Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1373

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Two months have passed since the battle of the Saint Sovereign world ended.

And these two months should have been a bland preparation period.

But there was one thing that detonated the public opinion of the entire Southern Heaven Domain.

This matter, of course, is Ye Guchen, in the way of forging, defeating Divine Weapon Young Master Nangong Jue Yun, and powerfully gaining the identity of God Refiner Sect Young Sect Master.

When everyone heard this, their first reaction was to be astonished!

That’s right, just astonished!

Ye Guchen’s name is naturally like thunder piercing the ear in Southern Heaven Domain, but his more fame is in Sword Dao and Martial Dao.

As for the way of forging, few people know it at all.

Even in the Sky Desolate Plain before, some people knew that he was the discipline of the southern forging master Duan Tianfeng, but no one thought that Ye Guchen’s forging method could be as high as that.

In this Young Sect Master selection, Ye Guchen’s performance can be described as stunning.

Even Nangong Jue Yun, who specialized in forging, was defeated by Ye Guchen.

“Tsk tsk, this Ye Guchen is really a monster!”

“Did he start cultivation from his mother’s womb?”

“But to be honest, although Ye Guchen’s performance is amazing, he may not be able to survive this time on Funeral Island.”

“Yes, although he is now the sword dynasty sword leader and the god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master, he has dual identities, but he is still a little weaker than the Overlord Influence such as the Sword Ancestor, Star Universe Sword Pavillion, Dongfang Aristocratic Family… …”

The entire Southern Heaven Domain is talking about Ye Guchen.

At this moment, Ye Guchen himself is already in the sword dynasty, making the final preparations.

In the sky, several tall ships with huge trunks are suspended in the void.

Ye Guchen and other sword dynasty swords are all standing in it.

And War God dynasty Little Princess Zhao Xiaodi, also standing beside Ye Guchen.

As for Jun Xiaoyao, Zhao Shenkong and the others, they have long since returned to their respective forces, ready to rest and prepare for the battle of Tiantian Island.

As for Yan Wushang, Ji Ling and the others, they will also accompany Ye Guchen to Suantian Island.

But they will not participate in the battle of Funeral Sky Island.

Yan Wushang and the others are also self-aware, and the outside world knows that they are closely related to Ye Guchen.

If they participate in Funeral Sky Island, their strength is not enough, not only will they have a crisis, but also Ye Guchen will be implicated.

Therefore, Yan Wushang and the others will only go with them, but will not enter the Tiantian Island.

In addition, Divine State, Sword Master, and Wu Hongyan are also there.

Sword dynasty, leaving only the cold 1000 marks and other saints left behind.

“Ye Guchen, I will accompany you this time. No matter what, I will try my best to keep you.”

Proud Divine State spoke, his tone decisive.

“Many thanks to Divine State Senior.” Ye Guchen arched his hands slightly.

As for the sea kun, Bei Ming Wang Beimiao, as early as a month ago, had already left the sword dynasty and did not know where he went.

But Ye Guchen believes that he must be observing himself in secret.

“Buried Island, finally waited until this day…”

Ye Guchen stood on the deck of the ship, standing with his hands in his hands, his black hair fluttering.

Although the imposing manner was not deliberately revealed, but in the void, there seemed to be Sword Intents beating and fighting intents rising.

The matter of Sky Desolate Plain has not been forgotten so far.

Su Jianshi was in front of him, sacrificing himself, and being sealed by the imperial sword.

Emperor Haotian judged him like a god in aloof and remote tone.

And now, Ye Guchen believes that even without the power of 9 Death Without Regrets Pill and Celestial Emperor Sword, he can compete with Emperor Haotian by his own strength.

Not to mention, he still has the strongest hole cards.

Dugu beg the magic!


Just when Ye Guchen waited for the sword dynasty entire group and set off for the island of buried heaven.

On Moro Dynasty’s side, a dark ship rose into the sky.

Dugu Qiumo and Luohu Princess, standing on the deck.

He wears a black robe, white hair 30,000 feet, dark golden right eye, deep and magical.

The handsome face is expressionless, and the temperament of the whole body is evil.

On the side, Princess Luo Hu looked at Dugu Qiumo, and stopped talking.

“God, what on earth do you and Ye Guchen have…” Luohu Princess bit her red lip and asked.

Because in the realm of Saint Sovereign, Dugu Qiu Demon’s behavior towards Ye Guchen is very strange.

“If you shouldn’t ask, don’t ask.” Dugu Qiumo’s face was indifferent and his tone was cold.

“Yes…” Luo Hui Princess lowered her head.

She was originally indifferent and domineering, but in front of the more indifferent and domineering Dugu Demon, she could only bow her head.

“Di Haotian, all kinds of grievances, just end within the Saint Sovereign world…”

Dugu Qiumo whispered in his heart.

Ye Guchen’s hatred is his hatred.

The entire Southern Heaven Domain has been turbulent due to the matter of Buried Heaven Island.

The 4-party Sword Pavilion is the starting point.

At Luofu Sword Pavilion, Jun Xiaoyao also set off.

He has white sleeves fluttering and fluttering, like an immortal, graceful and handsome.

“Buried Island, the final battle, there must be a Life and Death battle between Brother Ye and that Emperor Haotian, I hope he can be well.” Jun Xiaoyao whispered.

He not at all said that he hoped Ye Guchen would defeat Di Haotian.

Because it is too difficult.

Di Haotian’s reputation is not two days a day, but a reputation that has been accumulated for a long time.

He and Gu Shaoyang are definitely not enemies of the same class.

At the Misty Sword Pavilion, Yi Cangyue also set off.

Her thoughts about Ye Guchen are complicated.

But to be sure, she didn’t want to see Ye Guchen fall into Di Haotian’s hands.

Emperor Heavenly Sword Pavilion, Emperor 1000 Autumn also left the customs.

As one of the four emperors, after the Saint Sovereign realm, his cultivation base has improved again and has reached the 4th Layer Peak of the Shenfu, which is only a short distance from the Venerable Heavenly Palace.

“This time, Tiantian Island will be an opportunity for me to break through to the realm of the Venerable, and Ye Guchen, no matter what, he is impossible to walk out of Tiantian Island alive.” Huang 1000 Qiu whispered.

Because there are too many people who want to kill Ye Guchen on Funeral Sky Island.

Emperor Haotian, Chu Xuanzhen, and his emperor 1000 Qiu.

Anyone is an absolute rival.

Star Universe Sword Pavillion, Purple Tenuity Star Girl Jiang Crape Myrtle, took a flying boat and flew away.

“Ye Guchen, I’m really curious about what kind of character he will be…”

Not only the 4-party Sword Pavilion, but the Three Great Sects also have actions.

Sword Ancestor, a golden dragon ship leaps into the sky, gold and jade in glorious splendour, imposing manner magnificent.

Countless gods Sword Ancestor disciple looked up, all with expressions of worship and admiration.

“It’s Hao Senior Brother Heavens, he is finally out!”

“Hao Senior Brother Heavens exits, no one can stop, whether it is Southern Heaven Domain or Dark World, it is estimated that there are few Heaven’s Chosen who can compete with Dihao Senior Brother Heavens!”

“Yes, even Ye Guchen, who has been the most popular recently, can only fall in hatred in front of Dihao Senior Brother Heavens.”

“Yes, a person who relies on a foreign object to hurt Hao Senior Brother Heavens, what qualifications is called Heaven’s Chosen?”

The god Sword Ancestor disciple all worship Emperor Haotian extremely.

In their view, Ye Guchen was lucky enough to hurt Di Haotian only through the foreign object.

If there is a real duel, Ye Guchen is definitely not the enemy of Di Haotian.

All the people of Sword Ancestor, the god, think so.

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