Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1353

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What Ye Guchen saw was a bronze giant tower.

The entire bronze giant tower stands inside the volcano, very ancient and mysterious.

On the tower, there is the existence of each and everyone similar to cave dwellings.

From time to time, blazing flames gush out from the cave dwellings.

Not only Ye Guchen, but many viewers who came to the furnace for the first time saw the bronze giant tower towering in the volcano, and their eyes were full of shock.

Gu Beihan faintly explained: “This bronze giant tower was uploaded from the ancestors and used to suppress and control the 10000-year Fire Spirit.”

“Ten of you, when casting, you can use the power of the 10000-year-old Fire Spirit through the cave, but remember that 10000000 cannot be borrowed too much, let alone enter the bronze giant tower.”

“In the past, in my god Refiner Sect, there was no shortage of Forging Masters who entered the bronze giant tower in order to borrow more power, but they never came out again.” Gu Beihan’s tone was calm and warned.

The power of the Fire Spirit in 10000 years was extremely powerful, not to mention the juniors of these gods.

Even the Venerable, but a false saint enters it, it is impossible to come out.

Even if it is a holy person from the sky, even if he can barely walk out, it is impossible to be safe and sound, and he has to peel off his skin to survive.

Hearing Gu Beihan’s warning, all those volcanic crater onlookers were shocked, and the eyes looking towards the bronze giant tower had grave expressions.

Ye Guchen hearing this, the pupil light is secretly restrained, I don’t know what I am thinking.

“Well, if you are ready, let’s start.” Gu Beihan waved his hand.

Around the bronze giant tower, many casting platforms have also been built to facilitate the Forging Master to borrow the power of the 10000-year Fire Spirit.

Ye Guchen, Nangong Jue cloud, Gu Xiangling, Song Fei dust and the others, each stepped onto a platform.

At this moment, everyone’s breathing seemed to stop.

Duan Tianfeng was even more unable to bear, and squeezed his hands tightly.

When Xiao Gongzhu and Nangong Huajing stood together, their expressions were very indifferent.

“The last competition, officially begins!”

As Gu Beihan’s words fell, the final competition for Young Sect Master’s choice finally began.

When Gu Beihan’s voice fell, Nangong Jue Yun took the lead.

He took out a golden-bright and dazzling casting hammer directly, with many lines imprinted on the surface, which looked gorgeous, and there was a strong wave spreading.

“That’s… Divine Weapon Level’s casting hammer!” Some Forging Master unable to bear exclaimed, with surprise and envy in their eyes.

Divine Weapon Level’s casting hammer is extremely rare.

But immediately, Gu Xiangling and Song Fei Chen were both foundry hammers that took out the Divine Weapon Level.

“The casting hammer of Gu Xiangling should be Sect Master Gu Beihan.”

“And Song Fei Chen’s casting hammer seems to be Great Elder Yang Qi.”

Some god Refiner Sect Elder saw it.

Next, everyone’s eyes fell on Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen still uses the previous top grade Divine Weapon Level casting hammer.

“Hey, Ye Guchen’s casting hammer is not from Divine Weapon Level.”

“This is the disadvantage. A good casting hammer can even have the effect of 5 hammers.” Many Forging Masters shook their heads slightly.

The most basic of casting a Divine Weapon is the forging of raw materials.

The more forging times, the higher the quality of the material, and naturally the more likely it is to forge high-end Divine Weapon.

Ye Guchen’s casting hammer naturally put him at a disadvantage.

But Ye Guchen himself didn’t care.

Regarding the number of forgings, he believes that few people can compare with him.

After all, his physical fitness and soul strength are far from what the average Forging Master can compare.

“This last level depends on who forged Divine Weapon with the highest quality.”

“I think that only by forging the Divine Weapon, can it be possible to compete for the Sect Lord’s Position.”

Many people are discussing.

Generally speaking, it is not so easy for a 6-star Forging Master to cast Divine Weapon.

So in the eyes of everyone, if someone can forge the Divine Weapon, it is almost stable.

“I think Nangong Jue Yun is the most likely. He was already a 5 Star Forging Master a long time ago, and should now be a 6 Star Forging Master.” Many people looked towards Nangong Jue Yun.

The corner of Nangong Jue Yun’s mouth was filled with a smile.

He wiped the origin ring with his palm, and many rare materials were revealed.

Several of the materials, exuding the brilliance of Divine Red Clouds, flashed the eyes of many people.

“That piece of Purple Qi obscure stone is the rumored sacred material, amethyst celestial core?”

“And that piece of golden-bright and dazzling metal, how does it feel like a solar crystal?”

“There is also a piece of chalcedony that exudes chills, it should be the spirit of taiyin!”

Looking at the many materials that Nangong Jue Yun brought out, especially some of the sacred materials, made many people’s eyes hot.

Sacred material, may come by with luck, but not by searching for it.

But when I think of the identity of Nangong Jue Yunna Nangong Family, collecting these sacred materials is not impossible.

Gu Xiangling also took out his forging materials, including 2 sacred materials.

Song Fei dust is the same.

In the end, everyone’s eyes were all looking towards Ye Guchen.

They all know that Ye Guchen is actually lonely and has little influence.

What materials can he bring out?

“Don’t underestimate Ye Guchen. He used to cut out 2 sacred materials at Myriad Treasures.”

“But even if Ye Guchen has Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold and Void Mother Gold, it is not enough for him to forge, let alone compare with Nangong Jue Cloud and the others.” Some people commented.

Ye Guchen pupil light is also the material that sweeps Nangong Jue Cloud and the others.

He was not surprised.

Nangong Jue Yun has been preparing for this Young Sect Master’s choice for a long time.

If there is no sacred material, that would surprise him.

Ye Guchen expression was indifferent, and between waving his hands, he also revealed his own material.

Heavenly Tribulation Blue Gold and Void Mother Gold needless to say.

And the other materials in it made many Forging Masters in the audience feel suffocating.

“The metal covered with Dao Mark, don’t tell me is sacred material, Da Luo Dao Jin?”

Many Forging Masters looked at the golden-bright and dazzling piece of metal that Ye Guchen had taken out, and they were shocked for a while.

“There is also the liquid sealed in the stone. Could it be that Divine Weapon can bring a trace of spirituality to the mica cloud?” A group of people stared wide-eyed, took a deep breath.

“Also, look at that stone, it looks like a human shape, with 9 holes orifices on it, don’t tell me that it is a nine orifice god stone.”

All the eyes of the Forging Master are on the 9-aperture god stone.

9 Divine Weapon, rumored to allow the forged Divine Weapon to have the ability to independently handle Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi cultivation.

This kind of material, even among sacred materials, is absolutely superior.

Not to mention those gods Refiner Sect Elder, even Sect Master Gu Beihan, seeing the 9 orifice god stones, his heart trembled.

This sacred material is harder to find than top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

Everyone’s eyes looked towards Ye Guchen at this moment, all with amazement.

Ye Guchen’s forging materials are too luxurious.

Even the material of Nangong Jue Cloud pales in comparison to the other.

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