Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1361

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Outside the bronze giant tower.

The current situation seems to have settled.

A ray of worry and helplessness appeared in Gu Beihan’s eyes.

Great Elder Yang Qi had a dark face and said nothing.

Song Fei Chen’s face was gray, with resentment in his eyes.

In his opinion, even if Ye Guchen is dead, he will have to deal with him, and both of his hands will be abolished, and the opportunity to compete for the top is completely lost.

“Father, I’m sorry, I let you down.” Gu Xiangling finished the game and walked to Gu Beihan’s beautiful face with melancholy.

She finally tried her best to forge the Divine Weapon.

For her age, she is already extremely good.

But no matter what, there is a more enchanting Nangong Jue cloud above.

Double top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire, plus god-level casting.

Nangong Jue Yun is a well-deserved Peak casting genius.

“Hehe, no matter before or now, the ending remains the same.”

Xiao Gongshu smiled slightly and completely relaxed his mind.

At first, he didn’t at all put Ye Guchen in his eyes, until Ye Guchen showed surprising abilities one after another, which made Xiao Gong lose his attention.

But now, the ending is completely set, his discipline Nangong Jue cloud, will become the Young Sect Master of God Refiner Sect.

Forging Tianfeng is hearing this without saying a word.

It’s just that the old face is even more tired.

There was a faint color of self-blame in the eyes.

What he cares most about now is Ye Guchen’s Life and Death, not the result of the game.

As far as Duan Tianfeng is concerned, as long as Ye Guchen can survive, even if the game loses or the bet is lost, Duan Tianfeng does not matter.

Nangong Huajing saw Duan Tianfeng’s expression, and a hint of pity flashed across her eyes.

She had no feelings for Duan Tianfeng.

But after all, there have been some beautiful pasts.

“Senior Brother, Hua Jing said before, let the past pass, let go of obsessions, and return to the mountains and forests with peace of mind?”

“If that happens, it won’t be what it is now, and Ye Guchen won’t fall.”

Nangong Huajing thought that she was comforting Duan Tianfeng.

But when he heard the words of Ye Guchen’s fall, Duan Tianfeng seemed to be irritated, and retorted: “Impossible, Brat Ye has his plan.”

“At the beginning, the three major Overlord level forces forced him to kill him in Sky Desolate Plain. He didn’t die. How could he die here!”

Duan Tianfeng didn’t want to believe it.

“Hey, Senior Brother, you still have that character, and you don’t want to accept the facts…” Nangong Huajing shook her head slightly.

However, just as her voice fell, a faint voice suddenly came out.

“Oh, fact? What kind of fact?”

As soon as this voice came out, Nangong Huajing was slightly stunned.

However, when Gu Xiangling heard this voice, the beautiful eyes widened uncontrollably, and the clear pupils filled with satisfaction.

Many people present were also stunned.

Their gazes coincided, turning to the source of the sound.

It is impressively inside the cave dwelling of the bronze giant tower.

“This…No…No way?” A god, Refiner Sect Elder, almost stared out, and took a deep breath.

They couldn’t believe it, but that voice really came from the cave.

10000 line of sight, all of them descend towards the cave entrance.

Among the shocking and incredible gazes of everyone, a black shirt youth stepped out calmly.

The black hair flutters, the pupil light is calm, and the dashing eyebrows star’s handsome face is very calm and calm.

The person who came out was not Ye Guchen, or who?

“Ye Guchen!”

There was an uproar in the audience, as if it had exploded.

Everyone stared at Ye Guchen with a look of seeing a ghost.

Doesn’t it mean that even the venerable false saints will be robbed if they enter it?

What is going on now?

Compared with the shock of those viewers, the gods Refiner Sect and the Elders, as well as Yang Qi and Gu Beihan, were also a little dazed and unimaginable.

They often come to the furnace for forging, and they know the formidable power of the 10000 Year Fire Spirit.

That’s Chaos God Fire.

More powerful existence than top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

Even Gu Beihan didn’t pay attention to the Chaos Divine Fire.

Because he knew it was impossible.

The Fire Spirit of 10000 is not an existence that ordinary people can conquer.

It is precisely because of this that Gu Beihan and the others will be surprised.

The previous Chaos and Shenhuo riots also indirectly demonstrated that Ye Guchen did encounter the 10000-year Fire Spirit.

They couldn’t imagine how Ye Guchen survived.

“What the hell is going on, why is he still alive, why?”

Song Fei Chen’s face solidified, and his scalp seemed to explode.

He was abolished by the Chaos Sacred Fire and even lost his qualifications.

But now, Ye Guchen walked out of the bronze giant tower like an okay person.

Who can stand this so much?

Song Fei is crazy and feels like he is going crazy.

He was affected by the Chaos Fire and became so miserable, but Ye Guchen was safe and sound.

It is not just Song Fei dust that is stimulated.

Nangong Jue Yun was also shocked, almost even the hand of the refining device was a little unstable.

“How could it be…” Nangong Jue’s cloud temple blue tendons tú ​​tú beating.

This Ye Guchen is too fateful.

Duan Tianfeng, Gu Xiangling, and Shendiao Xiaohei all let out a long relaxed breath.

Especially Duan Tianfeng, swept away the self-blame and depression on his face.

Although he didn’t know how Ye Guchen could survive, but this kind of result is naturally the best.

Ye Guchen looked lightly, looking towards Nangong Huajing and said: “This Ye didn’t die in the bronze giant tower, it disappointed you.”

“Hmph…” Xiao Gongshu flicked his sleeves and said nothing with a cold face.

He was also unimaginable, and he was full of questions.

But obviously he couldn’t pull that face down and asked Ye Guchen.

Nangong Huajing was speechless when asked by Ye Guchen, her beautiful face alternated with white and blue, very embarrassing.

She also said just now, let Duan Tianfeng admit the fact that Ye Guchen had fallen.

As a result, Ye Guchen immediately emerged from the bronze giant tower.

Don’t hit the face too fast.

But soon, Nangong Huajing adjusted and said, “Ye Guchen, you are indeed very unexpected. I’m afraid no one thought you would come out alive.”

“But so what, now the result of Young Sect Master’s choice has been settled, there is no suspense.”

Nangong Huajing’s words make many people nodded.

Indeed, now Nangong Jue Yun is almost firmly on the Sect Lord’s Position.

Ye Guchen even if he comes out alive, what’s the use?

It can’t be compared, it’s still not.

Duan Tianfeng also shook his head and sighed softly: “Brat Ye, that’s enough, you can be safe, the big deal is this competition, we won’t compare, if you lose the bet, then you lose, maybe it’s time to admit your life.”

If Ye Guchen had an accident for helping him, Duan Tianfeng would really be to blame.

Therefore, Duan Tianfeng would rather give up gambling.

“He…Tian Tianfeng Senior, this doesn’t look like your style.” Ye Guchen smiled suddenly.

Seeing Ye Guchen’s smile, everyone present was stunned.

Because this smile is full of confidence.

“My Ye Guchen’s fate is not to admit it!”

“It is a taboo against the sky, and it is also to forge a unique Divine Weapon!”

Ye Guchen spoke loudly and raised his hand, black hair dancing wildly.

A scarlet breath radiated from Ye Guchen within the body, shaking Heaven and Earth and changing the sky!

“Yes…taboo casting technique!” Duan Tianfeng’s heart trembled fiercely.

That taboo casting technique that even he has never used, Ye Guchen today, don’t tell me to show it to the world?

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