Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1360

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The bottom of the bronze giant tower.

Ye Guchen sat cross-legged in the center of the endless chaos and divine fire.

At this moment, his body was already scorched, and he couldn’t find a good piece of meat.

The whole, like an old monk entering concentration, and an ancient Buddha’s Nirvana, there is no slightest movement.

Even the breathing and heartbeat are minimal, almost nothing.

If someone is on the scene, they might even mistakenly think that Ye Guchen’s body is a scorched statue.

And in this state of passing away, within Ye Guchen’s dantian, the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down began.

Within his dantian shrine, it seems that a miniature world is beginning to evolve.

At the bottom of the divine palace, there is earth air flowing, condensing and condensing into a hard ground.

The river formed by the heavy water of Xuanyuan flows within the divine mansion, and is burned by the chaos and divine fire, turning into mist, and rushing to the top of the divine mansion, as if it has turned into clouds and heaven.

The chaos and sacred fire, urging the airflow to revolve, seemed to ignite the vitality and vitality in the entire divine palace.

In some ancient written in ancient records, the world is composed of four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind.

4 square elements form the entire world.

At this moment, in Ye Guchen Divine Mansion, it began to evolve the wonder of the world.

In the entire Shenfu, the order was suddenly chaotic, and the structure became unstable.

the reason is simple.

This is because the element of wind is still lacking in Ye Guchen’s palace.

Without one element, the entire world will be incomplete and will begin to collapse.

Hong long long !

In the end, the world not at all in Ye Guchen God’s Mansion was completely formed, but only a prototype was condense.

And at the moment of the world’s prototype condense, Ye Guchen exploded with an extremely strong breath.

His realm began to loosen, and then went directly to the 7 Heavenly Layer of Shenfu.

Because it was just the condense of the prototype of the world of the gods, not at all transformed into the real world of the gods, so Ye Guchen’s cultivation base was just a breakthrough of one small realm.

However, it is conceivable that if Ye Guchen is truly condense to a world-level divine palace, then it will be when Ye Guchen’s cultivation base skyrocketed.

After the prototype transformation of Shenfu world was completed, Ye Guchen’s body finally began to move.

He stood up slowly.

The scorched body surface made the sound of ka-cha, and a layer of scorched dead skin cracked and fell off, exposing the fair skin.

Finally, the burnt black on the body surface was completely peeled off, and Ye Guchen’s perfect figure was revealed.

Slender posture, well-proportioned body, not at all explosive muscles, but the hidden power, it is impossible to ignore.

At this time, the benefits of Ye Guchen Transcending Tribulation are not only condense the prototype of the world of Shenfu.

Chaos and Shenhuo also tempering Ye Guchen’s fleshly body.

His fleshly body, faintly, seems to have a tendency to transform towards the ancient god of 3 Star.

Of course, if you want to truly transform into a 3 Star ancient god, obviously it is not such a simple matter.

“Now, I finally understand a little bit why the world palace is called the legendary palace.” Ye Guchen whispered.

Because to a certain extent, the world of God’s Mansion is somewhat similar to the Saint Sovereign world of Saint Sovereign.

But you should know that Ye Guchen is a martial artist of Shenfujing.

The 1000-leaf Saint Sovereign is the immortal Saint Sovereign.

The gap between these two realms can hardly be described as a gap, and they can hardly be compared together.

But the world palace, but Ye Guchen, in the realm of the palace, faintly have the prototype of the Saint Sovereign world.

Isn’t this cheating?

“If it is the condense of the world divine palace, and it is refined to suppress the enemy, wouldn’t it be equivalent to, 1000 leaves of Saint Sovereign took out of the Saint Sovereign world?” Ye Guchen put out a breath deeply.

He finally understood the heaven-defying aspects of the World God Mansion.

This is equivalent to allowing Ye Guchen to comprehend the other World Rule of the Immortal Sovereign Level in the realm of the gods.

Isn’t this going against the sky?

“Nine Tribulations Heart Scripture, it really deserves to be the Supreme cultivation technique.” Ye Guchen slowly suppressed his heart shock.

It can be said that Ye Guchen is only one step away from finally transforming into the world palace.


Ye Guchen’s harvest this time is much more than that.

His eyes, with a slight smile, looked at that not far away, stiffly on the 10000-year Fire Spirit in the sky.

If the Fire Spirit were human in 10000 years, then its expression at the moment must be dumbfounded.

In front of this realm, the humble and small human martial artist actually survived its chaotic fire.

Not only that, it looks like Chaos and Shenhuo, which has no effect on it.

The 10000 Fire Spirit seemed to be a little bit unbelievable, it opened its mouth and let out a roar, and spit out a fire column again.

However, the pillar of fire fell on Ye Guchen, but it couldn’t cause him any harm.

Not even one strand of hair was burnt.

With a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, Ye Guchen slowly raised his hand amidst the humanized consternation of the 10000-year Fire Spirit.

Pu chi!

A wisp of 5 colorful, chaotic sacred fire emerged from his fingers.


At the same time as this ray of chaos and sacred fire emerged, Fire Spirit uttered a violent roar in 10000 years, as if to vent the shock and unbelievable in his heart.

In its view, outside of itself, it is basically impossible that someone is in control of Chaos and Shenhuo.

But the human being in front of him is in control.

With Fire Spirit’s low IQ in 10000 years, it is impossible to understand this situation.

Ye Guchen has a slight smile on his face.

His divine palace within the body has been tempered by the chaotic fire, so naturally he won’t be hurt by the chaotic fire.

Even like Xuanyuan Heavy Water, Ye Guchen can also control Chaos Divine Fire.

And because the power of the Chaos Divine Fire is too overbearing, Ye Guchen within the body’s Heart Demon Flame and Da Luo Burning the Void Flame are all swallowed by the Chaos Divine Fire.

As long as it is all energy related to flames, all are refined by Chaos Divine Fire.

So now Ye Guchen has only one kind of flame, and that is Chaos Divine Fire.

However, this chaotic sacred fire is many times stronger than the combined flame of Da Luo Fen Xuyan and Heart Demon Flame.

Between the two, there is simply no comparability.

At this moment, Ye Guchen pupil light stares at the 10000-year Fire Spirit, looking thoughtful.

In 10000 Fire Spirit, the whole body trembled.

Apart from the Chaos and Divine Fire, it no longer has any means to confront the enemy.

In other words, it now poses no threat to Ye Guchen at all.

But Ye Guchen has the possibility of refining it.

When I think of this, Fire Spirit 10000 has a shiver coldly feeling.

“Heh… I have an idea, but I just don’t know if after doing this, the god Refiner Sect Sect Master and the others, will he chase me and chop?”

Ye Guchen chuckled softly.

If the Fire Spirit were gone in 10000, Gu Beihan would have the heart to kill him.

However, it is a pity that in Ye Guchen’s vision, he uses taboo forging to forge the sword, and in the end it just takes 10000 years of Fire Spirit power.

Ye Guchen’s own chaotic fire is not enough.

“Now the people outside, I am afraid I have fallen, and it is time to go out.”

Ye Guchen thought, put on a set of black shirt, slender figure, pupil light, stepping into the void, and stepping out of the bronze giant tower.

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