Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1377

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After a series of explanations by Sword Master, Ye Guchen and the others also had a basic understanding of Dark World and Funeral Island.

Next, they rushed directly to 2 Jieshan.

2 Jieshan is located in the extreme west of Southern Heaven Domain. Because this place was once a forbidden place, it looks desolate and a barren land.

However, this dead silence was broken before long.

Boats crossed the sky, with all influence young Heaven’s Chosen standing above them, each and everyone have a dignified appearance, high-spirited and vigorous, fighting intent.

This battle of Buried Sky Island is not only a struggle within Southern Heaven Domain, but also a struggle with Dark World Heaven’s Chosen.

This will be a big stage, as long as you can perform brilliantly on it, I am afraid it will immediately become a celebrity in the entire Southern Heaven Domain.

And those Heaven’s Chosen who have not joined the Overlord level forces will also be recruited by major Overlord Influence.

Therefore, no Heaven’s Chosen dared to despise this battle.

“That’s…Sword Dynasty’s Fleet Wu, is that the famous Ye Guchen?”

Many people from the forces turned their eyes to a ship.

It is the building where Ye Guchen is.

“Ye Guchen just defeated Nangong Jue Yun some time ago and gained the identity of the god Refiner Sect Young Sect Master. I wonder how he will perform this time?”

“In the Saint Sovereign world, Ye Guchen can be said to be the leader, but this time there is Emperor Haotian and the others. Don’t say Ye Guchen’s limelight, I am afraid it will be difficult to keep his life.”

Many people are discuss spiritedly.

Ye Guchen directly ignored these external comments.

At this moment, his eyes were far away, and he could vaguely see that at the end of the sky, there was a towering mountain that seemed to extend into the void.

And in that void, you can also see space turbulence.

“The island of buried sky is located in the void of the 2 world mountains. When the time comes, you can send it to the island through some Space Transmission Array.” said the Master Sword.

Ye Guchen slightly nodded.

Soon, the boats and ships of many forces were approaching the 2 Jieshan Mountain.

“Brother Ye, you are here!”

At this time, a hearty voice sounded.

Ye Guchen glanced at it, and it was Zhao Shenkong of War God dynasty.

“Brother Zhao.” Ye Guchen slightly nodded.

Now he and Zhao Shenkong have already turned hostility into friendship.

Not to mention Zhao Xiaodi, still staying by his side as a maid.

Perhaps because of this relationship, the conflict between sword dynasty and War God dynasty has also eased a little.

Although it may not be ready immediately, the medicinal smell is not so strong anymore.

And a moment later, Moro Dynasty’s team also came.

Dugu asks the devil to stand against the wind, and his long, white hair rises slightly in the wind.

An evil and glamorous face without any expression.

He also not at all to say hello to Ye Guchen, because he is a sword hidden in the dark.

And this sharp sword will be completely pulled out on Funeral Sky Island and be known to the world!

Unimaginable, when the time comes, the story of Dugu Qiu Mo is Ye Guchen’s Avatar revealed, what a shock and sensation it will cause.

Before long, the teams from Luofu Sword Pavilion and Misty Sword Pavilion also arrived.

Jun Xiaoyao dressed in white clothed, the show is extraordinary, facing Ye Guchen slightly nodded.

As for Yi Cangyue, she also said hello symbolically. She still doesn’t know how to face Ye Guchen.

“It seems that Ye Guchen still has allies, not fighting alone.”

Seeing this scene, many people thought secretly in their hearts.

Although most people think that Ye Guchen is afraid that it will be difficult to get out of Tiantian Island alive.

But it’s not ten deaths without life.

“Hmph, why say hello to a dead person?”

At this moment, coldly snorted came.

The team from the Heavenly Sword Pavilion arrives.

Emperor 1000 Autumn has a purple hair fluttering, and a pair of purple eyes twinkling, breathtaking.

He is handsome and martial, with Heavenly Desolate Battle Physique in his arms, he seems to be coming like a War God.

At this moment, Huang Qiangqiu looked towards Ye Guchen’s gaze, as if looking at a dead person.

He had always wanted Ye Guchen’s ultimate Sword Domain method before, but in the Saint Sovereign world, there has been no suitable opportunity.

This time, Funeral Island, he would not miss it again.

“Emperor 1000 Autumn…”

Ye Guchen’s eyes are not shy.

Ye Guchen has also lost patience for this enemy who has been thinking about himself.

If there is an opportunity, he doesn’t mind that he will win a Life and Death with the Emperor 1000 on the autumnal equinox in Funeral Island.

At this time, suddenly a woman’s voice came.

“Didn’t expect, you are the one, Ye Guchen, who killed me in Star Universe Sword Pavillion Seven Sons of the Big Dipper, is really worse than seeing it.”

Ye Guchen frowned slightly at the sound.

Not only him, but the many eyes of the audience also looked at the source of the sound.

On the flying boat of the Star Universe Sword Pavillion, stood a tall and graceful woman in a purple dress.

The long luminous purple can reflect people, and flutter slightly with the wind.

The jade face is snow-white and crystal clear, the purple pupils are clear, and there seems to be Purple Qi in the whole body.

Everyone present felt like this woman at first sight.


It seems to be born with a feeling of aloof and remote, as if it is a royal descendant.

But what makes people shocking is not the woman’s temperament or appearance, but the imposing manner faintly emitted from her lovable body.

“I feel right, Shenfu 9th Layer?”

“How is it possible, when did Star Universe Sword Pavillion cultivate such a Heaven’s Proud Daughter?”

The scene was shocked, and the martial artists of many forces were stared wide-eyed.

The most famous genius of Star Universe Sword Pavillion, Seven Sons of the Big Dipper, was all killed by Ye Guchen.

But now, such a Heaven’s Proud Daughter has appeared again, which is shocking.

But not everyone is unaware, some people from Overlord level forces are not at all too surprised, they already know.

“Has the true foundation of the Star Universe Sword Pavillion of Heaven’s Chosen come out? I wonder if the 7-star son was born?” Jun Xiaoyao muttered to himself, while also in frowns.

This Purple Tenuity star girl is not simple.

It is said that she is pregnant with the Purple Tenuity Emperor Star fate.

This fate is the appearance of an emperor.

Although Jiang Crape Myrtle is a woman, it does not weaken the power of life.

When Jiang Crape Myrtle appeared, Dugu Qiumo’s brows were also frowned.

Because he has a destiny.

This kind of fate is strictly speaking, which conflicts with the purple tenuity fate.

One is Fiend and the other is Emperor Star.

“I thought that after Gu Shaoyang and the 4 little Star Monarch fell, the Star Universe Sword Pavillion would have no one, didn’t expect…” Ye Guchen also sighed secretly.

Overlord level forces, it really is not that simple.

He can also feel that Jiang Crape Myrtle’s strength is even stronger than Gu Shaoyang.

But before, it has been hidden by the Star Universe Sword Pavillion and never born.

Until now, Seven Sons of the Big Dipper had fallen behind and only came out to support the scene.

“Gu Shaoyang, those rubbish, you die if you die, I’m a little curious, how strong can you be?” Jiang Crape Myrtle’s beautiful eyes shone brightly and looked at Ye Guchen.

She didn’t show blunt hostility, and didn’t even care that Ye Guchen killed Gu Shaoyang and the others.

She was just curious.

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