Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1378

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Jiang Crape Myrtle looked towards Ye Guchen at this moment, not at all what a deep hatred.

After all, the dead Seven Sons of the Big Dipper has nothing to do with her.

That is the resource of the 7-star son, and the one who really hates Ye Guchen is the 7-star son, not her.

If it weren’t for the star master to warn her, let her deal with Ye Guchen on the Funeral Island.

It is estimated that Jiang Crape Myrtle will not necessarily fight Ye Guchen.

Upon hearing Jiang Crape Myrtle’s words, Ye Guchen said indifferently: “Curiosity can kill a cat. If you are curious about this Ye, you have to be careful of your own life.”

Hearing Ye Guchen’s words, many Heaven’s Chosen present were speechless.

Who is Jiang Crape Myrtle? The top Heaven’s Chosen of Star Universe Sword Pavillion is comparable to other existences in Yidi 4 Sovereign Level.

It can be said that there are not a few Heaven’s Chosen present who are qualified to talk to Jiang Crape Myrtle, let alone threaten.

But Ye Guchen didn’t care, and directly threatened.

Jiang Crape Myrtle was also slightly stunned when he heard this, and then the corner of his lips curled up and said, “You really are as arrogant as the rumors are. If that’s the case, let’s look at Tiantian Island again.”

Jiang Crape Myrtle said no more.

As Heaven’s Chosen hidden in the snow, he was born for the first time and naturally has his own arrogance.

She believes that as long as she is willing to take action, she can suppress Ye Guchen.

And the 7th Star Lord and the others have also arrived, sitting in the void.

He also didn’t say anything, because after the funeral of Tiantian Island, Ye Guchen will undoubtedly die.

With the arrival of the 4-party Sword Pavilion, the atmosphere has become more heated.

At this time, someone saw the boat coming from a distance and cry out in surprise again: “Here is the man from the overlord Aristocratic Family!”

Everyone looked at the sound.

I first saw the Dongfang Aristocratic Family team.

“The young man who wears golden garb and radiates brilliance should be the top Heaven’s Chosen of Dongfang Aristocratic Family. The East is shining.”

“Yes, Tongtian Young Master, one of the ten First Young Masters, is extremely powerful.”

However, it is not waiting for everyone to marvel, the Nangong Family, Ximen Aristocratic Family, Bei Ming Aristocratic Family teams, as if an appointment, came together.

Nangong Family, Nangong Jue Yun was also there.

When he saw Ye Guchen, his face was covered with clouds.

The shame of the god Refiner Sect before, seems to be vivid.

“Nangong Jue Yun’s expression is really terrifying.”

“That’s natural. It’s you. The Sect Lord’s Position, which was already at your fingertips, was taken away by others, and the defeat was so complete. Are you willing?”

Everyone present was whispering and whispering.

On the side of Simon’s Aristocratic Family, among the younger generation, the leader is a fat belly with a big belly.

This fatty is white and tender, covered with fat swaying like waves, and his ten thick fingers are covered with origin rings, which looks like a nouveau riche.

“That must be the Heaven’s Chosen of the Aristocratic Family of Ximen, the rich Young Master of one of the ten First Young Masters, and Ximen is rich.”

Seeing that fatty, some people said.

This Ximen is rich and wealthy, and it can be regarded as a wonderful work. Although it is ranked one of the ten First Young Masters, its battle strength is the lowest among the ten First Young Masters.

His only specialty is good luck.

It is rumored that he has the fate of heavenly nobility, and that he is so lucky and lucky.

Wherever you go, you can find treasure and hidden treasure.

What he wears on his finger is an origin ring with various Divine Weapon treasures.

It is precisely because of this that although his actual battle strength is not high, the blessing of various Divine Weapon magic weapons is enough to prevent him from being afraid of He Tianjiao.

At this moment, Ximen Fugui’s mung bean-sized eyes glanced at Yi Cangyue in the misty Sword Pavilion.

“Cangyue Fairy, this Divine Weapon Level body protection pendant is given to you.”

Ximen Fugui looked at Yi Cangyue, his small eyes were shining, and his face looked like Brother Pig.

Ximen is wealthy and one of the suitors of Yi Cangyue.

Seeing that Simon was rich and honorable, he would give out a Divine Weapon Level pendant, and many people were stunned.

The rich world is different.

However, Yi Cangyue didn’t even look at Ximen’s wealth, as if he was treated as air.

“Hey, my this General’s heart is for the bright moon, but the moon shines on the ditches…” Ximen sighed with a gloomy expression.

If it is a handsome Young Master, it really has several points of feeling.

However, it has a funny feeling when it is made in the shape of a big belly like Simon’s wealth.

As for the Bei Ming Aristocratic Family, the leader is a girl in tight-fitting clothes.

A blue silk in a ponytail, a pretty face, beautiful eyes are long and narrow, with a sharp taste.

Bei Ming Aristocratic Family is famous for its movement technique ghosts and martial arts.

The Killing God Ye Guchen got before, the 2 King Level sword technique of Killing Immortals, comes from Bei Ming Aristocratic Family.

“That must be the proud daughter of Bei Ming Aristocratic Family, Bei Ming Xinger, Dragon and Phoenix List Ranked 8th…”

“Such strength is not weak anymore.”

There are many voices around, and Bei Ming Xing’er can be regarded as a famous Heaven’s Proud Daughter on Southern Heaven Domain.

“Hmph, Dongfang Aristocratic Family…” Bei Ming Xing’er was coldly snorted and looked at Dongfang Aristocratic Family.

The Bei Ming Aristocratic Family and the Dongfang Aristocratic Family have had a long-standing grievance, and they have always been wrong.

Therefore, Heaven’s Chosen of the Aristocratic Family on the 2nd side has been opening strife and veiled struggle.

Before in Sacred Origin Dynasty, Ye Guchen was mistaken for the Bei Ming Aristocratic Family because of the Divine Sword Technique.

However, at this moment, the Dongfang Aristocratic Family’s Heaven’s Chosen did not focus on the Bei Ming Aristocratic Family.

They all looked towards Ye Guchen.

Dongfang Guangyao said with a hint of playfulness: “Is he Ye Guchen? He killed my Dongfang Aristocratic Family?”

Dongfang Ziyun on the side repeatedly nodded and said: “Yes, it is him.”

And here, Ye Guchen also noticed Dongfang Ziyun.

“is her?”

If Dongfang Ziyun didn’t appear, he would almost forget it.

This woman is definitely a vicious person.

In order to survive, he even hurt his companion Dongfanghong.

After that, everything was pushed to Ye Guchen, which led to the conflicts between Dongfang Aristocratic Family and Ye Guchen.

It can be said that if there is no Dongfang Ziyun, Ye Guchen and Dongfang Aristocratic Family, there would be no such hatred.

Thinking of this, Ye Guchen’s eyes are full of coldness.

“Are you Ye Guchen, the person who killed my Dongfang Aristocratic Family, and almost killed the Ziyun clan sister, on Buried Sky Island, it is best to pray not to run into me.” Dongfang Guangyao said indifferently.

Even though Ye Guchen performed well in the Saint Sovereign world, even Gu Shaoyang was killed.

But he is shining in the east, he is also one of the old Young Masters, and he is not afraid of Ye Guchen.

“Oh, I don’t know if I was a spear, why don’t you ask the person next to you, who on earth killed the Dongfang Aristocratic Family?” Ye Guchen sneered said.

“Ye Guchen, what are you talking about, are you still quibbling at this time, or are you afraid of the big brother Guangyao?” A dark light flashed in Dongfang Ziyun’s eyes, and he spoke scolded.

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