Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1374

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To fight Divine Blade Sect, Dao Wumeng and Gu Zun are also ready.

Especially Gu Zun.

His hair is disheveled, he has a shaggy beard, and he is very sloppy, but in the entire Divine Blade Sect battle, no one dares to look down upon him.

Although the Heaven’s Chosen battlefield is not over yet, Gu Zun has already confirmed that he will be the one who will fight Divine Blade Sect.

“I seem to have heard that this Gu Zun and that Ye Guchen have had a grievance in the past.”

“I also heard that the two people seem to have launched a sword battle. Although Ye Guchen won in the end, it was only a terrible victory.”

“I can force Ye Guchen to that amount, this Gu Zun is really the only one.”

Many battles with Divine Blade Sect disciple are whispering.

“Gu Zun, in fact, you don’t have to be like this. Even if you don’t make a move, Ye Guchen is afraid it will be difficult to get through Tiantian Island.” Dao Wumeng shook his head slightly.

Gu Zun’s expression remained unchanged, and his voice was hoarse: “You are wrong. It is not the purpose to let Ye Guchen die.”

“It’s the goal to make a judgment with him and come to a sword and sword decision.” Gu Zun said.

If he just wants Ye Guchen to die, he can do nothing but watch Emperor Haotian, Chu Xuanzhen, Emperor 1000 Autumn and the others kill Ye Guchen.

But if you don’t have a sword fight with Ye Guchen, then Gu Zun’s obsession will never be removed.

“Ye Guchen, this time Funeral Island, I will make the final break, even for him…” Gu Zun muttered.

The him in his mouth is naturally his former Master, out of the ordinary.

It’s a pity that he could never say that name anymore.


Demon Sect.

In a continuous dark mountain range.

Suddenly a natural phenomenon appeared in the sky, and ten huge black magic shadows stood on the sky.

Each demon shadow is like the Yama in hell, exuding a heart-palpitating chill.

“That kind of natural phenomenon, is it Saint Yama?”

“Is he going out finally?”

Such a natural phenomenon attracted the attention of many Elders and disciplines of Demon Sect.

On top of a mountain, Wan’er stood tall and slender, standing tall.

The black dress outlines the devil’s figure, and Li Yan is covered with black gauze, only revealing a pair of watery eyes.

“Is San Yan Luo going out finally?” Wan’er muttered to herself, with a trace of grave expression in her eyes.

Holy Yama is too powerful. He is one of the four emperors, and he is tied with the Emperor 4 Autumn.


Just as Wan’er was thinking about it in her heart, there was a loud noise from the mountain range not far away.

Immediately, a silhouette broke through and stood on the sky.

It was a young man in a dark robe with dark golden lines on the edges of his sleeves.

He has a handsome appearance, his skin is abnormally pale, without the slightest blood.

A pair of pupils had no whites, filled with darkness, like the eyes of a demon.

Around it, ten dark Yama illusory shadows surround.

That is his innate talent natural phenomenon, Ten Temple Yama.

Saint Yama himself, seems to be the ruler of the Ten Temple Yama.

When he turned his eyes, he saw Wan’er. The body moved at the moment, as if it turned into a black smoke, and the next moment appeared in front of Wan’er.

“Didn’t expect, Wan’er, you will wait here for me to leave the customs.” Sheng Yanluo smiled, very evil.

With his pitch-black pupils, he glanced up and down at Wan’er’s graceful lovable body without concealing it.

Wan’er frowned, and there was a hint of boredom in her beautiful eyes.

Although she has the title of Demoness, she looks abandon all restraint, but in fact she is extremely guarded like a jade, even the jade hand has not been touched by other men.

Sheng Yanluo has always had desire for her and made no secret of it. This is also the reason for Wan’er’s disgust.

“You think too much. Wan’er just wants to see if you have several points of growth. It seems that you still haven’t been able to break through to the Heavenly Palace.” Wan’er curled her lips.

“Hehe, Venerable breakthrough Heavenly Palace, how simple it is, but I have that opportunity on Funeral Sky Island.” Sheng Yan Luo didn’t mind either.

What he needs to do right now is to break through to the realm of Venerable Heavenly Palace on the Island of Buried Heaven.

Then find a way to seize the identity of Young Sect Master of Demon Sect.

In this way, even if Wan’er’s status is not low, he can occupy it at will.

Wan’er didn’t know what Sheng Yanluo thought.

Therefore, she wanted to support Dugu Qiumo.

Waner’s first reason for supporting Dugu Qiumo is because Dugu Qiumo possesses Demon Sovereign Pro Nine Heavens natural phenomenon, which can cultivation Demon Sect’s core cultivation technique, Demon Sect Heart Sutra.

The second reason, naturally, is to support Dugu Qiuma on the Demon Sect and Sect Lord’s Position, so that the plan of San Yanluo fell through.

The pupil light glanced at Wan’er, and said as if thinking of something: “I heard that Wan’er has found a martial artist named Dugu Qiumo outside, who is carrying a legendary Demon Sovereign facing Nine Heavens natural phenomenon?”

The words of San Yan Luo, not at all surprised Wan’er.

Although he is in retreat, many of the disciplines belong to him within sect, so it couldn’t be easier to probe the news of Dugu seeking the devil.

“Yes, that Dugu Qiumo after the Heaven’s Chosen battlefield, should join me Demon Sect.” Wan’er said bluntly.

With the strength of Dugu Qiumo and his natural phenomenon innate talent, if nothing else, 100% will be recruited by Demon Sect.

“Hmph, what if I make him unable to get out of Funeral Island?” San Yanluo said in an ice-cold saying.

What Sheng Yanluo wants is the location of Demon Sect Young Sect Master.

Dugu Demon is obviously a huge threat.

“His strength is not as weak as you think. It is not that simple if you want to kill him at will.” Wan’er icily said.

The strength of Dugu Qiumo has already begun to emerge in the Saint Sovereign world.

That’s a fierce man that even Huang Qianqiu can contend.

And Saint Yama and Huang 1000 Qiu are the same names, so he wants to kill Dugu Qiumo, it is not that simple.

“Really, then wait and see.” San Yanluo coldly smiled.


As time passed, the Three Great Sects, the four-sided Sword Pavilion crews, all set off.

And the Four Great Overlords family, Dongfang, Nangong, Ximen, Bei Ming, are also ready to go.

Originally, the Su family was added, which should be Five Great Families, but the Su family was destroyed, so there were only four of the five dominant families.

Heaven’s Chosen of the Four Great Overlords family has not participated in the battle of Saint Sovereign before.

And they wanted to participate in the battle of Buried Sky Island right now.

On the Nangong Family side, Nangong Jue Yun also set off, his eyes were cold and severe.

Nangong Jue Cloud is definitely not only forging.

He is a fellow practitioner of Martial Dao and Qi Dao.

“Ye Guchen, the failure in forging, I will find it on Martial Dao!” Nangong Jue Yun said coldly in his heart.

On the other side, Dongfang Aristocratic Family, as the leader of the Four Great Aristocratic Families, is the biggest pomp.

On a building, stood a group of young Heaven’s Chosen and clansman from the Dongfang Aristocratic Family.

All of them have a leisurely color on their faces.

Among them, there is a girl wearing purple clothed, if Ye Guchen is here, she can definitely be recognized.

It is the Eastern Ziyun!

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