Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1354

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“This Ye Guchen, a lonely man, where did he collect so many rare materials?”

“Yeah, it’s beyond what I expected…”

Seeing Ye Guchen’s luxurious forging gift package, all viewers were shocked and shocked.

Those sacred materials, even the god Refiner Sect and the Elders, all looked eagerly.

“Young Master Ye, it’s really getting more and more unexpected.” Gu Xiangling stared at Ye Guchen with beautiful eyes, shining slightly.

Everyone at first thinks that Ye Guchen is totally incomparable with Nangong Jue Cloud in forging.

But now, I’m afraid no one will say such a thing again.

In their eyes, even if Ye Guchen is still far behind Nangong Jue, he is definitely a forging genius.

“Materials can’t determine everything, just like giving rare ingredients to a handicapped cook can only make food that is hard to swallow.”

Nangong Jue Yun said in a light tone.

In response, Ye Guchen just smiled.

Until now, it doesn’t make any sense to try your tongue again, and finally see the results.

“With materials, the next step is to use flames to smelt the materials and forge them.”

“This Rank 1 is comparable to the quality of Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, the control of flames, and the number of forging materials.” Gu Beihan said.

Not only him, but everyone present knows it well.

Heaven and Earth Strange Fire is too important for Forging Master.

Whether there is Heaven and Earth Strange Fire or not has a huge relationship with the Forging Master level and the quality of the forged Divine Weapon.

However, the ten Forging Masters who can reach this level are obviously all forging geniuses, impossible without Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

Song Fei Chen directly took out his own Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, the volcanic rock flame.

This kind of flame exists in the depths of volcanic lava. After 1000 years of compression, it is extremely hot, and it is very suitable for forging flames.

And I don’t know if it’s in the volcano. The volcanic flame of Song Fei dust burns more violently.

“The volcanic stone flame is a very good forging flame.” Some people were slightly nodded.

Yang Qi was also quite satisfied with this scene. Song Fei Chen’s performance did not disappoint him.

Immediately, Gu Xiangling also took out his own Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, sea blue water flame.

This kind of flame is very strange, but it exists at the bottom of the deep ocean lava.

Moreover, this kind of flame has a soft temperament and uniform temperature, which is also very suitable for refining.

Seeing that the two popular figures both took out Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, the eyes of everyone present turned to Ye Guchen and Nangong Jue Cloud again.

Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate. He raised his hand, and the darkness of dying Heart Demon rose up.

At this stage, these materials only need to be burned with Heart Demon.

“Sure enough, there is only the Heart Demon Flame, although it is the top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, but I am afraid it is not as good as the Nangong Jue cloud.” Some gods Refiner Sect Elder secretly shook their heads when they saw it.

Xiao Gongzhu and Nangong Huajing are faintly smiled, and they are even more confident.

“I heard that you cut out top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire in Myriad Treasures before, but it seems that it hasn’t been refining yet.” Nangong Jue Yun saw it, unable to bear pale said with a smile.

“Why do you talk so much, don’t tell me, don’t you be distracted when forging?”

Ye Guchen did not squint, concentrated on forging, said indifferently in his mouth.

“Heh…your mouth is more powerful than your forging strength.” Nangong Jue Yun coldly smiled, without saying anything, and began to take out his own flame.

In his eyes, flames of two colors of gold and silver slowly ignited.

Between raising his hands, the dazzling golden flames and the chilling Silver Flame surged out at the same time.

“Is that the Heaven and Earth Strange Fire of Nangong Jue Cloud?”

“Unexpectedly took out 2 kinds of Heaven and Earth Strange Fire at the same time, and the grade is extremely high, it seems that they have reached the top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire level!”

There were many people present, who had never seen Nangong Jue Yun took out his own flame. This was the first time I saw it.

“That golden flame, could it be true Yang Xuanhuo, the top grade strange fire of the most Firm most Yang!”

“There is also the flame that exudes cold air, it should be too yin and cold, and it is also a top grade strange fire!”

Seeing the gold and silver fires of Nangong Jue Yun took out, countless people took a deep breath all around the furnace.

The two types of top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire are fine. What’s more rare is that these two types of strange fire seem to be corresponding flames.

One is just one soft, One Yin One Yang.

Many Forging Masters are unimaginable. How Nangong Jue Yun can combine these two attributes with completely different top grades while refining them into the body.

“It’s Divine Weapon Young Master, not to mention other things. These 2 top grade strange fires alone are worthy of his reputation.” Some people sighed.

True Yang Xuanhuo and Taiyin Chilling Flame are both powerful weapons, whether used for forging or against enemies.

Rao was Ye Guchen, and a dim light flashed in his eyes.

Although he is standing in a hostile position, Ye Guchen also has to admit that Nangong Jue Yun can be among the ten First Young Masters, and he is still a Divine Weapon Young Master who focuses on forging. He does have his confidence in it.

But Ye Guchen didn’t have the slightest fear, after all, he still had a hole card that was not revealed.

All ten Forging Masters who participated in the competition took out the Heaven and Earth Strange Fire. The next step is to start forging.

As everyone knows, the number of forgings is related to the quality of the material.

The more times of forging, the less impurities in the material and the higher the quality.

And this forging is not just a simple hammer forging with a casting hammer.

Among them is to integrate the qi and blood mind of the Forging Master.

Therefore, this forging is very physically demanding and Soul Power.

Clang! clang! clang!

Around the bronze giant tower, densely packed percussions sounded, and ten Forging Masters all started hammering.

And the most eye-catching among them is not Nangong Jue Yun, but Ye Guchen.

Because everyone discovered that Ye Guchen’s movements have not changed from beginning to end.

Ye Guchen at this moment, as if turned into a robot, could not feel any fatigue, soreness, or exhaustion.

“Look at Ye Guchen, his actions have not changed at all!”

“There was news before that Ye Guchen fleshly body is extremely powerful, and it seems that he has received a mysterious fleshly body inheritance.”

Many people know that Ye Guchen’s fleshly body is powerful, but not many people know that Ye Guchen inherited the inheritance of the ancient Divine Race.

With such a fleshly body as the foundation, Ye Guchen is naturally among the best in the number of forgings.

Follow closely from behind is Nangong Jue Yun, then Song Fei Chen and Gu Xiangling.

Everyone can see that the person who wins the title in the end can only be born from these four people.


“Ye Guchen fleshly body is unparalleled, the material is rare, and the number of forgings is shocking.”

“Nangong Jue Yunshen holds two top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, and the forging methods are also extraordinary.”

“Song Fei Chen is the god Refiner Sect First Senior Brother. It is the discipline of Great Elder Yang Qi, and his strength is not weak.”

“Gu Xiangling is the daughter of Sect Master Gu Beihan. Although she is the only woman among the four, she is obviously not weak.”

Everyone was curious.

Who is the final winner?

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