Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1371

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As the sound came out, a thin old man covered in a black cloak suddenly appeared in the great hall, like a ghost.

When Xiao Gongzhu saw this, his face remained unchanged, and said separately: “Your Blood Shadow Pavilion really appears and disappear unpredictably, you are everywhere.”

“Haha, that is nature, after all, we are Assassin Organization…” black robed old man jié jié said with a sneer.

The Blood Shadow Pavilion is a powerful Assassin Organization on Southern Heaven Domain. Although it is not included in the Overlord level, its strength is extremely terrifying.

In fact, on Southern Heaven Domain, except for Overlord level forces such as Three Sects 4 Pavilion 5 Aristocratic Family.

There are many front-line forces, and sect is extremely powerful.

Such as God Refiner Sect, such as Blood Shadow Pavilion.

Xiao Gongzhu took a deep breath, opened the mouth and said: “I secretly forged Divine Weapon for you Blood Shadow Pavilion. You owe favors, and now you have a chance to repay.”

The black robed old man hearing this uttered a hoarse laugh like a crow: “Let the old man think about it, you don’t want us to assassinate Ye Guchen, right?”

Xiao Gong loses hearing this, coldly snorted and said: “Since I understand everything, I don’t have to say anything.”

However, the black robed old man said slightly, “This, I am afraid it is indeed a bit troublesome…”

“En? What do you mean?” Xiao Gongzhu’s eyes immediately sharpened.

The only thought in his mind now is to get rid of Ye Guchen.

Because Ye Guchen single-handedly destroyed his overall plan.

However, Xiao Gonglu was obviously impossible to take action by himself, and it happened that the Blood Shadow Pavilion owed him a favor, so it happened to be available now.

As a result, now the Chief-In-Charge of the Blood Shadow Pavilion hit Supreme Ultimate with him and said such words, which made Xiao Gongzu’s face more gloomy.

Upon seeing this, the black robed old man lightly said with a smile: “Master Xiao is not anxious, you know, killing a Ye Guchen is nothing, but there is too much involvement behind it.”

“He was originally the sword leader of sword dynasty, but now, with the Sword Dao Alliance Leader in Divine State, the sword dynasty has become the powerhouse of the holy king, and the national strength has risen. It is already the top power of the second only to Overlord level force.”

“There is also the scorpion in the Saint Sovereign world, which seems to be related to Ye Guchen.”

“Not to mention that Ye Guchen has also become the Young Sect Master of the god Refiner Sect. This status is not low.”

“Think about it, if our Blood Shadow Pavilion kills Ye Guchen, how much trouble will it cause?”

The words of the black robed old man made Xiao Gongshu’s already gloomy expression even more somber.

But he couldn’t refute it, because it was true.

Ye Guchen is no longer the lonely man in Sky Desolate Plain, and the power behind him should not be underestimated.

However, Xiao Gongluo still noticed, and a dark light flashed in the eyes of the black robed old man.

Suddenly, his tone was indifferent and opened the mouth and said: “Your blood shadow building is an interest organization. It has been launched ruthlessly. Even people from Overlord level forces dared to assassinate people from the Overlord level. Let’s talk, what more conditions are needed.”

Xiao Gonglu saw it at a glance. The black robed old man was not completely rejected, but a favor, which was not enough for Xueyingge to take action.

“Hehe, Master Xiao really has great wisdom. In fact, the conditions are very simple. For Master Xiao, it couldn’t be easier.” black robed old man said with a smile.

“Go ahead.” Xiao Gong said.

“Master Xiao is now in Refiner Sect. I’m afraid it’s hard to get stuck, right?” the black robed old man pointed out.

“What do you mean?” Xiao Gongshu frowned.

However, the black robed old man is also telling the truth. After his conspiracy was revealed, it is indeed difficult to have a place in the god Refiner Sect, and he may even be expelled directly.

“It’s very simple, I am Blood Shadow Pavilion, but Master Xiao is very welcome.” black robed old man said with a smile.

At this time, Xiao Gongshu completely understood.

Blood Shadow Pavilion wanted to win him over.

“Master Xiao, if you join the Blood Shadow Pavilion, you can directly become the Deputy Pavilion Lord of aloof and remote, and Ye Guchen, our Blood Shadow Pavilion will also solve it for you.” black robed old man said.

Xiao Gongzhu’s eyes changed, but he finally agreed.

“Okay, yes, but how do you assassinate Ye Guchen?” Xiao Gong said.

“It’s very simple. After Tiantian Island is opened, a batch of Heaven’s Chosen from my Blood Shadow Pavilion will also enter it. When the time comes, it is not easy to assassinate Ye Guchen, and because it is in Tiantian Island, Therefore, the forces behind him are hard to detect and pursue.” said the black robed old man.

“Well, as long as you can kill Ye Guchen, why not let me join the Blood Shadow Pavilion?” Xiao Gongzhu made a decision.

“As expected of Master Xiao, happy!” black robed old man said with a smile.

“Ye Guchen, only your death can dispel my hatred!” Xiao Gongshu whispered in his heart.


On the other side, Ye Guchen didn’t know that an assassination plan against him had already begun.

After Ye Guchen stayed in the god Refiner Sect not long, he took the god sculpture and Xiao Hei and turned back to the sword dynasty.

And Duan Tianfeng stayed in God Refiner Sect and became Supreme Elder.

Not surprisingly, what happened in Tiangong City spread to four parties in just a few days.

“Have you heard of what happened in Tiangong City recently?”

“Of course, I heard that Ye Guchen is too unexpected. Not only is he strong, he has such a powerful strength in the forging method.”

“Yes, Nangong Jue Yun is called Divine Weapon Young Master. He specializes in forging. Didn’t expect lost to Ye Guchen.”

“Tsk tsk, now Ye Guchen is not only the leader of the sword dynasty, but also the Young Sect Master of the god Refiner Sect.”

“Sword dynasty, god Refiner Sect Two Great Influences, although they are not considered to be an Overlord level power, they are also Peak powers, plus the minnow from the Saint Sovereign world, Ye Guchen is not the Star Universe Sword Pavillion who wants to move. You can move at will.”

“This is not necessarily the case. It still depends on the Battle of Buried Sky Island. If the god Sword Ancestor Di Haotian, I must not let Ye Guchen go. When the time comes, there is a good show.”

The entire Southern Heaven Domain, everywhere, are talking about Ye Guchen’s deeds.

But Ye Guchen himself has already returned to the sword dynasty, making final preparations.

Two months passed quickly.

In addition, Ye Guchen spent a while in the god Refiner Sect, so he returned to the dynasty retreat not long, and the battle of Tiantian Island is finally approaching.

In this battle, I don’t want the previous Saint Sovereign world.

The battle of the Saint Sovereign world can be regarded as an “infighting”. It is necessary to select the best Heaven’s Chosen from Southern Heaven Domain.

And Funeral Island is a battle between Southern Heaven Domain and Dark World.

When the time comes, what Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen will face is a battle with Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

And Dark World, because of its special environment, is full of competition and killing.

Therefore, the combat experience and methods of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen are better than those of Southern Heaven Domain’s pampered Heaven’s Chosen.

And there are even more rumors, this time in the battle of Buried Sky Island, Dark World will bring out the elite.

The small giants of Dark World will appear one after another to slay the top Heaven’s Chosen in Southern Heaven Domain.

An ultimate battle is coming…

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