Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1376

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The entire Southern Heaven Domain, rising winds, scudding clouds, the four directions clouds moves.

In the sky, a ship sailing across the void is the ship of sword dynasty.

Ye Guchen was waiting for Jianzi, listening to Jianzhuzi’s explanation of some news about Tiantian Island.

“Sangtian Island is located in the middle of the 2 world mountains. It used to be a forbidden place.” Sword Master said.

“Forbidden area?” Ye Guchen hearing this, slightly puzzled.

This was the first time he heard this statement.

The Master Swordsman then said: “Some of the secrets of Southern Heaven Domain, maybe you are not quite clear. In fact, apart from the island of buried heaven, there are still three forbidden places in Southern Heaven Domain.”

“3 forbidden places?”

Not only Ye Guchen, but Jian Jinghong was also a little surprised.

Because they have never heard of 3 forbidden areas in Southern Heaven Domain.

“But why is there no such news spread on Southern Heaven Domain?” Jian Jinghong asked.

The Sword Master shook his head slightly and said: “It’s very simple, because 3 Great Forbidden Land is guarded by the 3 Great Forbidden Powers, naturally there is little news to spread.”

“So that’s how it is.” Ye Guchen suddenly.

He did not expect that the three great hidden powers still have this responsibility in it.

But Ye Guchen faintly felt that one mountain, one sea and one Immortal Valley, seemed to be the supervisor of Southern Heaven Domain.

The Master Swordsman continued, “Although this island of buried sky is no longer a forbidden land, it used to be after all, so various strange alien creatures may appear on the island of buried sky.”

“Alien creatures?” Jian Jinghong and the others were all puzzled.

Instead, it was Ye Guchen, with a dark light flashing in his eyes.

“Is it ……”

“Yes, the alien creatures refer to the creatures of the dark world.” The Sword Master said.

“Dark World?”

The rest of Jianzi was still puzzled.

But Ye Guchen couldn’t be more clear.

Because the innate talent of Dugu Demon is the soul eater from the dark world.

And the races of the dark world are obviously extremely numerous.

This Soul Eater is in the Dark Realm, and it seems that it is also at the top level.

“So you are on Buried Sky Island, not only to beware of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, but also to the creatures of the dark world. There may not be particularly powerful existence among them, but if you encounter it, it will be very difficult.” The sword master warned.

“Understood.” Jian Jinghong and the others are nodded.

“By the way, your most important thing is to face the Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World. Presumably you don’t understand Dark World?” Sword Master said.

Hearing what the Sword Master said, you look at me at Jianzi, and I look at you, both are slightly nodded.

They really haven’t been in contact with Dark World.

Ye Guchen’s complexion remained unchanged, he was someone who had been in contact with Dark World.

For example, Xue Yiqing, and Xue Er, should be considered too.

Apart from this, in the blood path of Asura in Moro Dynasty, Dugu Qiu Demon also encountered Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World, the mysterious No. 1 in blood list, the God of Ye Cang.

Presumably this time, that Ye Cangshen should also participate.

“Dark World is independent of Southern Heaven Domain. According to rumors, it is a world composed of 7 Saint Sovereign Small Worlds. However, this is just a legend. After all, it is too long.” Sword Master explained.

“7 Saint Sovereign Small World?”

Sword Master’s words make everyone startled.

They absolutely didn’t expect Dark World to have this kind of origin.

Ye Guchen also felt a little surprised.

After all, he has experienced Saint Sovereign Small World.

The Saint Sovereign world is an example.

But he did not expect that the Dark World is actually composed of 7 Saint Sovereign Small Worlds.

Does that mean that Dark World was jointly created by 7 Saint Sovereign?

What is the purpose of the 7 Saint Sovereign powerhouses?

And why does Dark World oppose Southern Heaven Domain?

Ye Guchen found that the more he knew, the more doubts he had.

The Sword Master said: “How Dark World came about is actually not what you need to pay attention to. What you need to pay attention to is the power of Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World.”

Upon hearing this, everyone, including Ye Guchen, was concentrated attention completely and cheered up.

know yourself and know your enemy, emerge victorious in every battle.

They really need to know about Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

The Sword Master looked around and said, “In fact, Dark World, like our Southern Heaven Domain, has some rankings for Heaven’s Chosen.”

“Our Southern Heaven Domain has one emperor and four emperors, ten First Young Masters, and Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen.”

Having said this, the sword master glanced at Ye Guchen.

Because Ye Guchen is the newly promoted Ten First Young Master level Heaven’s Chosen.

“And Dark World’s Heaven’s Chosen, there is also a saying, that is the double star of war, 4 small giants, 7 Little Overlord, ten 3 Taibao.”

The words of the sword master made Ye Guchen and the others’ faces become slightly solemn.

Obviously, these Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World are not good.

“The strength of the Ten 3 Taibao is almost equivalent to the Dragon and Phoenix List Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain.”

“7 Little Overlord, then equivalent to ten First Young Master.”

“The 4 small giants are almost comparable to the 4 Sovereign Level.”

“As for the double stars of war, it is estimated that they can compete with Heaven’s Chosen such as Emperor Haotian.”

Sword Master’s explanation made the atmosphere a little quiet.

In this way, the strength of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen was stronger than they thought.

“So you remember, in Funeral Sky Island, the most important thing is to save your life, and second is to get a ranking.” Sword Master Zi said sincerely.

“Then how is the ranking of Heaven’s Chosen battlefield calculated?” Jian Jinghong asked.

“It’s very simple. Southern Heaven Domain and Dark World will judge each other’s Heaven’s Chosen’s strength.”

“Then divide it into Ordinary Level, Dangerous Level, Extremely Dangerous Level, and… Taboo Level.”

“Kill different levels of Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, and you will get different points.”

“The final score is calculated, and the final ranking of Heaven’s Chosen battlefield can be determined.”

Sword Master’s explanation made Ye Guchen and the others suddenly realize.

This classification is simple and straightforward.

“In that case, Brother Ye will be classified as Extremely Dangerous by Heaven’s Chosen of Dark World?” Jian Jinghong said with a smile.

“Master should be classified as taboo, right?” Mu Xingzhu said.

“That’s not necessarily true. There are very few Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen that can be rated as taboo, and probably only the level of Emperor Haotian can reach it, but this is also good. The higher the positioning, the easier it is to be targeted by Dark World Heaven’s Chosen. “Sword Master said.

Ye Guchen shook his head slightly, but he didn’t care, what level he would be judged by Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

But Ye Guchen is confident and able to compete with Di Haotian.

A Heaven’s Chosen, rated as Extremely Dangerous, has battle strength comparable to taboo.

Thinking about it is exciting.

And most importantly, not only Ye Guchen himself has a battle strength comparable to taboo level.

Even his Avatar Dugu Demon, it is estimated that there is a battle strength comparable to taboo level.

When two taboo-level battle strengths join forces.

I dare not imagine such a scene!

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