Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1352

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As Gu Xiangling was talking, her jade face was filled with red clouds.

In fact, with her character, she would never say such a thing.

And for the Forging Master, the Divine Weapon forged by himself is like his own child, impossible to give to others casually.

Gu Xiangling is also because he really likes this Yunni sword, so he speaks “unable to bear”.

“Do you want this Yunni sword?” Ye Guchen said.

Gu Xiangling’s head was slightly low, and looked a little sorry.

“Take it.” Ye Guchen said simply.

“Really?” Gu Xiangling’s eyes shined brightly, and didn’t expect Ye Guchen to be so generous.

In fact, it was not Ye Guchen’s generosity, but he didn’t care about this Yunni Sword himself.

It was forged just to pass the Second Level.

Gu Xiangling took Yun Nijian and wiped it with love.

She hesitated slightly, and then handed the Divine Weapon she had forged to Ye Guchen.

“If Young Master Ye doesn’t mind, let this Divine Weapon be exchanged.” Gu Xiangling said softly.

Ye Guchen looked at Gu Xiangling, slightly nodded, under Divine Weapon.

Looking at the two people who exchanged Divine Weapon, everyone in the entire square looked strange.

In their eyes, how does this look like an exchange of tokens of love?

Gu Xiangling himself seemed to be aware of the ambiguity in this approach, and immediately blushed and backed away.

Ye Guchen doesn’t care about the details, he is already thinking about the third pass.

Nangong Jue Yun’s face was cold, and he glanced at Gu Xiangling and Ye Guchen.

Song Fei Chen’s heart is full of jealousy, and he can’t wait to hit Ye Guchen in the face in the third pass fiercely.

But when Gu Beihan saw this scene, his expression became a little serious.

From his point of view, his daughter seemed quite different from Ye Guchen.

“Hey, Xiang Ling, don’t make father embarrassed.” Gu Beihan was secretly sighed.

Regardless of the result, he is impossible to make Ye Guchen become the Refiner Sect Young Sect Master.

Soon, 3 hours passed.

The final match finally arrived.

This is also the most important competition that 10000 people are looking forward to, which will determine the identity of the candidate of the god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master.

And not only that.

Everyone’s eyes were scanning back and forth on Xiao Gongzhu and Duan Tianfeng.

The master of southern forging.

Beiyan Qihuang.

The two most pronounced 2-star casting Grandmasters in Southern Heaven Domain will let their disciplines compete again.

However, what is quite dramatic is that the two of them are actually one of the ten First Young Masters.

This kind of competition can be described as a pin against an awl.

Although at first, many people believe that Ye Guchen is impossible to outperform Nangong Jue Cloud in forging.

But after these 2 matches, everyone understood Ye Guchen’s forging ability.

Not to mention that it can beat Nangong Jue Cloud, at least it has the power to fight.

“Ten people who cleared the customs, let me go to the furnace.”

Gu Beihan flicked his sleeves and said.

“What is the so-called sky furnace, and what kind of existence did the Fire Spirit exist in 10000?” Ye Guchen was curious.

To be honest, he is still weak compared to Nangong Jue Yun, Song Fei Chen and the others.

That is, he doesn’t understand the god Refiner Sect, let alone the so-called sky furnace.

He hadn’t even seen the Fire Spirit in 10000.

Therefore, this is a disadvantage for Ye Guchen.

Under the leadership of Gu Beihan, the ten people who cleared the customs such as Ye Guchen also followed closely from behind.

Yang Qi, Duan Tianfeng, Xiao Gongzhu, Nangong Huajing, and other Elders of God Refiner Sect, as well as 10000 viewers, all moved and followed behind.

But for a long time, Gu Beihan took Ye Guchen and the others to the depths of the god Refiner Sect.

Looking at Ye Guchen, the land was barren and hot, like a gobi desert.

And on this strange landform, there stands a dark red volcano with 1000 zhang high.

The whole volcano exudes billowing heat.

There was still thick black smoke at the volcanic crater.

Even at such a distance, everyone can feel the hot breath of that volcano.

“Don’t tell me that volcano is the rumored heavenly furnace?”

Among the people who followed, there were many people who had only heard of the heavenly furnace of the god Refiner Sect, but not at all actually saw it.

They thought that the sky furnace was a huge pill furnace.

But I didn’t expect that this sky furnace was actually a volcano.

“A long time ago, Fire Spirit fell from the sky and fell here, forming a volcano.”

“My god Refiner Sect opened the Old Ancestor, and found this treasure land, established the god Refiner Sect here, and became the Holy Land of the Forging Master.”

“Today, I hope that each of you will do your best to not fall into the name of my god Refiner Sect!”

Gu Beihan’s voice was abrupt, with a pious meaning.

All gods, Refiner Sect Elder, have solemn faces.

Even Duan Tianfeng, who has been separated from the god Refiner Sect for a long time, still straightened his spine at this moment, with faint emotion in his expression.

God Refiner Sect is the Holy Land of Southern Heaven Domain Forging Master in mind.

equivalent to sword dynasty in the position of sword cultivator in mind.

But today, if Nangong Jue Yun wins less Sect Lord’s Position.

So in the future, the god Refiner Sect will inevitably fall in power and be controlled by the Nangong Family.

“Ye Guchen, please.”

Duan Tianfeng expressed solemnly, actually cupped the hands slightly to Ye Guchen.

“Senior doesn’t have to be like this, the kid should do his best.” Ye Guchen also arched his hands.

“Oh, there is no suspenseful competition, do you still need this?” Xiao Gongzhu saw this and shook his head slightly.

In his opinion, the result is set, and now it’s just a cutscene.

Nangong Huajing didn’t say anything, but her eyes looked towards Duan Tianfeng with a hint of pity.

That year, he lost to Xiao Gong.

Now his discipline will lose to Nangong Jue Yun.

This is life.

“Well, ten of you, come with me.”

Gu Beihan waved his hand.

Soon, Ye Guchen and the others followed Gu Beihan all the way to the volcano.

When approaching the volcano, most of the human body surface is surging with True Qi, forming a body shield.

Because the temperature around the sky furnace is too high, most people can’t bear it.

But Gu Beihan and other Forging Masters were fine.

Because they are pregnant with Heaven and Earth Strange Fire within the body, so long as the temperature is not too high, they can bear it.

Ye Guchen didn’t feel anything.

The two types of Heaven and Earth Strange Fire he is carrying are of very high grade.

The Heart Demon Flame is the top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

Da Luo Fen Xu Yan is top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

Seeing Ye Guchen’s relaxed and calm expression, Gu Beihan was secretly surprised.

But for a while, Gu Beihan entered the volcanic crater with the entire group.

Those spectators do not go down at all, but surround the volcanic crater.

And the entire volcanic crater is very huge, enough to hold 1000 to 10000 people, just like a circular grandstand.

Ye Guchen, who entered the volcanic crater, looked around and his heart shook suddenly.

“That is……”

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