Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1366

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As everyone knows, Divine Weapon is called Divine Weapon because Divine Weapon formidable power is strong and can provoke Might of Heavenly Tribulation.

As long as it can survive baptism, the quality of Divine Weapon will change qualitatively.

The general Divine Weapon, the Thunder Tribulation that is introduced, is the ordinary Thunder Tribulation.

However, there are some rare Divine Weapon, or Divine Weapon of special Divine Weapon, whose quality is too high, and the Thunder Tribulation introduced is not ordinary Thunder Tribulation, but special Thunder Tribulation.

Generally speaking, the more colors of Thunder Tribulation, the more powerful the Divine Weapon forged.

And right now, the Divine Weapon forged by Ye Guchen has inspired 7-color Thunder Tribulation, which is simply unbelievable by Dharma Idol!

Even Gu Beihan’s eyes widened slightly, and his eyes were extremely unbelievable.

“This Ye Guchen, what kind of Divine Weapon has been forged? The Divine Weapon I forged, at most, only triggered a 5-color Thunder Tribulation, but this child is a 7-color Thunder Tribulation…” Gu Beihan was shocked.

Not only him, but all the gods, Refiner Sect Elder disciple, were stunned and stunned, unable to believe what they saw before their eyes.

Who could have imagined that a 6-star Forging Master could create Divine Weapon that will lead to 7-color Thunder Tribulation?

“7-color Thunder Tribulation, haha, worthy of brat Ye!” Duan Tianfeng laughed.

It can be said that as long as Ye Guchen’s Divine Weapon can carry 7-color Thunder Tribulation baptism, the outcome of this Young Sect Master selection is almost stable.

“Young Master Ye, sure enough, no matter where you are, you can create miracles, it’s amazing…” Gu Xiangling’s heart was equally uneasy.

Ye Guchen is so good, so good that her heart moves slightly.

“7-color Thunder Tribulation, this child actually inspired 7-color Thunder Tribulation, how is this possible?”

Xiao Gong loses complexion ashen to the extreme.

I thought that Nangong Jue Yun forged a yin and yang double-stranded sword, which was almost stable.

As a result, the shining 7-color Thunder Tribulation, like a slap, fiercely slapped his face.

“Xiao Lang, you don’t need to be like this. Maybe Ye Guchen’s Divine Weapon can’t survive the 7-color Thunder Tribulation.” Aside, Nangong Huajing was comforted.

But to be honest, even her own heart is playing drums.

And Nangong Jue Yun himself, looking at the 7-color Thunder Tribulation that crashed down from the sky, his face was tense and his eyes were stagnant.

His inner pride and pride in the way of forging were completely shattered in front of 7-color Thunder Tribulation.

He couldn’t believe that Ye Guchen would be better than him in forging.

“Impossible, no, your Divine Weapon is absolutely unable to withstand the baptism of 7-color Thunder Tribulation!”

Nangong Jue Yun could no longer maintain the image of Pian Piangui Young Master, his eyes spread bleeding, and his whole body was shaking slightly.

Everyone’s eyes are on the Divine Weapon forged by Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen stepped into the void, standing with his hands behind.

He looked up to the sky and watched the 7-color Thunder Tribulation crash onto the Divine Weapon.

The blazing thunderbolt broke out in the void, as if to brighten the eyes of the blind.

Ye Guchen’s black hair flutters, his expression is calm, and his face has a touch of confidence.

He knew that the Divine Weapon he forged would not let him down.

Sure enough, in the void, endless sword qi burst out, shaking all directions.

Even the 7-color Thunder Tribulation seems to be shaken off.

And don’t forget, Ye Guchen has also incorporated Divine Weapon blue gold.

This sacred material can greatly enhance the Divine Weapon’s ability to withstand Thunder Tribulation baptism.

So although this 7-color Thunder Tribulation looks scary, it is impossible to destroy the Divine Weapon forged by Ye Guchen.

Bang! bang! bang!

The dark clouds rolled, Thunderous Roar.

As if God, he didn’t want to let the Heavenly God Weapon appear, so he lowered his punishment.

However, no matter how the 7-color Thunder Tribulation strikes, it cannot destroy the Divine Weapon, but makes its tempering more solid and Perfect.

Such Thunder Tribulation strikes lasted 3 days and 3 nights.

In the end, the 7-color Thunder Tribulation was finally unwilling to disperse.

And in the sky, a bright and dazzling sword weapon, blooming Shocking Heaven Sword light!

The sword is 5 feet long and has a dazzling divine glow. It is wrapped around Chaos Energy belonging to Innate Sword Embryo.

At the same time, there are 5 colorful chaotic sacred fires, rising from the rise of sword edge.

The Spiritual Qi surrounding Heaven and Earth voluntarily poured into this sword.

When they saw this sword, everyone felt a sense of surprise.

It was the first time they met Divine Weapon who was able to cultivate independently and absorb Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi.

“100 Tribulation Divine Weapon, this sword has withstood 100 Thunder Tribulation times, and has transformed into 100 Tribulation Divine Weapon.” A Forging Master took a deep breath.

In these 3 days and 3 nights, this sword withstood 100 Thunder Tribulation strikes, so it was 100 Divine Weapon.

In the future, Ye Guchen will find other materials and integrate it into this sword, and its quality will be improved.

Ye Guchen saw the birth of Divine Weapon, thoughts move.

The sword seemed to be inspired, and came directly through the air.

Its speed is as fast as it shuttles through the void, which is the ability conferred by the Void Mother Gold.

Ye Guchen raised his hand and grabbed it, and this sword fell into his hand.

Suddenly, Ye Guchen felt a sense of bloodline connection.

This sword will accompany his Sword Dao road.

Ye Guchen stretched out a finger, pu chi sounded, and a ray of chaotic divine fire rose.

Then Ye Guchen’s finger fell on the end of the sword body near the hilt, the iron painted silver hook, and two characters dropped.

Seek defeat!

“From now on, this sword name, please defeat!”

“One sword in hand, but beg one defeat!”

Ye Guchen’s voice fell, and the defeated sword was like being inspired. The sword body trembled, and countless Primal Chaos Swords burst out, as if it had penetrated ten directions of void.

Ye Guchen felt a sense of joy, a sense of joy from the sword of defeat.

This is a sword with spirituality.

“Really strong spirituality, is it possible that this sword will nurture Sword Spirit in the future. In that case, wouldn’t it almost reach the level of Immemorial Sword?” Some god Refiner Sect Elder was astonished.

Ye Guchen held the sword of defeat, suddenly a heroic imposing manner that seemed to cut through the sky.

“I want this defeated sword, World’s First is sharp, World’s First is strong!”

“Cross the sky of Heaven and Earth, kill Sun, Moon and Stars!”

Ye Guchen black hair danced wildly, holding a sword, and stepping into the sky.

Everyone was shocked.

Ye Guchen has great ambitions.

His expectation for the defeat sword is not just the Divine Weapon 100 Tribulation.

Ye Guchen’s pupil light turned and looked towards the Nangong Jue cloud that looked pale to the extreme.

“Nangong Jue Yun, can you compare it now?”

Ye Guchen’s words made Nangong Jue Yun’s pale face even more pale.

He clenched his fists, and the joints were slightly white.

Better than?

How to compare?

Now anyone with a discerning eye can see that Ye Guchen’s defeat sword is definitely better than his yin and yang double-stranded sword.

The result of this Young Sect Master’s choice has also been completely settled.

“No, I’m not reconciled!” Nangong Jue Yun stared at Ye Guchen.

“Well, I will let you be willing!”

When Ye Guchen saw this, he spoke indifferently and waved his hand.

The defeated sword, with the monstrous Primal Chaos Sword, cut across the yin and yang double-stranded sword.

铿 clang!

A sharp metal tremor, roaring between Heaven and Earth!

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