than 300 Forging Masters who participated in the Young Sect Master selection.

Only more than 80 people completed the forging of the top grade Spirit Marked Divine Weapon.

This shows that Forging Master is not a simple profession that anyone can hold.

Ye Guchen was done early.

Nangong Jue Yun, Song Fei Chen, Gu Xiangling and the others were naturally without any suspense. They finished the game first.

“Take a rest for an hour, and the second game begins.” A god Refiner Sect Elder said.

Among the remaining 80 Forging Masters, many Forging Masters show grave expressions.

Forging Spirit Marked Divine Weapon may be nothing to them.

But the forging difficulty of Divine Weapon is not the same level as Spirit Marked Divine Weapon.

Let alone this second game, only the top ten will be taken.

In other words, only the higher the quality of the forged Divine Weapon, the more likely it is to rank among the top ten.

Soon, an hour passed.

The second forging competition also started on the square.

In this competition, Ye Guchen also raised his mind.

He is not as easy as First Stage, but takes it seriously.

After all, everyone who drowns can swim.

Ye Guchen would not make such a low-level mistake.

He continued to take out to kill Heart Demon Yan, and began the second game of forging.

The expressions of Gu Xiangling and Song Fei Chen are also more cautious, cautiously starting to forge.

On the contrary, Nangong Jue Yun still didn’t take out his Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, but used True Qi to carry fire.

As everyone knows, the effect of True Qi’s fire transportation is far inferior to Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

“Then Nangong Jue Yun is too confident to come, right?”

“Nonsense, are you not confident that others can become the Divine Weapon Young Master among the ten First Young Masters?”

“I’m afraid of falling miserably in a very easy task.”

“You save snacks, isn’t the other Nangong Young Master smarter than you?”

Nangong Jue Yun’s attitude also caused a lot of discussion.

Xiao Gongluo’s expression remains unchanged, as if he has great confidence in his own discipline.

Nangong Huajing is also optimistic about her own Heaven’s Chosen.

She faintly looked towards Ye Guchen again, faintly shook the head.

“This Ye Guchen has taken out all the methods in the first two games. Heaven and Earth Strange Fire only has this. Although the quality is good, it is not enough to set the world. This Young Sect Master test, there is no suspense.”

Nangong Huajing analyzed it in her heart.

She hopes that her Heaven’s Chosen can win the Sect Lord’s Position.

On the other side, Duan Tianfeng’s expression was also very calm.

Outsiders think that Ye Guchen has revealed many methods.

As everyone knows, what they see is only the tip of the iceberg by Ye Guchen.

Da Luo Fen Xuyan.

Taboo casting, human soul refining swords, dual cultivation of sword life.

These two things, whichever one is taken out, is enough to shock the four parties and set the universe.

Especially the taboo casting technique, it is a casting technique that even Gu Beihan’s level of casting Grandmaster dared not try.

After a few days or so, Ye Guchen finally completed the forging.

A long sword, crystal clear and near-transparent like crystal, fell into the hands of Ye Guchen.

This is a sword made by Ye Guchen using rare top grade materials such as 10000-year-old mica.

Named Yunnijian.

The whole sword is slender and pierced, exuding cold light, with a hint of spirituality.

This sword is also extremely light and handy, as the name suggests, like a misty cloud.

When this sword was cast by Ye Guchen, the eyes of many old Forging Masters present were bright.

They can all see the ingenuity of this sword.

There are also many female martial artists with bright eyes.

Such a delicate and slender sword qi really made them like it.

Gu Xiangling’s beautiful eyes also flashed slightly.

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