Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1375

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Dongfang Aristocratic Family, as the head of the Four Great Overlords family, needless to say.

The 4 words Eastern Sunrise are not for nothing.

And at this moment, on the boat of the Dongfang Aristocratic Family, Dongfang Ziyun was talking to a young man who was brave and martial.

This young man, dressed in golden costume, has a fair and handsome face. What is noticeable is that his eyes are also golden, like two little suns.

His whole person seemed to be walking out of the sun, shining brightly.

The youngster of the Dongfang Aristocratic Family who was present seemed to be faintly headed by him.

This golden pupil young man is Peak Heaven’s Chosen of Dongfang Aristocratic Family, Tongtian Young Master, one of the ten First Young Masters, and the glory of the East.

Rumor has it that when he was born, within the body dantian was born with a natural phenomenon of the sun, with a bright physique, and super innate talent.

All the way through cultivation, he became the Tongtian Young Master, one of the ten First Young Masters.

And it’s still an old Young Master like Chu Xuanzhen and Jun Xiaoyao, not Gu Shaoyang’s new Young Master who can take over at will.

“Ziyun, you said, you met Ye Guchen before in that little low-level dynasty?” Dongfang Guangyao asked.

“Yes.” Dongfang Ziyun nodded slightly.

Her heart is like a snake and scorpion, full of plot against, from the Dongfang Aristocratic Family collateral, persisting all the way to the present, among the core circle of Dongfang Aristocratic Family younger generation.

Her cultivation base has also undergone various upgrades, reaching the 6 Heavenly Layer of the Shenfu.

Of course, this was largely because she hugged Dongfang Guangyao’s thighs tightly.

Dongfang Ziyun’s scheming was so profound. She was in Sky Desolate Plain, and in order to keep herself alive, she did not hesitate to take action and killed Dongfanghong.

In the end, his death was all pushed to Ye Guchen.

It can be said that the Dongfang Aristocratic Family will have enmity with Ye Guchen.

To a large extent, it is Dongfang Ziyun who is making trouble.

It was her that led to the current opposition between Dongfang Aristocratic Family and Ye Guchen.

“I heard that Ye Guchen also killed my Dongfang Aristocratic Family?” Dongfang Guangyao said indifferently in a tone.

“Yes, Ye Guchen’s methods are very ruthless, and he will never show mercy. If Ziyun doesn’t escape with luck, he might not escape death in the end.” Dongfang Ziyun’s loving body slightly trembled, making a look of fear and fear .

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, then since Ye Guchen has offended my Dongfang Aristocratic Family, then I must make him pay the price, he will definitely not survive Tiantian Island.” Dongfang Guangyao said with a smile disapprovingly.

“Then Guangyao big brother needs to take action…” Dongfang Ziyun showed a flattering smile, and his heart was cold.

Ye Guchen is the only one who knows her.

It is also the only one who knew that she was the one who harmed Dongfanghong.

Although Dongfang Aristocratic Family, it is impossible to hear Ye Guchen’s side words.

However, to be on the safe side, Oriental Ziyun will also find ways to design and remove Ye Guchen in Funeral Island.

“By the way, there is Bei Ming Aristocratic Family. I have been fighting against my Dongfang Aristocratic Family. It happens to be on the Funeral Island, and you can also solve them by the way.” Dongfang Guangyao lightly said with a smile.

Originally Buried Sky Island was the place where Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen and Dark World Heaven’s Chosen fought.

But now, it has become a place for each Great Influence to plot against each other.


Southern Heaven Domain somewhere, there is a hidden continuous pavilion.

Here, it is the Assassin Organization, a stronghold of the Blood Shadow Pavilion.

At this moment, in a bloody pavilion, three silhouettes with blood robes and blood hoods appeared.

Some killers from the Blood Shadow Pavilion saw this, all of them disabled to bear whispered: “Is it finally over? In the end, these three survived?”

In this bloody pavilion, 300 highest Heaven’s Chosen assassins were fully enclosed.

In the end, only these three came out alive.

“It’s the 1000-faced Demon Girl, Asura Sword Arm, and 3 Killer Boys!”

“Sure enough, their three people lived to the end!”

Many killers in the Blood Shadow Pavilion were amazed.

These three people can be said to be the strongest Heaven’s Chosen killers in the younger generation of Blood Shadow Pavilion.

Even Heaven’s Chosen from the Overlord level forces, they dare to kill.

At this moment, a piece of blood-colored talisman paper fell from the sky.

One of these three people raised his hand to take the talisman paper.

Only 3 words were written on it.

Ye Guchen!

“Hehe, it seems that Funeral Island will not be too boring this time…” A cold voice sounded.


The entire Southern Heaven Domain, with the opening of Tiantian Island, undercurrents surged.

Three Sects 4 Pavilion 5 Aristocratic Family, and even the major dynasty, top forces, all started to take action.

And in a Mysterious Land.

The endless sea is roaring.

But what is shocking is that this piece of sea seems to extend out of the void.

Its scope is wide and broad, and its depth and distance are unknown.

Most people who come here will definitely be shocked by the sight in front of them.

However, only some Old Antique from Great Influence can vaguely know where this is.

Heaven Sealing Holy Sea!

One mountain, one sea, one Immortal Valley.

Mountain refers to the Tianshan Sword Clan.

Immortal Valley is naturally too Immortal Valley.

And the sea refers to the piece in front of me, as if the Heaven Sealing sea from the void.

At this moment, at the other end of the sea, there are 4 maids in blue skirts, carrying an icy sedan chair, crossing the sky.

The ice and snow sedan chair shook slightly, and the bead curtain flickered faintly, revealing a corner inside.

It was a young girl wearing a blue silk skirt, and her long ice blue hair set off her white jade face.

A pair of pupils are also ice blue, magnificent and mysterious.

If Ye Guchen is here, you can definitely recognize that this woman is very similar to a person.

“I heard that the Heavenly Cry Demoness from Dark World will also show up this time.”

“Tianwai Demoness is a disaster. It must be strangled in the cradle. Perhaps it can unite with other emperors, and even Emperor Haotian, to kill Tianwai Demoness together.”

“Also, I always feel that when I go to Funeral Island this time, I will break a cause and effect.”

“Who is the cause and effect?”

The long-haired girl with ice blue muttered to herself.

Almost no one knows that in Heaven Sealing Holy Sea, there is an unparalleled and proud girl who has left.

The world has another name for her.

4 One of the emperors.

Luo Huang!


A Land of Primal Chaos filled with black mist.

The two figures are standing.

One of them was a melancholy man in Xueyi, holding the jade flute horizontally and playing the flute.

And beside him, stood a silver-haired girl.

The girl is icy and snowy, with long silver hair lining a bright white jade face.

The eyelashes are curled and long, with a pretty nose and a small mouth, all exquisite and pretty.

She is like an angel falling into the mortal world, and it makes people feel like her heart is about to melt.

However, there are not many children’s innocent expressions on the girl’s face.

Yes, it’s just an indifference that rejects others from beyond a thousand li.

“Qianxue, you may be able to see the big brother you think about day and night.” The snow-clothed man who plays the flute faintly smiled.

Until then, a faint ray of vitality and light appeared on the girl’s little face.

“Big Brother Ye …”

The girl murmured.

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