Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1369

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When Gu Beihan saw this, he was also speechless.

The loss of 10000 years of Fire Spirit seems to be a huge loss.

But in fact, even if the god Refiner Sect has a 10000-year Fire Spirit, they can’t surrender and can only suppress it with the bronze giant tower.

And now the bronze giant tower is also broken.

Even if Ye Guchen returned the 10000-year Fire Spirit to the god Refiner Sect, they could not find a good way to contain it.

And this Primal Chaos Fire species does not have such concerns at all.

It is not as violent as the Fire Spirit in 10000, hurting people at every turn.

So to some extent, Ye Guchen helped God Refiner Sect solve a difficult problem.

“Father, Young Master Ye has shown sincerity, and my god, Refiner Sect, just needs Chaos and Divine Fire.” Gu Xiangling continued to assist.

Gu Beihan was a little speechless.

Is this daughter his own?

“Hey, that’s fine, then you leave the Primal Chaos Fire plant, it’s a cheap brat.” Gu Beihan said.

He did this, in addition to Primal Chaos Fire, there is another reason, that is, for the face of Duan Tianfeng.

Forging Tianfeng is a dignified southern forging master, 8-star casting Grandmaster.

Now he can restore his hands, when the time comes is a big shot again.

God Refiner Sect is impossible to trust Xiao Gong again, this time there is an excuse to expel him.

Then there needs to be a replacement.

Duan Tianfeng is undoubtedly the object that God Refiner Sect must win over. Besides, he is also a person of God Refiner Sect.

Thinking of this, Gu Beihan said to Duan Tianfeng: “Tian Tianfeng, next I will find someone to find a way to heal your hands. When the time comes, you will stay in Refiner Sect, and be safe and at ease. Elder.”

Forging Tianfeng hearing this, but not at all, immediately agreed.

He was a person of the god Refiner Sect before, and he also had feelings for the god Refiner Sect, and he will naturally stay in the god Refiner Sect in the future.

But before that, Duan Tianfeng had one more thing to do.

“It’s not impossible, but I hope Sect Master can promise one thing.” Du Tianfeng said.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Beihan asked.

“Since Ye Guchen has won the final victory, should Sect Lord’s Position be completely settled?” Du Tianfeng said.

He is fighting for an identity for Ye Guchen.

Although the identity of a god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master is not enough to make Star Universe Sword Pavillion, Sword Ancestor, Dongfang Aristocratic Family, Emperor Heavenly Sword Pavilion and other forces jealous.

But at least they will have a little scruples.

After all, the influence of God Refiner Sect is not small.

Moreover, these Overlord level forces often purchase Divine Weapon materials from God Refiner Sect.

This identity will make Star Universe Sword Pavillion and other forces have more concerns when they take action.

“This…” Gu Beihan was speechless for a while.

To be honest, if he could, he would have wanted to take the matter directly.

After all, as the Refiner Sect Sect Master, he didn’t want to get in trouble with Ye Guchen.

Although those Overlord level forces are not completely crazy and ridiculous enough to eradicate the god Refiner Sect, they will be troublesome.

“This matter…” Gu Beihan was thinking how to speak.

Gu Xiangling said: “Father, the final result of Young Sect Master’s selection has come out. Does this still need to be considered? Moreover, everyone sees the performance of Young Master Ye. It can be said that no one is more suitable for the role than him. Less Sect Lord’s Position.”

Seeing that Gu Xiangling has said so, those gods Refiner Sect disciple are also attached to each other.

After all, Ye Guchen also brought them benefits, and they can safely use Chaos Sacred Fire.

Upon seeing this, Ye Guchen smiled at the corners of his lips.

He had a good relationship with Gu Xiangling before, and indeed you did good.

At this time, Great Elder Yang Qi also stepped forward and said: “Sect Master, I think Ye Guchen can be the Sect Lord’s Position, don’t tell me those Overlord level forces, will they have to deal with us because of a Ye Guchen? “

“Did you say the same?” Gu Beihan faintly sighed.

To be honest, even he was shocked by Ye Guchen’s innate talent.

The defeat sword will definitely have a chance in the future to transform into a stronger Divine Weapon.

But she had concerns in his heart.

When Ye Guchen saw this, his face was pale, not at all to ask Gu Beihan to grant him the Young Sect Master status, but slightly arched his hands: “It makes Sect Master embarrassed. The main purpose of this Ye is to help Tianfeng Senior. It’s not for less Sect Lord’s Position.”

“Since Sect Master is embarrassed, then this Ye should leave.”

After all, Ye Guchen was about to leave.

“Young Master Ye, don’t…” Gu Xiangling’s face changed slightly.

Gu Beihan looked at Ye Guchen’s leaving back, his heart moved slightly.

A strange feeling suddenly appeared in his heart.

If Ye Guchen is abandoned, it will be a huge loss for their god Refiner Sect.

Gu Beihan didn’t know in his heart why he had such an idea.

But he still said, “Wait a minute!”

Ye Guchen step one stopped, turned his head and looked at Gu Beihan.

“Since you have won the leader of Young Sect Master’s choice, then this position is naturally yours, my god Refiner Sect credibility, stand by one’s word.”

Many people were moved by Gu Beihan’s words.

Didn’t expect the god Refiner Sect really has this courage, let Ye Guchen serve as Young Sect Master.

This is simply igniting the body.

It was Ye Guchen himself who raised his eyebrows, a little surprised, didn’t expect Gu Beihan to have such courage.

He didn’t want to fight, but he really wanted to leave.

“Then many thanks Sect Master Gu.” Ye Guchen said slightly nodded.

Since Gu Beihan is willing to let him be a Refiner Sect Young Sect Master, Ye Guchen is naturally also happy.

One more identity is better than nothing.

After being thoroughly settled, Ye Guchen was also considered sighed in relief.

The matter of Duan Tianfeng was finally resolved.

And those gods, Refiner Sect disciple, did not refuse to accept this decision.

Because of Ye Guchen’s performance, they saw it.

It is indeed not two candidates to be Young Sect Master.

As for Song Fei dust, he has already given up his heart completely.

He knew that he was impossible and compared with Ye Guchen.

But at this moment, the divine eagle suddenly rolled his eyes and shouted: “Hey, how come Lord Diao seems to have heard that someone who has received a Sect Lord’s Position can marry Gu Xiangling’s elder sister?”

As soon as he said this, the surrounding atmosphere immediately calmed down.

A group of people have weird faces.

Gu Xiangling’s face was instantly red, like a morning glow in the snow, beautiful and alluring.

Gu Beihan’s face was taken aback.

Dare to love this Ye Guchen, not only got the Young Sect Master status, but also took away 10000 years of Fire Spirit.

Do you even have to abduct his daughter now?

The corner of Gu Beihan’s eyes looked towards Gu Xiangling and found that she was shyly lowering her head, not at all too much rejection.

This made Gu Beihan a little speechless.

When Gu Xiangling learned that he might marry Nangong Jue Yun, he looked like he would rather die than follow.

As a result, now, I changed to Ye Guchen, but with this attitude.

This varies from person to person, so is it treated differently?

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