Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1379

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After so long, Dongfanghong has already dead men tell no tales.

Dongfang Ziyun asked to sit back and relax, no one would know what she had done.

Except Ye Guchen.

However, it is clear that the glory of the East and the others are absolutely impossible to believe in Ye Guchen’s words.

As long as Dongfang Ziyun insisted that Ye Guchen killed Dongfanghong, Ye Guchen couldn’t do anything to her.

In fact, it is true.

Dongfang Guangyao provoked a faint sarcasm at the corner of his mouth: “Ye Guchen, haven’t you always been arrogant? Why, now you want to use this naive method to justify yourself?”

Dongfang Ziyun’s eyes also flashed a cold and proud expression: “Ye Guchen, no matter how you defend yourself, it will be in vain and your ending will not change.”

Ye Guchen shook his head slightly, his expression unchanged because of Dongfang Ziyun’s words.

“This Ye doesn’t care what you say. In the face of absolute strength, all plots against plots are useless.”

“On the funeral island, just be ready to die.” Ye Guchen said indifferently.

As soon as these words came out, the martial artists of all the forces all around were stunned.

Ye Guchen This is a blatant threat to kill the Dongfang Aristocratic Family?

“Ye Guchen, you impudent!”

Dongfang Guangyao gave a cold rebuke.

As the top Heaven’s Chosen of Dongfang Aristocratic Family, no one has dared to threaten his family in front of him.

Dongfang Ziyun originally wanted to frigid irony and scorching satire, but after seeing Ye Guchen’s cold and frosty eyes, she felt a sense of throbbing in her heart for no reason.

It seems that Ye Guchen can really kill her.

“No, impossible, this Ye Guchen is powerless to defend himself in Funeral Sky Island, how could he still kill me?” Dongfang Ziyun seemed muttered as self-comforting.

At this moment, outside the entire 2 world mountains, many forces have already gathered.

At this time, there was a dark cloud in the distance, and black warships came across the sky.

“It’s Demon Sect!”

Seeing such a sight, Shiye exclaimed.

At this moment, at the bow of Demon Sect, a young man in a jet black robe stands with his hands in his hands.

He had a handsome face, pale skin, as if he hadn’t seen the sun for a long time, and he was bloodless.

The eyes are pure black, just like two black holes.

The whole person stood there, like a Demon Lord.

“Is one of the 4 emperors, Yama, Holy Yama!”

Seeing this silhouette, there was an uproar around Heaven and Earth.

4 Sovereign Level The other Heaven’s Chosen has an extremely important status. It can be called the mainstay of Sovereign Level in the island of Buried Heaven.

Only they can resist the double star of the war, the other Dark World Heaven’s Chosen of 4 small Giant level.

And Demoness Wan’er stood on another warship.

As soon as Saint Yanluo arrived, his eyes were locked on Dugu Qiumo.

A wave of hostility spread out.

“You’re the one who begs the devil and was given high hope by Wan’er?” Sheng Yanluo said indifferently.

“Holy Yama…” Dugu Qiumo’s expression remained unchanged.

He also knows that if he wants to get the Demon Sect’s Heart Sutra of Demon Sect, he must get the help of Demoness Wan’er.

And in this way, it is bound to conflict with Saint Yama.

There is no doubt about the strength of San Yanluo. As one of the 4 emperors, he is on the same level as Emperor 1000.

But Dugu Qiumo didn’t have the slightest fear. After all, he himself was extremely indifferent, and simply didn’t have the emotion of fear.

“Warning you, give up your mind as soon as possible, otherwise, Funeral Sky Island will be your grave.” Sheng Yanluo said indifferently.

When Luohu Princess heard it, her face was worried.

On the contrary, Duguqiu Demon was expressionless and said indifferently: “You have that ability, you can try it.”

Feeling this thick medicinal smell, martial artists of some forces have a faint worrisome color on their faces.

This battle of Buried Sky Island is a battle between Southern Heaven Domain and Dark World Heaven’s Chosen. If Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen’s internal fighting is serious, it will obviously affect the overall situation.

Just when everyone was extremely worried, Yuankong once again arrived with powerful people.

Amazingly, Sword Ancestor and Divine Blade Sect.

Fighting Divine Blade Sect, Dao Wumeng and Gu Zun are there.

On the other side of the Sword Ancestor, Chu Xuanzhen and the others stood on the bow.

In the rear, there is a golden dragon boat.

There is no doubt about the person sitting in it.

“Di Haotian is here!”

all directions, there were many exclamations.

There are also many Heaven’s Chosen Child with a trace of awe and admiration in their eyes.

Emperor Haotian, as one of the four emperors, his strength is undoubtedly the highest in the entire Southern Heaven Domain.

Under the cover of Di Haotian’s brilliance, even Chu Xuanzhen, who was quite popular in the Saint Sovereign world, had a lot of rays of light dimmed.

Many people present also set their sights on Ye Guchen again.

The grievances between him and Di Haotian spread throughout the Southern Heaven Domain.

As the only existence capable of severely injuring Di Haotian, Ye Guchen is now attracting attention!

“hu ……”

Ye Guchen put out a breath deeply.

Is this day finally here?

The god Sword Ancestor asked Dongliu and the other saints there, but he just stared at Ye Guchen coldly, not at all.

There is Di Haotian, and the ending needless to say.

Chu Xuanzhen had a straight body, and looked towards Ye Guchen and said, “Didn’t expect, you really dare to come to Funeral Island.”

“Where’s Di Haotian, won’t you come out and see it?” Ye Guchen’s mouth was cold.

“Meet, hehe, do you think that Senior Brother Heavens has the idle time to deal with you? He is on Buried Sky Island, and he will also stir up the beams of Southern Heaven Domain to compete with Dark World Heaven’s Chosen. How would you care about your ant?” Chu Xuanzhen’s words were as sharp as a knife.

“Heh… don’t you care, or dare not?” Ye Guchen said coldly.

Just as his voice fell, a terrifying aura comparable to the power of the Venerable Heavenly Palace spread out from the golden dragon boat.

That power is like facing the god of heaven.

“This coercion, the realm of the Heavenly Palace?”

“Sure enough, Di Haotian has already taken that step, ahead of his peer Heaven’s Chosen and reached the realm of venerable.”

As soon as this aura emanated, it was like a meteorite falling into the ocean, setting off a heaven overflowing giant wave.

In the younger generation, few people can reach the state of the noble.

Even if it is 4 Sovereign Level other Heaven’s Chosen, they also want to seek the opportunity of the breakthrough Venerable on the Island of Buried Heaven.

But Di Haotian had already broken through.

How can this be compared?

“It’s over. I thought that with Ye Guchen’s current strength, I was barely able to fight Di Haotian. Now it seems that this is completely impossible.”

“Yeah, the gap between great realms is too big, and it is impossible to make up for it easily. Now Ye Guchen is dangerous.”

After learning that Emperor Haotian’s breakthrough to the Venerable Realm, many people looked towards Ye Guchen with a look of pity.

Ye Guchen’s complexion did not change at all, but his eyes were slightly condensed.

With Emperor Haotian’s Grade 10 Heaven’s Chosen Paragon aptitude, it’s not too surprising to break through to the Venerable Realm.

Inside the golden dragon boat, there was a super but indifferent voice.

“An ant that once relied on a foreign object, and was lucky enough to injure me. Is it now qualified to be impudent in front of me?”

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