Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1362

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For taboo casting, the two words taboo are prominent.

Although the taboo casting technique is comparable to the god-level casting technique, it is even slightly higher than the god-level casting technique to some extent.

But its degree of danger is not comparable to that of God-level casting.

If the god-level casting fails, at most Divine Weapon will be scrapped.

But if the taboo casting technique fails, usually speaking, it will cause a lot of damage to the Forging Master.

From the slightest injury to the severe, death is possible.

It is precisely because taboo casting is extremely rare, coupled with great side effects, in the Forging Master crowd, almost extinct.

Generally speaking, only a madman would want to forge Divine Weapon with taboo casting.

At this moment, feeling the kind of breath of Ye Guchen, everyone in the audience was frozen in place.

Especially the god Refiner Sect and the crowds, all eyes are wide and their pupils are full of astonished expressions.

“Then Ye Guchen, what casting technique is he going to take out?”

“This kind of breath is definitely not an ordinary casting technique, or even a god-level casting technique!” Yang Qi’s heart trembled fiercely, and said impossible to bear.

“Could it be… Taboo Casting?”

Gu Beihan said with a hint of uncertainty in his eyes.

“What, taboo casting technique?” Some gods Refiner Sect Elder sucked in a breath of cold air, and their pupils were full of shock.

“Taboo casting, what is taboo casting?” some viewers wondered.

“The so-called taboo casting technique is extremely dangerous casting technique, which can damage the Forging Master from injury to death.”

“But this kind of casting is usually comparable to the god-level casting.” A god Refiner Sect Elder explained.

“What, it’s so dangerous, Ye Guchen don’t tell me to fight for life?” After listening to the explanation, some people turned pale with fright.

They didn’t expect that even trying a forge would be life-threatening.

Gu Xiangling’s face was even more pale, she naturally knew how dangerous the taboo casting technique was.

And from the imposing manner that Ye Guchen exudes, this kind of taboo casting technique is obviously the most top-notch, but it is also the most dangerous.

“Young Master Ye, you don’t have to be like this.” Gu Xiangling said palely.

Is it worth betting on your life for a Sect Lord’s Position?

Duan Tianfeng is also fluctuating.

When he first met Ye Guchen and inherited his taboo casting technique, he really wanted Ye Guchen to use it to help him win the bet he lost with Xiao Gong.

But after such a long time, Duan Tianfeng had a master and disciple feeling for Ye Guchen.

Now he would rather lose the bet by himself than Ye Guchen would take a risk.

“Brat Ye, you don’t have to be like this.” Dui Tianfeng sighed.

Ye Guchen expression said unchanged: “Senior, this Ye is not all for you, I also have the determination to forge my own Divine Weapon.”

Ye Guchen had a plan to forge his own Divine Weapon a long time ago.

It’s just that there have been no conditions and opportunities.

Now that it’s hard to come across such a good opportunity, how could Ye Guchen miss it?

As for the danger of taboo casting.

If Ye Guchen is afraid of danger, simply won’t enter the bronze giant tower.

Seeing the persistence in Ye Guchen’s eyes, Duan Tianfeng opened his mouth slightly, but finally did not persuade him.

This is Ye Guchen’s obsession.

“You actually inherited him the taboo casting technique, which really made me didn’t expect.” Xiao Gongzui’s expression was colder than ever.

He just thought that Nangong Jue Yun won less Sect Lord’s Position and was almost stable.

As a result, Ye Guchen walked out of the bronze giant tower alive, exceeding Xiao Gong’s expectations.

Now even the taboo casting technique is displayed.

In Xiao Gongzhu’s heart, there was a vague sense of anxiety.

The plan for a long time will not be caused by Ye Guchen alone, right?

Nangong Huajing’s mood is also not calm.

2 There is a ray of anxiety in everyone’s heart.

“What about Taboo Casting, Ye Guchen, with your strength, can you play the formidable power of Taboo Casting? Don’t when the time comes, Divine Weapon hasn’t been refined, but people are gone.” Nangong Jue said with a sneer .

Taboo casting technique, if everyone can succeed, it is not called taboo casting technique.

And Ye Guchen is not a dedicated Forging Master yet.

Forging is just his side job.

In this case, it is necessary to forcefully perform the taboo casting technique. In Nangong Jue Yun’s view, the success rate is far lower than his god-level casting technique.

“Only ignorant people will presumptuously speculate on what others can do. If you can’t, just shut up!”

Ye Guchen spoke indifferently and ignored Nangong Jue Yun.

“You…well, I want to see, in the end, is your taboo casting technique more powerful, or my god-level casting technique is stronger!” Nangong Jue Yun also gave up.

This time forging Divine Weapon, he must succeed!

“Sun & Moon Refinement Yuanji!”

Nangong Jue Yun’s palms spurred the True Yang Xuanhuo and Taiyin Chills, various sacred materials, top grade treasures, up and down in the flames.

Vaguely, it seems to want to condense Two Swords device Divine Weapon.

Many people’s eyes fell on Ye Guchen.

“Although Ye Guchen wants to perform taboo casting, his fire rank is faintly lower than Nangong Jue.”

“Yes, although Da Luo Fen Xu Yan is comparable to the two flames of Nangong Jue Cloud, it is still slightly worse than the Heart Demon Flame.”

Just as everyone was discussing.

Ye Guchen slowly raised his hand.


There was a violent bang, and a group of 5 colorful, chaotic flames burst out.

As soon as the flame came out, the void seemed to be faintly burnt and twisted.

“This flame is…!”

When I saw Ye Guchen took out the Chaos Sacred Fire, the scene was deadly silent.

Some Forging Masters of Refiner Sect, their eyes are almost out of their eyes.

“You pinch me, is what I see is true?”

“The Chaos Divine Fire, Ye Guchen took out the Chaos Divine Fire of the Fire Spirit for 10000 years!”

Screams, exclamations, four times rise, everyone is surprised and stunned!

Even those viewers and laymen have seen it before, Nangong Jue Yun and Song Fei Chen and the others are trying to borrow from Chaos and Shenhuo.

But now, Ye Guchen just took out the Chaos God Fire.

“This this……”

Not to mention those spectators, even Gu Beihan’s expression on his face is wonderful.

He even wanted to catch Ye Guchen and question how he got the Chaos Divine Fire.

And the Song Fei dust, like a lost soul, his eyes were dull, and he couldn’t believe his eyes at all.

His hands were burned by the chaotic divine fire.

Ye Guchen instead took control of the Chaos God Fire.

With this one, Song Fei Chen’s heart is completely ashamed.

Ye Guchen, he can’t compare!

Duan Tianfeng, Gu Xiangling and the others also found it incredible, but they were delighted for Ye Guchen.

Chaos Sacred Fire is definitely a weapon for Forging Master may come by with luck, but not by searching for it, far better than top grade Heaven and Earth Strange Fire.

Xiao Gongzhu and Nangong Huajing were like petrified, sticking in place, their expressions stiffer than ever.

Of course, the shock of these people cannot compare to the shock of Nangong Jue Yun at this moment.

Because he is Ye Guchen’s opponent.

Ye Guchen took out Chaos and Shenhuo, to Nangong Jue Yun, it is like a bolt from the blue!


God fire out, 10000 fire acknowledge allegiance!

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