Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1370

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However, in this matter, Gu Beihan already had a decision in his heart.

impossible Let Gu Xiangling and Ye Guchen marry.

At least impossible for now.

Because soon, Funeral Island will be opened.

Ye Guchen caused the trouble, the entire Southern Heaven Domain is well known.

Who knows if it is married now, will Gu Xiangling become a widow in a few months?

Moreover, even if there was no such thing, Gu Beihan would not agree.

Because being Ye Guchen’s wife is too dangerous, he is impossible to put his daughter in danger.

Just when Gu Beihan was about to open his mouth to find reasons to refuse, Ye Guchen took the lead.

“Brother Diao, don’t laugh, Miss Gu’s major event in life should be controlled by herself, how can she talk gibberish casually.”

Ye Guchen shook his head and said, what did he think about Gu Xiangling’s natural impossible.

He has only one goal right now, and that is revenge!

Apart from this, what kind of love for children has nothing to do with him.

“No…I didn’t…” Gu Xiangling hearing this, hesitated to speak, was slightly anxious.

She not at all speaks against!

Upon seeing this, the divine eagle covered his eyes with his small wings, and shook the head sighed: “It’s no help, it’s a straight steel man!”

Gu Beihan is hearing this, faintly smiled, thinking in his heart, Ye Guchen is still quite familiar.

He slightly nodded and said: “That’s good, it’s all youngsters anyway, the major event in life is also unhurried at this time, maybe there will be opportunities in the future.”

In Gu Xiangling’s heart, there was a touch of loss.

She asked herself, if Ye Guchen were to marry her, not only would there be no rejection, but there would be a trace of joy and expectation in her heart.

After all, who doesn’t want their Husband to be a man who can support both heaven and earth?

Ye Guchen is a perfect match for her image as a hero in mind.

It’s a pity that Gu Xiangling is not at all in Ye Guchen’s eyes and saw a hint of interest in her.

At most, just like a friend.

“Well, Ye Guchen, a few days later my god Refiner Sect will hold the Young Sect Master gift for you. When the time comes, you will officially become the Young Sect Master of my god Refiner Sect, not any cat any dog Can provoke you.” Gu Beihan said.

But the implication is that Overlord level forces such as Star Universe Sword Pavillion are not any cat any dog.

“Many thanks Sect Master Gu.” Ye Guchen arched his hands.

He never knew what Gu Beihan was thinking.

However, Ye Guchen didn’t think that just by being a Young Sect Master, he could make forces such as the god Refiner Sect and Star Universe Sword Pavillion fight against him, which is unrealistic.

As long as those forces can have a little worry, it is enough.

The Young Sect Master selection came to an end in such an unexpected way.

After the end, Ye Guchen also directly began to retreat and adjust his breath.

He put the defeat sword in the dantian.

This sword can be said to be part of his life.

And Ye Guchen knows that the 100 Tribulation Divine Weapon is far from the end of the defeat sword.

This is a sword capable of independent cultivation and growth.

Ye Guchen had already made up his mind in the heart, no matter what the price, must be defeated by the sword, and become an existence comparable to the Immemorial Sword.

At this moment, the Sword of Defeat is in Ye Guchen dantian, and Small Accomplishment is contracted to resemble Innate Sword Embryo.

It absorbs the Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth all the time, and grows every minute and every second.

Ye Guchen is also very curious about how powerful this sword and formidable power will be.

“Forging a sword together, it is said that the sword is hidden. The sword is hidden within the body. If it is not out, it will be taken. When it is out, it will take the enemy’s head.”

Ye Guchen pupil light flashed.

He has made up his mind to put the sword of defeat in the dantian.

For normal combat, use 9 Dragon Thunder Prison.

When it comes to the moment when you really need to make a full shot, you can directly take out the sword for defeat. With one sword, the formidable power is enough for heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Because that is the energy that has been accumulated for a long time, released at once, which is equivalent to bursting after energy storage. The formidable power is naturally different from ordinary sword moves.

“One more hole card…” Ye Guchen murmured.

This means that he is one step closer to Hand Blade Emperor Haotian.

“After delaying so much time in Tiangong City, Funeral Island will also be opened.” Ye Guchen took a deep breath.

The real decisive battle is coming…

A few days later, the god Refiner Sect displayed lights and festoons, and held a grand banquet for Ye Guchen on the Sect Lord’s Position.

I believe that within a few days, the news that Ye Guchen will become the Refiner Sect Young Sect Master will spread from Tiangong City to the entire Southern Heaven Domain.

Presumably when the time comes, countless people will be amazed by Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen has never been happy with this kind of banquet, so he just coped with it, and came to a secluded courtyard to rest alone.

A beautiful young girl, leaning on a Willow Tree, seemed to wonder something.

Suddenly, she saw Ye Guchen.

“Young Master Ye.”

“Miss Gu.” Ye Guchen smiled.

This girl is Gu Xiangling.

She is like a young girl walking out of a landscape painting, beautiful and refined, with a picturesque appearance.

Ye Guchen has seen many women, but it is rare to see a girl with such outstanding temperament as Gu Xiangling.

“It seems that Young Master Ye is also a person who likes quietness but not trouble.” Gu Xiangling said with a slight smile.

“En.” Ye Guchen was slightly nodded, and he didn’t know what to say.

“Xiang Ling still needs many thanks Young Master Ye, otherwise, I will probably fall into the deep water.” Gu Xiangling said.

“Actually, this Ye is just for myself.” Ye Guchen said.

“Young Master Ye, are you leaving?” Gu Xiangling asked suddenly.

“Yes, it’s very close to the opening time of Funeral Sky Island, I have to prepare first.” Ye Guchen said.

“In the future…can I see each other again?” Gu Xiangling suddenly said faintly, not daring to look directly at Ye Guchen.

Ye Guchen was slightly shocked, but he was not a fool.

Although there are some straight men of steel, Gu Xiangling’s mind, how he is not clear.

It’s just that sometimes, it’s best not to break.

“Of course, I am a god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master. I will naturally meet again in the future.” Ye Guchen shook his head and smiled.

Gu Xiangling was slightly red, and wanted to say something, but couldn’t say it.

She also faintly felt that in Ye Guchen’s heart, someone had already taken up some positions.

Between the two people, they are relatively silent.

On the other side, Nangong Huajing took Nangong Jue Cloud and prepared to return to Nangong Family.

The plan at this time was a complete failure.

Nangong Huajing felt a sense of emptiness in her heart. She had already decided to part with Xiao Gongzu.

And Nangong Jue Cloud is like a frosted eggplant, without the planning strategies of the past.

In his eyes, there was a look of coldness and unwillingness.

“Fangtian Island, Ye Guchen, this matter is not over yet!” Nangong Jue Yun muttered in his heart.

In an empty great hall, Xiao Gong lost his eyes with blood red, and his whole person was like a gloomy wild beast.

“Ye Guchen…It’s all him…” Xiao Gongzhu took a deep breath.

Then, he took out a dark jade slip and crushed it with one hand.

Only a quarter of an hour.

A slightly old jié jié laughter came.

“Gong Xiao lost, you still used this favor after all…”

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