Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1357

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Everyone here knows that now is the crucial moment for Young Sect Master’s choice.

Whether you can forge a high-grade Divine Weapon depends on whether Ye Guchen can overcome the Nangong Jue cloud and Song Fei dust in casting.

“I think Ye Guchen is really difficult. Nangong Jue Cloud uses 2 top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, pulling the power of 10000 years of Fire Spirit, plus the assistance of God-level casting, which is simply unmatched.”

“Yeah, even if it is Song Fei Chen, I just took it out and took out the Spirit Crystal. This is also a plan to try my best.”

“If Ye Guchen does not have a decisive hole card, it is impossible to beat these two people.”

All the people present, no matter the people of the god Refiner Sect, or those who watched, knew everything well.

If Ye Guchen can’t come up with a decisive hole card, it is almost impossible to overtake Nangong Jue Yun.

It is precisely because of this that Ye Guchen has attracted the attention of the four parties at this moment.

They all want to know what kind of trump cards they have as the discipline chosen by the Southern Forging Master.

“God-level casting technique?”

Ye Guchen looked at Nangong Jue Yun, not at all unexpected expression on his face.

Duan Tianfeng had already told him that Xiao Gongshu had taught Nangong Jue Yun the god-level casting technique.

“It seems that I can only use that trick, but before that, I am still waiting for a way to use the power of the 10000-year Fire Spirit…” Ye Guchen muttered to himself.

Only by understanding the taboo casting technique can you know how violent the taboo casting technique is.

But at the same time, it is also very difficult to succeed, even more difficult than the god-level casting technique.

Ye Guchen thought, relying on his own strength to successfully forge Divine Weapon with taboo casting technique, the success rate is very low.

The only possibility is to use the flame power of the 10000-year Fire Spirit.

The power of that flame can not only assist Ye Guchen in forging, but also improve the quality of the forged Divine Weapon.

However, compared to Nangong Jue Yun and Song Fei Chen, Ye Guchen has a major drawback.

He has never been in the Refiner Sect before, so naturally he doesn’t know how to use 10000 years of fire spiritual force.

It is the first time for Ye Guchen to come to this Tianlu, far less skilled than Nangong Jue Yun and Song Fei Chen.

The people around also saw Ye Guchen’s plight.

“I’m afraid Ye Guchen is in trouble now. He doesn’t know how to use the power of the 10000-year Fire Spirit.” Gu Beihan shook his head slightly.

“Hey, it’s a failure…” Yang Qi also sighed.

Ye Guchen’s previous performance has surprised many people, thinking that he will be Nangong Jue Yun’s most powerful opponent.

As a result, they are also understood now, Ye Guchen will not use the power of the 10000-year Fire Spirit, which is an absolute disadvantage.

“It turned out to be like this…” Gu Xiangling also bit her lip.

Although she was also forging, she knew in her heart that she could no longer compete for the top spot.

Compared with Song Fei Chen, Gu Xiangling feels that Ye Guchen is more likely to be compared with Nangong Jue Yun.

Just when everyone thought that Ye Guchen would fall into a disadvantage, Ye Guchen made a move that everyone didn’t expect.

He stepped to the cave entrance of the bronze giant tower.

“What is going on, what is Ye Guchen going to do?”

“Don’t tell me he wants to enter the bronze giant tower!”

When everyone saw Ye Guchen’s actions, their eyes were shocked.

Both the people of the god Refiner Sect and the rest of the viewers know that the bronze giant tower is the existence of the Fire Spirit for 10000 years. If anyone enters it rashly, they will not get any good fruits.

Not to mention that the cultivation base is only Ye Guchen in the Divine Palace Realm. Even the venerable and even the false saints are at great risk of falling directly.

Rao is a sage of the heavenly robbers, and he must peel off his skin if he does not die.

Because the chaotic sky fire controlled by the Fire Spirit in 10000 was too powerful, some saints with weak fleshly bodies could not hold it.

“What is he going to do, commit suicide?” Gu Beihan wrinkled frowned.

If Ye Guchen died in his god Refiner Sect, the god Refiner Sect would also get in trouble.

“Young Master Ye, stay here, the bronze giant tower is too dangerous, don’t enter it!”

Upon seeing this, Gu Xiangling hurriedly shouted softly, with a nervous expression in his expression.

She thought Ye Guchen did not know the danger of the Fire Spirit in 10000 years.

Ye Guchen turned his face, faintly smiled, did not say anything, and continued to enter.

Here, Xiao Gongzhu and Nangong Huajing were also quite surprised when they saw this.

Xiao Gongzhu turned to look at Duan Tianfeng, with a hint of playfulness in his tone: “Duan Tianfeng, does your discipline know that you can’t win, and 10000 will lose your mind and you have chosen to commit suicide?”

“Relax, even if your discipline dies, my discipline will live well.” Duan Tianfeng said coldly, said ill-humoredly.

But even though he said so on the surface, Duan Tianfeng’s heart was also playing drums.

After all, he is also a person of the god Refiner Sect, and he knows the power of the Fire Spirit in 10000 years.

To be honest, Duan Tianfeng didn’t understand why Ye Guchen took such a risk.

But in his eyes, Ye Guchen has never been a reckless person. He wants to do this, naturally, he has his reasons.

“This Ye Guchen, what are you buying? Is it really for courting death?”

Nangong Jue Yun looked at Ye Guchen who walked into the cave and muttered to himself.

He vaguely felt that Ye Guchen must have his purpose in doing this.

However, Nangong Jue Yun couldn’t think of any hole cards Ye Guchen had that would allow him to face the power of the 10000-year Fire Spirit.

And Song Fei Chen said with a smile from the bottom of my heart: “This Ye Guchen is even crazier than me. In order to borrow the power of the 10000-year Fire Spirit, he will not hesitate to commit a risk.”

The overwhelming majority present thought that Ye Guchen was crazy.

Only Ye Guchen himself understood that his mind was so clear now.

Ye Guchen would naturally not do the things to bring about one’s own destruction.

But in order to gain strength and transformation, it is worth taking a certain risk in Ye Guchen’s view.

Ye Guchen stepped directly into the bronze giant tower.

Outside, Heaven and Earth was silent.

“Even if he really entered, wherever Ye Guchen really goes, he will do some shocking things.” Many people sighed.

Where Ye Guchen is there, the major event is indispensable.

“Father, why not stop Young Master Ye?” Gu Xiangling said with a pale face.

“Hey, this is his own choice, and we are currently in the game, and we can’t interfere.” Gu Beihan shook his head.

“How could this be…” Gu Xiangling was slightly lost.

She did have a slight affection for Ye Guchen.

Personality, personality, experience, etc., are far better than Nangong Jue Yun and Song Fei Chen.

But the bronze giant tower, let alone the martial artist of the gods, is the saint going in and it will not feel good.

So the chance of Ye Guchen being alive is really slim.

Everyone thinks that Ye Guchen is really ten deaths without life this time.

Just when this thought came up in the hearts of everyone outside, Ye Guchen himself had already penetrated into the bronze giant tower…

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