Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1359

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In the eyes of everyone, Ye Guchen, who caused the Fire Spirit riot, has almost no hope of survival.

“Didn’t expect Ye Guchen, who stirred the endless situation in the Saint Sovereign world, will end up in this way.”

“Yeah, I still have some expectations. His performance on Funeral Sky Island.”

“I originally wanted to see the ultimate battle between Ye Guchen and Di Haotian. Now it seems that there is no such hope.”

The crowd sighed around for a while.

Now, even Duan Tianfeng was playing drums in his heart.

Although he believes that Ye Guchen has his own plans, now it is really hard for him to imagine how Ye Guchen will survive.

“Ye Guchen, can you create another miracle?” Duan Tianfeng muttered to himself.

Just when everyone outside thought that Ye Guchen had fallen.

At the bottom of the bronze giant tower, Ye Guchen is playing a game with the 10000-year Fire Spirit and is caught in the Life and Death barrier.

The only way the Fire Spirit attacked in 10000 was Chaos God Fire.

As soon as the sacred fire came out, 10000 fire acknowledge allegiance!

Even if Ye Guchen took out both Heart Demon Yan and Da Luo Fen Xuyan, it was of no avail.

The burning sensation almost immediately scorched Ye Guchen’s skin.

Not everyone can bear this kind of horrible pain.

“Xuanyuan Heavy Water!”

Ye Guchen once again took out Xuanyuan Heavy Water from the Dantian Divine Mansion to assist in resisting the power of Chaos Divine Fire.

But still better than nothing.

“Nine Tribulations Heart Scripture!”

Ye Guchen directly urges the Nine Tribulations Heart Scripture cultivation technique to start Transcending Tribulation.

His dantian seems to have turned into the origin of a black hole, and the surrounding chaos and sacred fires are centered on it and poured into it.

In an instant, Ye Guchen felt a burning pain like tearing.

Rao is based on Ye Guchen’s concentration, also looks pale, and his body trembles fiercely.

His muscles and bones scorched black at the speed visible to naked eye.

“The Heart of the Ancient God!”

Ye Guchen directly urges the heart of the sealed ancient god.

The blood of the ancient gods shed like money without money.

This is the heart of the ancient Divine Race Heavenly Eye King, and the blood of the ancient god flowing out of it possesses extremely powerful vitality.

However, even with the help of the blood of the ancient gods, Ye Guchen’s situation is very critical.

Because the formidable power of Chaos Shenhuo is too powerful.

Even the blood of the ancient gods can hardly replenish Ye Guchen’s fleshly body.

Ye Guchen once again took out a few holy medicines.

With his current position in the sword dynasty, the holy medicine is not particularly rare to him.

Ye Guchen directly took out 4 holy medicines and directly refining them into the body.

In an instant, the billowing Life Essence Qi spread out from within the body, nourishing Ye Guchen’s burnt meridian and internal organs.

At the same time, Ye Guchen also took out some Ice-Cold Attribute treasures and medicine pill to reduce the damage of Chaos Divine Fire.

Although this effect is minimal, it is better than nothing.

Under Ye Guchen’s various methods, although he was still suffering from purgatory-like painful injuries, he was barely able to survive a ray of life.

Of course, the most important reason is that Ye Guchen cultivation has Nine Tribulations Heart Scripture.

Nine Tribulations Heart Scripture can transform the power of Chaos and Divine Fire into the power of Transcending Tribulation.

Otherwise, without the help of Nine Tribulations Heart Scripture, Ye Guchen, no matter how powerful the fleshly body, no matter how many means, would be impossible to survive the burning of the chaotic fire.

After all, this is a flame that even the venerable and even the false saints are afraid of.

The Fire Spirit of 10000 years was obviously also very unexpected. He didn’t expect that his own chaotic sacred fire could not kill the humble human martial artist in front of this realm.

However, the Fire Spirit in 10000 will only use Chaos Divine Fire to attack.

Therefore, it just continues to spur the chaos divine fire to burn Ye Guchen.

And the dantian of Ye Guchen, in the midst of such a disaster, began to transform again.

Outside at the moment.

Everyone sighed Ye Guchen’s fall, and focused on the final duel.

Gu Xiangling’s Divine Weapon is almost complete.

God Refiner Sect and the Elders concluded that the quality of the Divine Weapon last sacrificed by Gu Xiangling is estimated to reach Divine Weapon Level, which is already a very good result.

But now, none of the gods Refiner Sect Elder can laugh.

Because of this result, it can’t be compared with Nangong Jue Yun.

On the other side, Song Fei Chen also did his best.

“No, if this goes on, I am absolutely no match for Nangong Jue Yun.”

Song Fei Chen felt the astonishing fluctuations from the cloud of Nangong Jue. He clenched the teeth and poured True Qi into the Spirit Crystal again.

Suddenly, more chaotic sacred fire was drawn.

“Not good, Smelly Brat, stop!” Great Elder Yang Qi saw this, his face suddenly changed.

The Fire Spirit had already rioted in 10000 years ago, and now the power of the Fire Spirit Crystal can no longer be triggered by Song Fei Absolute Control.

Sure enough, a large group of chaotic and sacred fire rushed towards Song Fei.

Upon seeing the dust, Song Fei’s complexion changed drastically, and his figure hurriedly backed away.

But even so, he was affected and let out a harsh scream.

“Ah… my hands, my hands!” Song Fei Chen was scorched all over, raising his arms, his hands were burnt, revealing scorched bones.


Yang Qi’s expression was sullen, and a flash fell in front of Song Fei Chen’s body, and hurriedly took out the medicine pill to Song Fei Chen’s suit.

However, Song Fei Chen’s hands have long been burned into the bones, even if they can be retained, it is estimated that they are almost useless.

“You idiot, can’t even the most basic patience of Forging Master do such a reckless thing!” Yang Qi hate iron for not becoming steel.

Song Fei At this moment, his face is pale, and his heart is as gray as death.

From the moment Yang Qi intervened, he had already lost the qualification to compete for the top spot.

Taking a step back, even without this reason, with Song Fei Chen’s current hands, it is absolutely impossible to complete the next forging.

Song Fei dust can definitely be said to be trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off, and even ruined his future forging prospects.

“How could this happen, it’s all because of Ye Guchen. If he hadn’t caused the Fire Spirit riot, how could I have fallen to where I am now.” Song Fei’s face was sullen, and the reason was attributed to Ye Guchen.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t see the death of Ye Guchen with my own eyes.” Song Fei thought fiercely in his heart.

With Song Fei Chen’s disqualification from the competition, the end of the entire Young Sect Master selection is almost visible.

Ye Guchen’s entry into the bronze giant tower is almost equal to his fall.

Song Fei Chen’s hands were abandoned and he was disqualified.

The Divine Weapon forged by Gu Xiangling is obviously not comparable to Nangong Jue Cloud.

One can imagine who the final winner is.

“Hehe, not unexpected.” A faint smile appeared on Xiao Gongzhu’s face.

Nangong Huajing is also smiling.

After all, Nangong Jue Yun is the Heaven’s Chosen of their Nangong Family. If he boarded the Sect Lord’s Position and took over the power of Refiner Sect in the future, it would be extremely beneficial to the Nangong Family.

Just when everyone thought that the ending was settled.

Ye Guchen in the bronze giant tower has begun to transform…

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