Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1372

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The entire Southern Heaven Domain has become rising winds, scudding clouds because of the matter of Funeral Sky Island.

On the Star Universe Sword Pavillion side, the atmosphere is a bit gloomy.

The battle of Saint Sovereign world is like a nightmare for Star Universe Sword Pavillion.

4 Little Star Monarch and Gu Shaoyang, five top Heaven’s Chosen, all fell into the hands of Ye Guchen.

Add Song Yuyao and Zhou Heng who had fallen before.

Star Universe Sword Pavillion, the famous Seven Sons of the Big Dipper, almost all died under Ye Guchen.

This is definitely a blow to Star Universe Sword Pavillion.

What’s even more annoying is that Star Universe Sword Pavillion is not able to suppress and kill Ye Guchen for the time being, and can only wait for the island to be buried before investigation.

This makes the Star Universe Sword Pavillion up to Elder and down to the common disciple, all in awe.

Just when the Star Universe Sword Pavillion was shrouded in gloom.

In the depths of the Star Universe Sword Pavillion, a mountain suddenly burst into a dazzling purple brilliance.

Vaguely, everyone seemed to see that in outer heaven, a purple emperor star was slowly shining.

“That is…Purple Tenuity Emperor Star, don’t tell me is…”

When some Star Universe Sword Pavillion Elder saw this, the impossible to bear let out an exclamation sound.

And those common disciples have a look of doubt.

They only know Seven Sons of the Big Dipper, but they don’t know that Star Universe Sword Pavillion actually has the foundation of Heaven’s Chosen.

Just when everyone’s eyes were on that mountain.

Pieces of purple clouds spread out, as if forming a purple cloud bridge.

A beautiful shadow walked out slowly on the cloud bridge.

It was a tall and slender woman with a slender and lovable body wrapped in a purple dress.

A long luminous purple head can be seen, like silk satin straight down.

She has a white face, use strength to bully the weak, her eyes are like stars, and her pupils are filled with purple meaning.

On the snow-white earlobes, there are 2 purple jade earrings, which adds a touch of elegance to the woman.

Seeing this beautiful woman in purple skirt, many Star Universe Sword Pavillion disciple were all dumbfounded.

But what made their eyes even more shocking was that the faint aura of the woman in the purple skirt had reached the 9th Layer of the Divine Mansion.

Venerable Heavenly Palace is only one step away!

This makes all Star Universe Sword Pavillion disciple extremely shocking.

“What’s going on, my Star Universe Sword Pavillion has such a young Heaven’s Proud Daughter?”

“Yes, at this age, the cultivation base has reached the 9th Layer Peak of the Shenfu, and it is almost comparable to other Heaven’s Chosen at 4 Sovereign Level?”

Many Star Universe Sword Pavillion disciple are silent.

On the contrary, those Star Universe Sword Pavillion Elder, not at all are too surprised, because they have been understood long ago, and Star Universe Sword Pavillion also hides 2 unborn Heaven’s Chosen.

Children of 7 stars, and Purple Tenuity star girl.

The woman with purple skirt and purple hair in front of her is the Purple Tenuity star girl, Jiang Crape Myrtle.

“Didn’t expect, Seven Sons of the Big Dipper, they were all defeated in the hands of one person. Would that one feel very upset in comparison?” Jiang Crape Myrtle thought to himself.

The one she was referring to was naturally the child of 7 stars.

Seven Sons of the Big Dipper were originally just the resources of the children of the 7 stars.

As a result, Ziliang has been wiped out by Ye Guchen, and the son of 7 stars will be born after a period of delay.

But now, because the Sky Burial Island is about to open, and the Seven Sons of the Big Dipper are all destroyed, the Star Universe Sword Pavillion does not have the Heaven’s Chosen of the town, so only Purple Tenuity can be called out.

“Ye Guchen, I’m a little curious about what kind of character he would be…” Jiang Crape Myrtle’s pupils were filled with purple and flickered slightly.

“It’s a pity, the star master and the others gave me instructions to ask the whereabouts of the Divine Devouring Sword in Buried Sky Island, and then kill Ye Guchen.”

Jiang Crape Myrtle shook his head slightly, his delicate face was very plain.

It seems that for her, dealing with a Ye Guchen is not too difficult.

“Purple Tenuity star girl is born, I, Star Universe Sword Pavillion, can restore the decline and fight again!”

Many Star Universe Sword Pavillion Elder are excited.


Inside the Sword Ancestor.

A young man dressed as white clothed and full of spirits came to an array forbidden area.

This young man is Chu Xuanzhen.

After stepping into the array forbidden ground, he looked around and saw a young man with perfect temperament sitting cross-legged on a futon.

Within the array, many Heaven and Earth Strange Fires are burning the sword of the human king.

The golden crystals on the surface of the human emperor sword have melted a lot.

The man was dressed in a loose white robe, and his skin was as bright as jade.

The golden hair is extremely bright, and the silver pupils are as deep as a bright moon.

Its appearance is beautiful, and its temperament resembles nature itself, as if it is the most perfect work of God, not much, not a lot.

With a kind of supernatural noble temperament, not like a person in the world.

This is the perfect temperament that only Grade 10 Heaven’s Chosen Paragon has.

This young man is not Di Haotian, or who?

“Chu Xuanzhen, I have seen Hao Senior Brother Heavens.” Chu Xuanzhen arched his hands slightly.

“Saint Sovereign world, is it over?” Dihao Heavenly Dao.

He has been retreating in the array forbidden area, refusing to be disturbed by outsiders, so he doesn’t know much about things outside.

Chu Xuanzhen’s face revealed a trace of ashamed and said: “Let Hao Senior Brother Heavens disappointed. In the Saint Sovereign world, I did not take the lead and swept 4 squares.”

“Oh, except for the Emperor 1000 Autumn, Jun Xiaoyao and a few others, you should be enough to be in the Peak.” Dihao Heavenly Dao.

“Didn’t expect that sword dynasty sword chief, turned out to be Ye Guchen, he hid too deeply.” A cold light flashed in Chu Xuanzhen’s eyes.


As Chu Xuan’s true voice fell, Di Haotian’s eyes suddenly condensed, and an invisible imposing manner spread, making Chu Xuanzhen and other Heaven’s Chosen kings feel faintly suffocated.

“Sure enough, it is the realm of the heavenly palace…” Chu Xuan’s heart trembled.

“You mean, Ye Guchen?” Di Haotian asked rhetorically.

For Ye Guchen, Di Haotian is still fresh in his memory.

After all, Ye Guchen is the only one among his peers who hit him hard.

Before that, Heaven’s Chosen of any peer was almost impossible to cause Di Haotian to suffer severe damage.

Because of this, he remembered deeply.

“Yes, it’s like this…”

Next, Chu Xuanzhen was without omission and in detail, telling Di Haotian all the things that happened in the Saint Sovereign world.

After listening, Di Haotian said indifferently: “Didn’t expect, that ant back then has grown to this step now.”

The expression of Emperor Haotian is still dull, like a god.

In his opinion, the reason why Ye Guchen was able to hit him hard at that time was not Ye Guchen’s own power.

It was that he took 9 Death Without Regret Pills, and for some reason, with the help of a trace of Celestial Emperor Sword, he was able to hit him hard.

All in all, it is not Ye Guchen’s own strength, but relying on foreign object.

Therefore, Di Haotian thought that Ye Guchen himself was just an ant.

“Hao Senior Brother Heavens, I can kill Ye Guchen without you,” Chu Xuanzhen solemnly vowed.

He is also the King of Heaven’s Chosen. He was in the Saint Sovereign world before, but he had no chance to fight Ye Guchen.

“Oh, this time I will also go to Funeral Sky Island, when the time comes, if I am too lazy, then you can kill him.” Di Haotian waved his hand, very casual.

“Yes!” Chu Xuanzhen cup one fist in the other hand said.

“Ye Guchen, this time Funeral Island, can you still use the power of 9 Death Without Regret Pill and Celestial Emperor Sword?”

“If you take the Human Emperor Sword, what kind of expression will you show?”

The corner of Di Haotian’s lips evoked a faint smile.

This time, he will bring the Human Emperor Sword.

Because Di Haotian read many ancient books.

On Funeral Sky Island, there is probably something he wants.

Earth Sovereign sword!

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