Nine Tribulations Sword Demon Chapter 1380

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Hearing this indifferent voice like a god of heaven, the hearts of all Heaven’s Chosen present were slightly stunned.

This is the detached confidence of Grade 10 Heaven’s Chosen Paragon, and it is completely unnecessary to put any peers in the eyes.

Even Ye Guchen, who has just achieved a miracle in the Saint Sovereign world, is not in his eyes.

“Oh, you can try again this time.”

Ye Guchen doesn’t have lost self-control, after all, his character belongs to that kind of cold and arrogant.

Di Haotian’s words could not make him angry.

And if Di Haotian is still so proud and conceited.

Then after Dugu asks for evil, he will definitely teach him how to be a man.

Feeling the thick medicinal smell of fire in the air, all the Heaven’s Chosen present felt a solemn feeling.

In this battle of Buried Sky Island, I am afraid that they have not yet met with Dark World Heaven’s Chosen, and they will have civil disturbances in Southern Heaven Domain themselves.

Seeing this, the old man Qingsong from Luofu Sword Pavilion stood up and opened the mouth and said: “You must first understand that this battle is a battle between Southern Heaven Domain and Dark World.”

“Of course there are grievances between you, but the old man suggested that it is better to be consistent first.”

The words of the old man Qingsong made the great characters of many forces slightly nodded.


Dark World is the scourge of Southern Heaven Domain. If Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen fails in this battle of Buried Heaven Island, the consequences and impact will be very far-reaching.

Ye Guchen didn’t say anything.

Although he has value emotion, value friendship, but also not the kind of righteous people who are purely for justice.

It is basically impossible for him to give up dealing with Emperor Haotian and the others for the sake of fighting Dark World.

At most in the early stage, Ye Guchen will not take the initiative to kill Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain.

Of course, if Nangong Jue Yun, Chu Xuanzhen, Dongfang Ziyun and the others had to deal with him, then Ye Guchen would definitely not keep a trace.

“Well, since they are almost here, let’s enter.” An Overlord Influence Elder said.

The Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain who were present at the scene swept towards the 2 world mountains.

In the sky above the 2nd boundary mountain, there is space turbulence flowing.

Vaguely, you can see that in the depths of that space, there is like a huge island, filled with the ancient and desolate atmosphere.

“Is that the Funeral Island?”

The closer he gets, the more Ye Guchen can feel the savage and savage air of Tiantian Island.

It is indeed one of the forbidden places.

Ye Guchen was suddenly a little curious. Where is 3 Great Forbidden Land in Southern Heaven Domain now?

3 The great hidden world forces guard 3 Great Forbidden Land What is it for?

However, these secrets can only be investigated later.

Around the 2 World Mountains, there are some ancient dusty Transmission Arrays. After being activated by Heaven Crystals, Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain can be teleported to Tiantian Island.

However, because of the oldness of the Transmission Array, the location of the transmission is uncertain.

Even if a group of people use the same Transmission Array, it may be transmitted to different locations on Funeral Sky Island.

Soon, Ye Guchen and other Heaven’s Chosen of sword dynasty all fell on a Transmission Array.

“Brother Ye, the entire Funeral Heaven Island is divided into East, West, South, and North 4 islands. Our Southern Heaven Domain occupies East Island and South Island.”

“Dark World occupies West Island and North Island. When the time comes, do we need to gather together?”

Jian Jinghong asked Ye Guchen.

Because Ye Guchen is now the leader of the sword dynasty, he is the leader.

Ye Guchen hearing this, after a little thought, said separately: “This Transmission Array is not stable. When the time comes, it will be dangerous if you are transmitted to the West Island and North Island.”

“Otherwise, when we get our sword dynasty Heaven’s Chosen, no matter where it falls, we will eventually gather in the South Island. As for the rest, we will plan later.” Ye Guchen said.

“Yes.” All Jianzi present were nodded.

Including Ye Guchen, many Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen are all standing on different Transmission Arrays, and then activated by Tian Jing.

The Transmission Array began to burst into blazing brilliance, and the space was washed and vibrated like water waves.

The bodies of Ye Guchen and the others twisted for a while, and then they disappeared in place.

In the other half, Dugu Qiumo and Luohu Princess also stood on top of a Transmission Array, and then were directly transmitted away.

Heaven’s Chosen of Southern Heaven Domain was continuously teleported to Buried Sky Island.

As for the one among the 4 islands of East, West, South, and North, it will be resigned.

At this time, Di Haotian also walked out of the dragon boat.

He was shrouded in brilliance, as if the son of a god came to the world.

“If I can check it well, there is a secret key hidden in the 4 islands.”

“As long as you can get 4 mechanism keys, you will be able to make the core of Tiantian Island truly live.”

“And the Earth Sovereign sword may be in it!”

Di Haotian secretly thought.

For him, there is nothing more important than getting the Earth Sovereign sword.

Because as long as he could get the Earth Sovereign sword, he would have gathered the Emperor, Earth Sovereign, and Human Emperor 3 swords.

When the time comes 3 swords in one, Immemorial Sword and 3 sacred swords will reappear in the world.

Compared with finding the Earth Sovereign sword, dealing with Ye Guchen is not something important.

Therefore, after Di Haotian enters the Sky Burial Island, the most important energy will be put in the collection of 4 organ keys.

As for dealing with Ye Guchen, just leave it to others.

“Xuanzhen, leave it to you about Ye Guchen. I still have important things to do. A Ye Guchen is not worth my time.” Di Haotian expression indifferently said.

“Yes, Hao Senior Brother Heavens, Xuanzhen must not accept your trust.” Chu Xuanzhen cup one fist in the other hand, arching his hands.

He is the Xuanzhen Young Master, one of the ten First Young Masters, and he is a Sword King.

Except for Dihao outer heaven, he has no fear of anyone, Ye Guchen, and he has the confidence to suppress it.

Emperor Haotian slightly nodded, stepping into the Transmission Array.

Next, almost all Southern Heaven Domain Heaven’s Chosen have been sent away by Transmission Array.

At this moment, four blue skirt maids appeared in the distance, carrying an ice and snow sedan chair.

In the sedan chair sits a young girl with long blue hair and ice.

When the sedan chair appeared, the eyes of many people present were surprised.

“Don’t tell me the people from that place are here?”

“Yes, they are the people of Heaven Sealing, but it seems that they will never get involved in the battle of Tiantian Island?”

“I vaguely heard that the people of Heaven Sealing Holy Sea came this time to deal with the Demoness of Dark World…”

“So that’s how it is, if Tiancry Demoness fully grows up, it can indeed create boundless killings and even a catastrophe for Southern Heaven Domain.”

Many forces around are talking about it.

And the girl with long icy blue hair had already walked out of the sedan chair.

Her skin is white as ice and snow, tall and slender, and her pupils are ice blue, very magnificent.

Around her, there was still a faint, cold air lingering.

“Heaven cry Demoness, shouldn’t exist in the world.”

“And who is my cause and effect?”

The girl murmured in her heart and stepped into a Transmission Array.

Many martial artists around are secretly talking.

This girl is not only from Heaven Sealing, but also one of the four emperors.

If she makes a move, the Dark World crying Demoness might be in great danger.

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